Additions to the Blount Collection

File Box 2, Folder 29.

Two photocopied pages from an unknown paper. The first page contains an article dated 26 July 1806. It is an election notice showing "three candidates to run in a special election for a member of the House of Representatives, of the United States, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the resignation of the Hon. Joseph Bryan." The candidates are William Rabun, R.A. Blount, and John Crowder. The second page contains an article, dated June 2d, 1807. It is a public notice accepting bids for the brick and wood needed to construct the Hancock County Court House. The Court House Construction Committee includes "William Rabun, Rich: A. Blount, and John Crowder." 2 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 30.

Photocopies of extracts from the Journal of the Rev. William Capers, published as "Mission Among The Creek Indians," in The Methodist Magazine, 1822. 6 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 31.

Photocopy of page 281, from American History: A Survey. This page explains the reference to emanate war with France in File Box 1, Book 4, Folder 3. 2 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 32.

Photocopies of pages 141-147 of History Stories of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, by Leola Selman Beeson. These pages discuss Richard A. Blount and his son-in-law John W. A. Sanford. 8 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 33.

A biographical report, of unknown origin, on Richard A. Blount. 4 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 34.

A photocopy of The Will of Richard A. Blount. 7 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 35.

Two maps which cover some of the area described in Blount's journal. FPP Map No. 39. Fort Benning Reservation Map, 1/50,000 scale. Joint Operations Graphic (AIR), Series 1501 AIR, Sheet NI 16-12, Edition 2, 1/250,000 scale. 2 MAP SHEETS
File Box 2, Folder 36.

A letter from Richard A. Blount to Judge Hill, dated "Milledgeville Sept 21 1841." Blount inquires about the postponement of Young Harrs' (the accused murderer of Blount's Grandson Richard H. Sanford) trial. He also gives the details of the murder. (original of this letter is in the Ham, Annabelle Sanford Collection) 3 PAGES
File Box 2, Folder 37.

Notes on the murder of Richard H. Sanford (grandson of Richard A. Blount) by William A. Harris, June 1841 in Milledgeville.

Richard Blount Collection
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