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Georgia College Policy Revisions



12/2017 Educational Support Leave Revision             

Shared Sick Leave Program


Family Medical Leave Act


Programs for Minors (Related information location:


Drug and Alcohol


Education Support Leave


Personal Transportation Vehicle


Board of Regents Policy Revisions (July 1, 2016 – Present)


Revised Section

April 23, 2018

Institutional Governance 

Board Policy 2.11 Title of Emeritus or Emerita (Previously 8.3.13)

Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.3.2 Academic Approval for Off-Campus Instructional Sites (Previously 3.3.3)

Board Policy 3.3.7 Learning Support Programs (Previously 3.3.2)

Board Policy 3.3.3 Distance Education Definition added

Board Policy 3.5.1 Grade Point Average

Board Policy 3.5.2 Symbols Not Included in Determining Grade Point Average

Board Policy 3.5.3 Grade Point Average Upon Academic Renewal

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.15 Campus Security and Police (Previously 12.8)

   Board Policy 6.15.1 Institution Police Departments (Previously 12.8.1)
   Board Policy 6.15.2 USG Chief of Police (Previously 12.8.2)
   Board Policy 6.15.3 Chief of Police Certification Requirements (Previously 12.8.3)
   Board Policy 6.15.4 Chief of Police Reporting Requirements (Previously 12.8.4)
   Board Policy 6.15.5 Personnel Actions for Institution Chiefs of Police (Previously 12.8.5)
   Board Policy 6.15.6 Notification Requirements (Previously 12.8.6)
   Board Policy 6.15.7 Police Department Assessment Program (Previously 12.8.7)

Board Policy 6.16 Emergency Planning and Preparedness (Previously 9.12.5 and 9.12.6)

Board Policy 6.17 Cooperative Organizations (Previously 12.5)


Board Policy 8.2.10 Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Board Policy 8.2.11 Social Security

Board Policy 8.2.13 Garnishment of Pay (Previously 8.2.14)

Board Policy 8.2.14 Salary Administration and Incentive Rewards Program (Previously 8.2.24)

Board Policy 8.2.15 Career Development (Previously 8.2.17)

Board Policy 8.2.16 Use of USG Resources (Previously 7.11.9)

Board Policy 8.2.17 Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use (Previously 8.2.18)

Board Policy 8.2.18 Personnel Conduct

   Board Policy Ethics Policy (Previously 8.2.20)
   Board Policy Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment (Previously 8.2.15)
   Board Policy Political Activities (Previously
   Board Policy Gratuities (Previously 8.2.13)
   Board Policy Sexual Harassment (Previously 8.2.16)
   Board Policy Amorous Relationships (Previously 8.2.23)
   Board Policy Violations of Policies Governing Personnel Behavior (Previously


Board Policy 9.2.1 Campus Master Planning (Previously 9.2.2)

   Board Policy 9.2.2 Master Planning Services
   Board Policy 9.2.3 System Capital Plan

Board Policy 9.4 Capital Project Authorization, Procurement, and Contracting

   Board Policy 9.4.2 Project Delivery Methods (Previously 9.5.1)
   Board Policy 9.4.4 Professional Services Procurement (Previously 9.5.2)
   Board Policy 9.4.6 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (Previously 9.5.4)
   Board Policy 9.4.7 Required Reporting (Previously 9.6.2)
   Board Policy 9.4.8 Debarment (Previously 9.6.3)


February 15, 2018

Board Policy 3.1 General Policy

Board Policy 3.2.5 Termination of Faculty Employment (Removed – Included in Policy 8.3.9)

Board Policy 3.3.4 United States and Georgia History and Constitution

Board Policy 3.6.1 Creation of Academic Programs

Student Affairs

Board Policy 4.1.3 Student Voting Privileges

Board Policy 4.2 Undergraduate Admissions

Board Policy 4.2.1 Admission Requirements for Programs Leading to the Baccalaureate Degree

Board Policy 4.2.3 Additional Admissions Policies

Board Policy Institution Admission Requirements (Previously General)

Board Policy Referral of Students to Other Institutions

Board Policy Right to Refuse Admission

Board Policy Social Security Numbers (Relocated to 6.12)

Board Policy 4.8.1 Immunizations Against Disease During an Outbreak or Epidemic

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.11 Weapons (Previously 9.13)

Board Policy 6.12 Social Security Numbers (Previously

Board Policy 6.13 Interment of Persons on Campus (Previously 12.4)

Finance & Business

Board Policy 7.1 General Policy

Board Policy 7.1.1 Allocation of Funds

Board Policy Procedures

Board Policy Deficits

Board Policy Financial Report

Board Policy 7.2 USG Budget

Board Policy 7.2.1 Educational and General Revenues and Expenditures

Board Policy Instruction

Board Policy Research

Board Policy Public Service

Board Policy Academic Support

Board Policy Student Services

Board Policy Institutional Support

Board Policy Plant Operations and Maintenance

Board Policy Scholarships and Fellowships

Board Policy 7.2.3 Operating Budgets

Board Policy 7.2.4 Budget Amendments

Board Policy Tuition Agreements with Corporations, Organizations, and Other Legal

