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Salary Adjustments

Understanding Job Re-evaluation

During the normal course of operations, changes in primary job responsibilities may make it necessary to rewrite or update the job description. If a job changes substantially, these changes should be noted and forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for review and approval. The Vice President should review changes to ensure equitable distribution of departmental workloads and appropriate assignment of tasks. Once the Vice President approves these changes, the job description should be rewritten and submitted to Human Resources for review.

Jobs are re-evaluated only when formal review by Human Resources staff determines that the grade of the job should be changed.

The following are examples of situations that may warrant a job reevaluation:

  • Department reorganization and job restructuring
  • Addition of full-time staff reporting to the job
  • Addition of new area(s) of responsibility
  • Major change in level of authority and accountability

Re-evaluation Requests

Requests for re-evaluation should be made by the manager to whom the job reports, and not by individual employees. If an employee believes that his or her job needs to be re-evaluated, he or she should discuss this with his or her manager, who will review the request with Human Resources to determine the appropriate course of action. Managers should fill out a Re-Evaluation form (docx) and submit the form to HR. A template form is included in the Appendix. In the case of a re-organization, HR can initiate the re-evaluation process.

The schedule for re-evaluation requests is below. Note that only one re-evaluation per job is permitted in a given calendar year.



July 1

January 6

Fully processed Re-Evaluation form submitted to HR

August 8

February 28

Supervisor notified of the determination by HR

August 15

March 5

Deadline to appeal re-evaluation determination

September 5

April 30

Appeal decision complete and department notified of decision

October 1st

July 1st

Effective date for any re-evaluation

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