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Senior Project

In his/her senior year, the Liberal Studies student will create an interdisciplinary research project that exemplifies his/her abilities to integrate several disciplines in an effort to portray or otherwise examine a complex issue, problem, or phenomenon.  The purpose of the Senior Project is to allow the student to exhibit adequacy in each discipline while effectively pursuing interdisciplinary research.

The topic for the Senior Project will be of the student's choosing, with the assistance of the program coordinator and other instructors.  Often, the project reflects the professional or career interests of the student, and the project offers an opportunity to develop an advanced, specialized interest in a complex field of interdisciplinary inquiry.  During the Liberal Studies Seminar, the student will be able to begin research, which will carry on throughout the courses used to fulfill the major requirements.

In the term before graduation, the student will register for IDST 4930, the Liberal Studies Capstone course.  In this class, the project will begin to take formal shape, including a project proposal and bibliography.  Using peer-review, students will develop the research methods and integration strategies that will inform the project.

In the term of graduation, the student will register for IDST 4931, Liberal Studies Senior Project.  In this course, the student will research and create the project, as a research thesis, scientific report, literary work, artistic performance, or the like.  Each student will select two or more faculty members of his/her choice to be 'readers' on a review committee; the Liberal Studies Coordinator will also be a reviewer. An oral presentation to the committee and an audience will be scheduled no later than one month before the student's graduation. The final, edited project, capstone Portfolio, and a summative essay will be turned in to the Coordinator one week before the an Exit Interview with the review committee.

Examples of previous capstone project papers.


Program Coordinator


    Sunita Manian, Associate Professor
    316 Terrell Hall
    Interdisciplinary Studies Program 
    Georgia College & State University 
    Milledgeville, GA  31061
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