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Extra Compensation Approval and Payment Request System (ECARS) Extra compensation may be paid to employees for tasks performed after normal business hours for duties not included in the employee’s normal job responsibilities Requesting Department; Human Resources; Employee; Home Department; Budget Office
Job Description Questionnaire To be completed by managers when job duties have changed substantially since initial grade assignment, warranting
a new job description AND when the department has determined a need for a NEW POSITION
Vice President; Human Resources
Joint Staffing The practice of employing faculty and other personnel by two or more institutions within the system during the same period of time See form for signatures
Manager Self Service (MSS) An electronic work flow method to forward personnel changes and information through an approval process. For more information and instructions regarding MSS, visit Human Resources; Budget Office; Department Head
Re-Evaluation To be completed by managers when a job changes and should be re-evaluated Vice President; Human Resources
Evaluation Appeal To be completed by managers to appeal a grade assignment. Must follow appeal schedule. Manager; Human Resources
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