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Policies For the Use of the Flannery O'Connor Materials

Use of manuscripts will be granted only by prearrangement with the Special Collections staff.

Undergraduates as a rule are not permitted use of manuscripts.

Because of limited staffing, research in the O'Connor Collection is restricted to a maximum of two scholars at any one time.

The Research Registration Form must be submitted at least one week in advance of any intended visit.

The researcher will be given a schedule for use of the O'Connor Collection. Research schedules will run Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., during regular university sessions. The scholar will be notified in advance of any changes in this schedule. Should the scholar need to deviate from the schedule, s/he will notify the Special Collections staff at once.

When using manuscript materials, the scholar will be required to sign a manuscript release form which states that the manuscript materials will not be photocopied or otherwise used without proper permission. This form WILL BE signed before the scholar will be allowed to use any manuscript material. Special Collections will keep the original form; the scholar will be given a photocopy. NONE of the manuscript materials are to be photocopied. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Please set cell phones to silent or vibrate and set beepers to vibrate only. Cell phones will be used outside the Reading Room.

All briefcases, bags, personal books, coats, papers, etc. are to be stored in the Reading Room lockers.

Special Collections reserves the right to examine the researcher's briefcase, bags, notebooks, or any other personal property before the researcher leaves Special Collections.


    * Absolutely NO food or drink is allowed in Special Collections. We invite researchers to take advantage of Books and Brew located on the first floor of the building.
    * All materials are for use in the Reading Room only.
    * Blank paper will be furnished for note taking. Pencils are to be used when working with all materials. Laptop computers are also permitted.
    * Special Collections materials are housed in closed stacks. Researchers may request particular items by submitting the appropriate call slips to the reference archivist. A staff member will bring the requested materials to the Reading Room.
    * The researcher must accept the responsibility of carefully handling all materials made available. Manuscripts and books may NOT be leaned on, written on, folded, traced over, or handled in any way that may damage them. For certain materials it may be necessary to wear gloves that will be supplied by Special Collections staff.
    * Researchers will use a maximum of one box of materials at a time, and will be careful to maintain the exact order and arrangement of the papers or materials. If any of the contents of a folder appear to be out of order, please call it to the attention of the Reference Archivist. DO NOT REARRANGE PAPERS.
    * If the physical condition of the original permits, duplication services for items not under special restrictions are available. Please see our Duplication polices for further information.
    * Upon completion of research, the researcher must return all materials used to the Reference Archivist for examination. The researcher will also submit for inspection any personal property before removing it from the Reading Room.


    * Photo reproduction and photo duplication may be available for some materials. Special Collections will consider requests for limited reproduction of material when such reproduction: 1) can be done without injury to the material, 2) when reproduction does not violate donor agreements or copyright law, and 3) when it is within departmental policy. All reproduction work will be done by Special Collections staff.
    * Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for staff to process your order. Orders of large quantity will require advance notice. Please see our fee schedule for prices. Postage and handling, if required, will be included in the billing.
    * Photocopies and photo duplications are to be used for personal research only. Photocopies and photo duplications may not be transferred to others, further reproduced, or published without permission of Georgia College or from the individual or institution that holds the copyright or literary rights of the material.
    * PLEASE NOTE: Provision of photocopies and/or photo duplications by Special Collections staff does NOT constitute permission to publish.


    * Materials within Special Collections are protected under the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Flannery O'Connor manuscripts and art work are further copyrighted by the Estate of Flannery O'Connor.
    * Securing copyright clearance, permission to publish or reproduce materials from Georgia College is the responsibility of the researcher. The researcher assumes all responsibility for infringement of copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, the author's heirs or assigns, and for obtaining all necessary permissions from the author, heirs or assigns.
    * Georgia College is not the owner of literary rights or copyright unless such rights have been specifically granted by the author or donor, or their heirs or assigns. Georgia College does not assume any legal responsibility for any infringement of literary, copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, heirs or assigns.
    * Researchers are requested to use the preferred citation that designates Special Collections, GC Library and Instructional Technology Center as the repository for any material used in a published work.


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