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Shared Sick Leave Program


 Shared Sick Leave Program Overview

The Shared Leave Pool is a pool of donated sick leave time, which can be used by eligible employees who have exhausted all of their leave because of a personal, or an immediate family member’s health condition involving a serious, extreme, or life-threatening illness, injury, impairment, or condition including a physician authorized maternity leave. A benefits-eligible employee of Georgia College (GC) can donate a minimum of eight (8) hours of sick leave per calendar year to the pool.

Sick leave issued through this program is subject to available sick leave balances in the pool. If the available sick leave balance in the Shared Leave Pool falls below 120 hours, a “special enrollment period” will be conducted with an appeal to the GC community at large to donate hours.

Click here for a full description of the Shared Sick Leave Program Policy & Procedures.


Shared Leave Pool Donations

Shared Leave Pool donations are accepted during the annual enrollment period. Eligible employees may donate a minimum of eight (8) hours sick leave per calendar year. Donations of sick leave to the Shared Leave Pool are irrevocable and cannot be designated for use by a particular person.

Membership Requirements

Any benefits-eligible Georgia College employee who has completed the probationary period may become a member of the Shared Sick Leave Program. The member must meet all of the following criteria:
  1.  Must contribute a minimum of eight (8) hours sick leave per calendar year, and
  2. Must maintain a minimum of forty (40) hours of sick leave, at the time of donation, and
  3. An employee must hold a “benefits eligible” position and accrue sick leave.
  4. Must not have requested 480 hours of shared leave during the immediate preceding 5 calendar year period.

No employee shall be denied membership in the shared leave pool if the membership criteria are met.

To Donate Leave:

  1. Complete the Online Shared Leave Donation Form within the specified enrollment period.
  2. Submit to the Office of Human Resources, CBX 28

Upon approval of donation, Payroll Services will deduct leave from donating employee’s leave balance and credit the Shared Leave Pool.


Applying for Shared Leave Pool Credits


An employee is eligible to apply for sick leave credits from the Shared Leave Pool if the employee meets all of the following criteria:

  •  Have completed the initial 6-month probationary period; and
  • Have made the required sick leave donation to the leave pool; and
  • Provide certification from a licensed physician of a life-threatening or emergency medical condition for themselves or an immediate family member; and
  • Have exhausted all annual and sick leave or provide credible medical evidence that he or she will have exhausted all annual and sick leave before the medical condition is resolved; and
  • Must not have requested 480 hours of shared leave during the immediate preceding 5 calendar year period.

 To Request leave:

  1. Complete the Shared Leave Application: Request and Physician’s Certification Form
  2. Submit to the Office of Human Resources, CBX 28





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