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Africana Studies Program

African Studies
Degree Requirements
The Minor in African Studies is designed to introduce students to the study of African society, experience, and cultures. Students offering the minor must obtain a grade C or better in each class. They can petition the Dean to approve a course that focuses on African issues but is not found on the list of courses. However, no more than two courses can be taken from any one discipline such as English or Sociology. Students can also earn credits towards the minor by attending a study abroad program in Africa approved by the coordinator.
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Black Studies

Degree Requirements

The Black Studies Minor Program seeks to heighten awareness of the cultures, experiences, and achievements of peoples of African descent throughout the world in general, and in Africa and the United States in particular. It also seeks to give students of African descent here at GC a sense of pride in their heritage and knowledge of the contribution of black people to world history and culture. It aims to reinforce the university's determination to foster multiculturalism and diversity.
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