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Compensation FAQs

1. How was I assigned to my new grade? What considerations were taken into account?

2. I do not think that I was assigned to the right grade. What can I do?

3. Who from the University was part of the development of this program?

4. How can I find out what grade my job is and if I will receive an increase?

5. How can I progress to a higher grade or how can I increase my salary?

6. Will titles change as part of this study?

7. Is the midpoint our target or goal?

8. Will employees who received an increase on February 1st be brought to the minimum?

9. The last program was out dated. How would we keep this program updated and accurate?

10. How many salary grades are there?

11. Will survey data for job matches be shared with incumbents?

12. How often will the market levels be reviewed?

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