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Sibson Consultants

Jim Kochanski
Blake Sheldon
Carolyn Wong

Compensation Study Project Team Leader

Yves-Rose SaintDic
Chief Diversity Officer
Special Assistant to the President on Diversity

Hall House
Phone: 478-445-5596
Fax: 478-445-5891
CBX 028

Compensation Study Committee Members

Susan Allen
Chief Budget Officer
Director of Payroll Services
204 Parks Hall
Phone: 478-445-5650
Fax: 478-445-5890
CBX 021

Toi Franks
Vice-Chair, Staff Council
Coordinator of Office Services
Office of the Division of Information Technology
204 Chappel Hall Office
Phone: 478-445-6897
Fax: 478-445-1202
CBX 050

Crystal Hurt
Sr. Compensation and Data Manager
Hall House
Phone: 478-445-5596
Fax: 478-445-0491
CBX 028

Dr. Matthew Liao-Troth
Dean, The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business
203 Atkinson Hall
Phone: 478-445-5497
Fax: 478-445-5249
CBX 010 

Carol Ward
Interim Director of Human Resources
Hall House
Phone: 478-445-5596
Fax: 478-445-0491
CBX 028



Staff Compensation Study Updates

Welcome to the Georgia College Salary Study Website!

To meet its strategic goals, GC must succeed in attracting, retaining and rewarding talented and mission invested employees who can build and maintain a quality academic institution. Toward that end, the university engaged the services of Sibson Consulting to conduct its comprehensive staff compensation study.

The primary objective of this study is to establish a competitive classification and compensation program. Detailed information about the goals and steps of the study can be found in the Request for Proposals (RFP) listed below.

We have also included all other documents related to the study to keep you informed of our progress.  Please check back regularly for updates. 

For information and questions about the study, please contact Yves-Rose SaintDic, 478-445-1382 or 

03/25/11 - Release of RFP for the Staff Compensation Study (PDF)
06/22/11 - Sibson Consulting is selected as Vendor
07/29/11 - Campus Announcement from Dr. Paul Jones  (PDF)
08/03/11 - Announcement to supervisor list serve about updating Position  Descriptions (PDs) (PDF)
08/08/11 - PDs sent to supervisors with a deadline of 08/22/11 (PDF)
08/22/11 - Campus kick-off meeting with Sibson (PDF)
09/01/11 - Reminder sent to supervisors regarding updating PDs (PDF)
09/08/11 - Compensation survey disseminated to staff (PDF)
09/19/11 - Comparison Markets (PDF)
10/03/11 - Compensation committee conference call with Sibson
10/05/11 - Summary results of campus focus groups and open forum  (PDF)
10/05/11 - Summary results of campus survey (PDF)
10/13/11 - Campus visit by Sibson
11/17/11 - Comparison Markets (PDF)
11/17/11 - Georgia College Compensation  Philosophy (PDF)
01/13/12 - Completed competitive market assessment and assessment of current practices
01/27/12 - Sibson campus visit to finalize salary structures, job classification methodology and pay guidelines
04/04/12 - Update on Compensation Study sent to Campus Community
05/10/12 - Compensation Study update submitted to Campus Community on dates for Manger's Training (PDF)
05/14/12 - Compensation Manager Training Reminder (PDF)
05/25/12 - Salary Compensation Update (PDF)
06/04/12 - Manager Compensation Update On Behalf of Dr. Paul Jones (PDF)



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