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Salary Structure

A large portion of GC's jobs have been benchmarked to reliable market data sources, and the market consensus from these sources has informed the development of the salary structure. The structure is designed to allow the institution to attract and retain employees. If institutional needs or specific jobs/job families require greater competitiveness, the pay position for select jobs and/or job families may be modified.

The salary structure is made up of several components:

  • Grade is the label used for a single salary range. The structure has 13 grades with control points (minimums, midpoints, maximums). Cabinet members are paid outside of the structure.
  • The minimum is the lowest point at which an employee whose job is within a specific grade will be paid.
  • The midpoint is the average of the minimum and the maximum. It is literally the “middle” of the grade. Pay for employees who are fully competent in their role will cluster around this point once the structure and any related adjustments are fully implemented.
  • The maximum is the highest point at which an employee whose job is within the grade will be paid.


Note: Salaries listed in table are in thousands (i.e. $32.1= $32,100)

























































Periodically, depending on trends in the market, the institution will complete a comprehensive market study to assess the structure's competitiveness and alignment with GC's strategic objectives. A revised salary structure will be developed and implemented whenever appropriate and authorized by the Cabinet.

Assigning Jobs to Grades

Managing Pay Within the Structure

The compensation program's salary grades are wide enough to accommodate a variety of experience and performance levels. Each employee can expect to be paid within the range associated with his or her job's salary grade. Base salaries within the range will be determined by considering each individual's skills, knowledge, experience, and performance.

Creating a New Job

From time to time, it may become necessary to create a new job to allow the University to achieve its strategic goals. HR will complete reviews for new jobs on a monthly basis or more frequently if driven by the institution's strategic needs and subject to the Budget Proposal Process. When this becomes necessary, the manager, appropriate Vice President, and HR will follow the steps below:

Step 1: Develop a Job Description for the Job
The manager, working with the appropriate Vice President as needed, develops a job description for the job to account for the key duties of the job. Managers should fill out a Job Description Questionnaire form and submit the form to HR. A template form is included in the Appendix.

Step 2: Assess to Determine if Job Currently Exists at the University
HR completes a review of the job description questionnaire to determine whether or not it fits into a job which currently exists at GC. If it does, the job will retain the same title as the existing job, and pay is based on the grade for the job title. If not, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Review the Description and Determine its Grade Assignment
Either through a quantitative market analysis (for benchmark jobs) or a qualitative comparison against jobs already assigned to grades in the salary structure (non-benchmark jobs), HR will determine the grade in which the job will be placed.

Once this process has been completed and the job is filled (either internally or externally), the starting salary will be set using the process detailed below.

Setting the Initial Salary for the Individual

Ongoing Maintenance of the Salary Structure

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