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What username and password should I use to access the iTunes U private area?

In order to access iTunes U private area use your myCATS username and password. For STUDENTS your user name will be firstname_lastname and for FACULTY it will be firstname.lastname. If you have forgotten your myCATS password you can go here to recover or reset it.

Will I have to pay to access Georgia College on iTunes U?

No. All content from GC on iTunes U is free to preview and download.

Can I access Georgia College on iTunes U without opening a browser first?

No. The only way for Apple to know what content you are allowed to access is by verifying your identity with us.

Do I have to have an iPod to listen to podcasts?

Not at all. You can view podcasts from your desktop or laptop computer, or you can burn files to a CD and listen to them in your car or stereo.

What do I have to do after I subscribe to a podcast?

iTunes will check daily for the latest materials for all your subscriptions.  If a new file is available, it will download it automatically.  You can also click the "Refresh" button to check for the latest files if you think something new should be available for that course. You can also change the frequency at which iTunes checks for new material in your iTunes podcast settings.

I can see other playlists in iTunes belonging to other people. Has someone hacked my computer?

No. iTunes has the ability to stream music from playlists found on a local network. The owners of those playlists have setup iTunes so that they can share their music with you. You cannot copy music files found on remote playlists to your own computer. However, you can listen to the music you find there.

Can I connect my iPod to different computers and download music from each?

No. Your iPod can only synchronize content with a single iTunes library on a specific computer. If you synchronize your iPod with a different computer, the content currently stored on your iPod will be erased and replaced with the content stored within the new computer's iTunes library.

Will I be able to use another music player, such as a Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen, Sony PSP, iRiver, or SanDisk player, with iTunes U?

There is support in iTunes for most third-party players. However, audio content recorded using the AAC codec (including music purchased from Apple) will likely only work with iPods. MP3 and MPEG-4 content should work with most any player capable of playing it. Nearly all music players will play MP3 content and practically any video player can handle MPEG-4 content. iTunes U does not use any digital rights management, so content that you download can usually be made to play on any reasonable device.

What are the minimum requirements to access iTunes U?


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