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Mini VGA
Apple Mini Display to VGA Adapter

- Connect to any Monitor, Projector, TV that has a VGA Input

* May not be compatible with all Macs. Please click below for More Information

More Information

Mini DVI
Apple Mini Display to DVI Adapter

- Easily Connect to an Advanced Display

* May not be compatible with all Macs. Please click below for More Information

More Information

Firewire 800 Cable

- Data Transmission Speeds up to 800Mbps

More Information

Firewire 400 Cable

- Data Transmission Speeds up to 400Mbps

More Information

RCA Cable
RCA Video Cables

- Easy Connection to any Display that has RCA Connectors
- Easy Connection to Flip Cameras, Digital Cameras, and Digital Video Cameras

RCA audio
RCA Audio Cables

- Easy Connection to any Device that has RCA Audio Connection
- For use with most Audio Equipment

USB Cable
USB Cables

- Easy Connection with Digital Cameras



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shotgun Microphone
Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone

- High Quality Field Production
- Universal Shock Mount
- Foam Windscreen

Analog Microphone
Analog Microphone

- Commonly used for Broadcast and other Applications
- Excellent Voice Tone
- Multi-stage isolation, wind and pop filters

More Information

Snowball Microphone
Blue Snowball Microphone

- Plug-and-Play USB Connection
- 3 Unique Patterns
- Ideal for Podcasting

More Information

Logitech Microphone
Logitech Desktop USB Microphone

- Plug-and Play USB Connection
- Noise Canceling
- Indicator Light when Mic is on

More Information


Yeti Pro Microphone

yeti pro


-USB & XLR Output
- 24 Bit/ 192 kHz Resolution
-Tri-Capsule Array
-Master Volume Control
More Information

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Gorillapod Tripod
Gorillapod Tripod

- Connect to any Digital Camera, Flip Camera, or Digital Video Cameras in the ITC
- Over two dozen joints to bend and rotate 360 Degrees

More Information

Tiltall Tripod
Tiltall Tripod

- Tubular Legs
- Easily Tilt in any direction
- Compatible with all ITC Video and Photography Cameras

Canon Tripod
Canon Monopod 100

- Compact and Lightweight
- 4-Section Monopod
- Rubber Leg Tip

More Information


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Flash Memory Card Readers

Kingston 19-in-1
kingston card reader
USB 2.0 Card Reader

- Transfer, print, email and display images with the
touch of a button
- Works with all all memory cards
- Certified Windows XP and Mac OS X
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Green Screen and Blue Screen are now available for check out! 
greenblue screen
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