Complaints and Investigations

The role of the Investigation Unit Team is to act as a neutral investigator for complaints of alleged violations of University policies brought forth by staff, faculty, students, patients, vendors or applicants.  Investigation findings are based on whether there has been a violation of a University or University System policy, as opposed to laws that may have been violated.   

Complaints are referred to the Investigation Unit Team for formal investigation by several University departments, which include but are not limited to: Audit and Advisory Services, Human Resources, and Legal Affairs.

The scope of the Investigations Unit Team investigations includes complaints that allege discrimination and harassment on the basis of state and federally recognized protected categories, financial misappropriation, student and/or employee misconduct, etc. The Team also investigates complaints of retaliation, whistleblower, and whistleblower retaliation.

While the Investigation Unit Team does not accept direct complaints for investigation, the following points of contacts may offer assistance when filing a complaint:

Office of Human Resources

(478) 445-5596