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Group Life Insurance

BASIC LIFE INSURANCE: Life insurance coverage in the amount of $25,000 is provided by the University to all eligible employees. This coverage, effective on the date you come to work, is paid by the university.

SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE: You may choose to have supplemental life insurance coverage equal to your pay, rounded to the next $1,000, then multiplied by one, two or three. For purposes of this plan, your pay is your basic pay changes, your insurance coverage will change. You pay the premiums due for supplemental coverage. Premium rates are based on your age. Refer to the rates below:

(Monthly Rate per Thousand Dollars of Coverage)

Under 25 $0.06/$1,000
25 - 29 $0.07/$1,000
30 - 34 $0.09/$1,000
35 - 39 $0.10/$1,000
40 - 44 $0.11/$1,000
45 - 49 $0.17/$1,000
50 - 54 $0.26/$1,000
55 - 59 $0.49/$1,000
60 - 64 $0.77/$1,000
65 - 69 $1.52/$1,000
70 and older $2.46/$1,000
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