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Clean Air Campaign

The Office of Human Resources and Employee Relations is excited to announce Georgia College's partnership with the Clean Air Campaign initiative.

What is the Clean Air Campaign?

The Clean Air Campaign is a not-for-profit organization that motivates Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. Their focus is on both congestion and air quality because they are linked-vehicle emissions are a major contributor to smog formation.

The Clean Air Campaign

- Motivates commuters to use other ways to travel to work, events, and school, such as carpooling, teleworking, vanpooling, taking transit, biking and walking. We call these commute alternatives.
- Partners with employers to develop customized programs that motivate and make it easier for their employees to use commute alternatives.
- Works with schools to educate and involve our next generation of citizens to participate in solutions to our traffic and air pollution problems.

Formed in 1996 by government, business, civic, health, environmental and educational organizations, The Clean Air Campaign is one of 10 organizations in the region implementing strategies that improve mobility, also known as transportation demand management (TDM). The Clean Air Campaign also administers and provides marketing support for regional incentive programs, such as Commuter Rewards, that encourage commuters to use commute alternatives such as carpooling, transit, vanpooling, teleworking, biking and walking.

What is Commuter Rewards?

Commuter Rewards is a program that rewards commuters who carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bicycle or walk to work. The concept is simple: Use a commute alternative. Log your commute. Earn cash. Win prizes.

Register at Below is a description of the commuter rewards that are available to you.

Cash for commuters:

Start to carpool, telework, use transit, walk or bicycle to work and earn $3 a day, up to $100      

Carpool Rewards:

Carpools of 3 or more people who ride together and log enough trips each month can earn $40 or even $60 gas cards.                       


Commuter Prizes:

Random prizes of $25 are awarded to individuals who use alternative commute modes. This isn't like the lottery - one in 20 participants wins each month! The more you log, the great your chances of winning.

Recognition for Clean Commuting:

Individuals who reach clean commuting milestones receive special recognition for doing their part to improve air quality.


Questions about the Clean Air Campaign initiative can be directed to Carol Ward,, or Kimberly M. Tarver,

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