Board Policy Mandatory Student Fees

Board Policy Elective Fees and Special Charges

Board Policy Auxiliary and Fee Reserves

Board Policy 7.3.3 Tuition and Fee Payment and Deferral

Board Policy 7.5.3 Loan Funds for Matching Purposes

Board Policy 7.6 Travel

Board Policy 7.7 Purchasing

Board Policy 7.7.1 General Policy

Board Policy 7.7.2 Employee Purchasing

Board Policy 7.8.1 Property Insurance

Board Policy 7.8.2 Liability Insurance

Board Policy Automotive

Board Policy Professional Liability

Board Policy 7.9 Contracts (Reserved)

Board Policy 7.9.1 Contracting Authority (Reserved)


Board Policy Corps of Instruction (Removed as unnecessary because policy defines Corps of Instruction and Policy 8.1.1 refers to the definition in Section 3.)

Board Policy 8.2.1 Equal Employment Opportunity

Board Policy 8.2.2 Age Criteria

Board Policy 8.2.4 Employment of Foreign Nationals

Board Policy 8.2.5 Employee Orientation

Board Policy 8.2.6 Holidays

Board Policy 8.4 Additional Personnel Policies and Procedures


Board Policy 9.13 Weapons (Relocated to Section 6.11)


Board Policy 12.4 Interment of Persons on Campus (Relocated to Section 6.13)


January 17, 2018

Officers of the Board of Regents

  Board Policy 1.2.5 Institutional Responsibilities (Section Removed)

 Academic Affairs

  Board Policy Administrative Officers

  Board Policy Other Faculty Members

  Board Policy 3.2.2 Election of Faculties (Section Removed – Replaced Below)

Board Policy 3.2.2 Regents’ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Student Success

Board Policy 3.7 Regents’ Reading and Writing Skills Requirement (Discontinued)

Board Policy 3.7 Research (Previously Section 6)

 Board Policy 3.8.5 Diplomas Earned at Institutions Under a Previous Name

 Campus Affairs

  Board Policy 6.1 Seals (Previously 12.3)

Board Policy 6.2 Use of Institution Names, Logos, and Trademarks (Previously 7.11.3)

Board Policy 6.4 Political Interference (Previously 12.1)

Board Policy 6.5 Freedom of Expression (Previously 12.10)

Board Policy 6.6 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (Previously 4.1.2)

Board Policy 6.7 Sexual Misconduct Policy (Previously 4.1.7)

Board Policy 6.8 Disruptive Behavior (Previously 4.63 and 12.2)

Board Policy 6.9 Programs Serving Minors (Previously 12.9)

Board Policy 6.10 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campuses (Previously 9.1.7)

 Finance & Business

Board Policy Tuition Definitions


Board Policy 9.1 General Policy on Real Estate and Facilities

Board Policy 9.1.1 Definitions

Board Policy 9.1.2 Portfolio Management and Utilization

Board Policy 9.1.3 Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines

Board Policy 9.1.4 Real Estate Delegation of Authority


November 17, 2017   8.2.19 Tuition Assistance Program
September 7, 2017 Admission of Auditors
August 11, 2017   7.4 Private Donations to the USG and Its Institutions
    7.4.1 Naming of Places, Colleges, or Schools
    8.2.24 Policy on Salary Administration and Incentive Rewards Program (added)
August 9, 2017   1.5 Other Officers (removed)
    1.1 Officers of the Board of Regents
    1.3 Secretary to the Board of Regents
    4.1.7 Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
    4.6.5 Standards for Institutional Student Conduct Investigation and Disciplinary Proceedings
    12.6 Reserved
August 3, 2017   Board of Regents Policy Overview (introduction text updated)
May 16, 2017 Exceptions to Freshman Admission Requirements for Special Groups of Students Non-Traditional Students Out-of-State Tuition Waivers Required Electronic Transfer of Funds
March 15, 2017

 12.10 Freedom of Expression (added)

February 14, 2017

  2.1 Election of Presidents by the Board


  2.4.2 Reappointment Declined

January 11, 2017

  2.8 Compensation of Presidents


  7.1.1 Allocation of Funds Definitions Tuition for Distance Learning Courses and Programs Elective Fees and Special Charges Auxiliary and Fee Reserves


  10.4 Records Retention

October 12, 2016

  2.10 Institutional Mission and Function


  3.4 Calendar of Academic Activities Course Credits for International Baccalaureate


  8.2.9 Insurance


  8.3.4 Notice of Employment and Resignation


  8.3.7 Tenure and Criteria for Tenure

August 10, 2016

  12.9 Programs Serving Minors (added)