Alex Gregory Leader in Residence


The Alex Gregory Leader in Residence program brings highly experienced leaders to Georgia College for an extended period to share their expertise in leadership with the student and faculty community.

The fellowship is designed to be flexible in order to allow the leader in residence to participate in a broad range of university life according to his or her own choosing. The program anticipates approximately three to four days per month on campus for classroom visits, guest teaching and facilitation, consultation with students, and other community events. The leader in residence will deliver a public presentation as part of the university’s Inspire! series.

Fellowship terms typically last for six to twelve months but can be extended through mutual agreement. The Georgia College Office of Leadership Programs will provide office space and administrative support

Potential leaders in residence should have made distinguished and broad contributions to society. Such contributions may be in business and industry, public and civic affairs, scholarship and education, or other learned professions. The prime and controlling consideration should be excellence in organizational or public leadership. It is desirable, but not required, that the incumbent have had some affiliation with the State of Georgia or Georgia College. It is also desirable, but not required, that the incumbent be widely known to the general public.

Current elected or appointed national office holders or officials of the State of Georgia to whom the University System of Georgia and/or its universities and colleges are directly answerable, as well as persons who are announced candidates for national or state elected offices, are not eligible for consideration. Current Regents, administrative officers of the universities or colleges of the University System of Georgia, members of the faculty, and other System employees also are not eligible.

A Georgia College committee of five persons, appointed by the Provost, is charged with the responsibility of soliciting and screening nominations for Leader in Residence. Membership will include:

  • the Vice President for University Advancement
  • the Director of Leadership Programs
  • the Director of Economic Development & External Relations
  • Two members of the Georgia College faculty, appointed by the Provost.

The President and Provost serve as ex-officio members of the committee

The Leader in Residence Committee will screen nominees and recommend, with supporting rationale, a finalist to the President. The President, based on the committee’s supporting rationale and any additional consultation, will select the Leader in Residence. The Office of Leadership Programs will prepare a letter for the President’s signature, inviting the incumbent to serve as Georgia College’s Alex Gregory Leader in Residence.