Contracts Management

Georgia College is a public university; this status imposes certain restrictions on its contracting activities that are different than that of a private university or company.  Many standard clauses typically found in commercial contracts cannot be accepted by Georgia College.  The restrictions are based on constitutional and statutory prohibitions.  Because of these restrictions, Georgia College requires an effective contracting process to ensure adherence with appropriate laws and policies.

Please be certain to thoroughly read the Contract Review & Approval Process prior to sending your contract to the Office of Legal Affairs for review.

Initial Request for Services/Goods from a Contractor/Vendor

When requesting a service or good from a contractor/vendor, please use this Letter to Vendor/Contractors to ensure the contractor/vendor understands GC's contracting restrictions and requirement.  When reviewing the contract, prohibited terms should be removed and the contract should be returned to the contractor for approval of new terms prior to submitting to the Office of Legal Affairs for approval. 

Submitting a Contract for Approval

Please submit all contracts via the Contracts Submission Form. The previously used routing form is no longer necessary.  Prior to submission, the contract should be signed by the outside party, the submitter, and the submitter's immediately supervisor, unless the supervisor is a Vice President.  If the supervisor is a Vice President, signature will be obtained via GC Signatures.  

If you have already submitted a contract and merely need to submit revisions or vendor approval of revisions, please submit such revisions via and note the contract name, vendor, and original submission date in your email.

Please note, prohibited terms as contained in the Letter to Contractors/Vendors should be removed prior to submitting contracts to the Office of Legal Affairs or your contract will be returned to you. 

After a Contract is Approved

After a contract is approved, as to form, Office of Legal Affairs will route the contract via GC Signatures for approval by the authorized University officials.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Legal Affairs at or (478) 445-2037.