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Flannery O'Connor Letters

Published Flannery O'Connor Letters are available in the following books:

Fitzgerald, Sally. The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor. New York: Vintage Books, 1979.

O'Connor, Flannery. Flannery O'Connor: Collected Works. New York: Literary Classics of the United States, Inc., 1988.

Stephens, Ralph. The Correspondence of Flannery O'Connor and the Brainard Cheneys. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1986.

The following unpublished letters are available only to scholars. Scholars must read the rules and regulations, submit a written request, and make an appointment to view the collection. Scholars wishing to use the collection may contact the Flannery O'Connor Collection.


Allen, Dick. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1962.

Ames, Elizabeth. Photocopies of letters from O'Connor, 1947, 1948

Barrus, Paul W. Letter from O'Connor, 1963.

Beiswanger, George. Christmas Card and two letters from O'Connor, 1952. Beiswanger essay on Wise Blood.

Bonner, James C. 1948, 1956. Student Evaluation of HIS 308, Winter 1944.

Carver, Catharine [SEE: Giroux, Robert]

Cheney, Mr. & Mrs. Brainard. Postcard from O'Connor, 1958.

Cline, Francis X. and Ann. 1945, 1950. Letter from Regina Cline O'Connor, 1983.

Emerson, O. B. Letter from O'Connor, 1962. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1962. 2 letters from Emerson, 1962. Letter from Robert Fitzgerald, 1966.

Ferguson, Betty. 2 notes from O'Connor. 1 postcard from O'Connor, 1960.

Gaines, Elsa Ann. Letters, reviews, reminiscences, etc. Sent to Margaret Meaders regarding Flannery O'Connor. ca. 1960-1981.

Giroux, Robert - O'Connor's publisher, 1949-1959. There are other editors' letters in this file as well as Elizabeth McKee's (O'Connor's agent). When Giroux left as editor, others were appointed: Denver Lindley and Catharine Carver.

Gordon, Caroline and Allen Tate. Photocopies of letters from O'Connor, 1954-1955. Letters from Tates, 1955.

Green, Richard Russell. Letters from O'Connor, 1960.

Greene, Helen I. 1954.

Griffith, Ben. 1954-1962.

Harrison, Augusta "Gussie" Bloodworth. 1957, 1964.

Harrison, Mary Virginia. 1943-1964.

Haynes, Alta & Rumsey. Letters, cards, notes from Regina Cline O'Connor and O'Connor, 1955-1972.

Hicks, Granville. Letter sent to Virginia Satterfield regarding O'Connor, 1962.

Ivey, Caroline Turner. Letter from O'Connor, 1960. Photocopies of letters, 1960-1961.

Kenyon Review. Photocopies of letters to and from John Crowe Ransom, letter to Robie Macauley. 1953-1961. Originals are held by Kenyon College.

Kessler, Edward. Letter from O'Connor, 1961.

Koon, William. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1962.

Lawrence, Roberta. Letters from O'Connor, 1962-1963.

Lee, Maryat. Contains correspondence from both Lee and O'Connor, 1957-1964.

Lindley, Denver [SEE: Giroux, Robert]

Love, Betty Boyd. Letters from Sally Fitzgerald, Margaret Meaders, O'Connor. O'Connor letters 1949-1963.

Loyola/Notre Dame Library: Correspondence (copies of original letters) with Sister Maura, Sister Bridget Marie, Sister Davis, Miss Preis and Miss Lane.

McCown, Robert. Letter from O'Connor, 1961.

McGill, Ralph. Letter to Elizabeth G. Ferguson regarding O'Connor, 1954.

McKee, Elizabeth. 1948-1964.

Montgomery, Marion. Letter to O'Connor, 1962.

Null, Martha Pennington. Letter from O'Connor, 1960. Hand made Christmas card, 1940.

O'Connor, Edward F. Photocopies of letters to Erwin Sibley 1937-1938.

O'Connor, Joan. (Mrs. John, Jr.). Letter from O'Connor, 1957.

Page, Marion, Letter from O'Connor, 1959.

Poller, Rebekah. Letters from O'Connor, 1958-1964. Letters from Regina Cline O'Connor, 1964-1965.

Porter, Katherine Anne. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1960.

Satterfield, Virginia and Jessie Trawick. Notes from O'Connor, 1952, 1964.

Saunders, Laura. Copies of materials found in the Farrar, Straus Giroux, Inc Records at the New York Public Library. Letters from O'Connor to Bob Giroux, other correspondence to Giroux from Sally Fitzgerald, Janet McKane, Paul Engle, Caroline Gordon, etc. Letters from O'Connor to Father Romagosa, Father Quinn, Tom Ward, Sister Andrew, Sister Bernetta, Sister Jocelyn, Brother De Paul, etc. (12 folders)

Scott, Katherine Kirkwood. Letter from O'Connor, 1958.

Smith, Marcus. Letter to O'Connor, 1964.

Stanford, Henry King. Letters to and from Dr. Stanford, Dean Abernathy, Rosa Lee Walston, 1958-1965.

Steele, Paul C. Christmas cards, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1963. Letters, 1957 (3).

Tate, Allen. [SEE: Gordon, Caroline]

Terry, Grace. Letter from O'Connor, 1962.

Tomkievicz, Shirley Abbott. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1956.

Trawick, Jesse. [SEE: Satterfield, Virginia]

Walston, Rosa Lee. Photocopy of letter from O'Connor, 1960.

Zuber, Leo J. Photocopies and originals of letters to Zuber and Eileen Hall, 1959-1964. Letters from Regina Cline O'Connor, 1965-1969.

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