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Abbott, Sarah. Sparta, GA. 1 January 1805- July 1805. Journal The wife of Dr. Abbott describes Rev. Lorenzo Dow's meeting and the proposed Female Seminary of Learning at Sparta, GA. Dr. Crawford Long is mentioned.

Adams, Lasa.
Thomas County, GA. 5 April 1842.
Indenture between Lasa Adams and Caleb White.

Adams, Thomas.
Thomas County, GA. 6 May 1844.
Indenture between Thomas Adams and Fabean Adams. Conveys 490 acres in Thomas County to F. Adams for $500.

Addison, Brazel.
Land Grant. October 21, 1891.
Land grant to Brazel Addison October 21, 1819; 490 acres in the 13th district of Irwin County. Lot #113; signed by G.M. Troup.

1) Dr. J. C. Hummer's Cough and Consumption Remedy. 25 cents per bottle. Laboratory, Baltimore, MD.
2) Prohibition Executive Committee. Sandersville, GA. June 15, 1883. statement by PEC and list of Sandersville citizens "opposed to the liquor traffic."
3)Aurora Oil. For sale at the store of T. A. Caraker. R. Wixon, Manufacturer. Milledgeville, June 20th, 1868.

Allen, J. L.
Jones County. 15 October 1855. Court judgment.

Allen, James Troup.
Copy book. OVERSIZE

Allen, S. N.
Receipt given by S. N. Allen to A. C. Williams. October 14, 1862. Paulding County, Georgia. A. C. Williams pays S. N. Allen $1400 for Negro boy named Frank, about 14 years old. Signed by S. N. Allen, L. B. Andrews.

Allen, Sarah Cantey Whitaker. ( Mrs. Henry Dawson Allen, Sr.)
Old Ogelthorpe University, Midway, ( Milledgeville) GA.
Typescript with illustrations, of unpublished book by Mrs. H. D. Allen, Sr. Includes dedication (to Mrs. J. L. Beeson) and index.

Allen, Willis.
Indenture between Willis Allen and Andrew W. Ard. January 18, 1845. Wilkinson County. Conveys 202 1/2 acres in Lot 230, 23rd District of Wilkinson County from Willis Allen to Andrew W. Ard for $500. Signed by Willie Allen, John W. Allen, Eli Sears.

Anderson, John.
Greene County, GA. 4 September 1810.
Indenture between John Anderson, Sheriff of Greene County and Young Grisham, September 4, 1810. Conveys 230 acres on the Ogeechee River on which Brittam Huckaby lives, from John Anderson to Young Grisham, for $152. Signed by John Anderson, B. Franklin, Jas. Nisbet, Recorded in Book EE page 301. Permanent Loan - Mansion.

Anderson, Louisa.
Pass given by Louisa Anderson to boy, Boson. June 5, 1861. Baldwin County The pass permits "Boy, Boson" to see his wife at Goodwin Myrricks (Sic) one month from date. Signed by Louisa Anderson. (Gift of Mrs. Dollie Horne Lawrence, Milledgeville.)

Another Wild Hunt After Office.
Georgia. Milledgeville. Poem on Politics. November, 1855. 1p. Satirical poem on office - seekers in the State Capital, Milledgeville, Anonymous.

Appointment Book - unknown lady's Social Calendar - NYC.
Standard Diary no 192 for 1890. Appears to be Prominent Oil Society.

Ard, Andrew W.
Indenture between Andrew W. Ard and Samuel M. Carswell. November 3, 1846. Wilkinson County, Ga. Conveys 202 1/2 acres, lot No. 230 in 23rd district of Wilkinson County from Andrew W. Ard to Samuel M. Carswell for $600. Signed by Andrew W. Ard, Matthew T. Carswell, B. Kilpatrick.

Attaway. Harley, Jr.
Land grant to Attaway of Burke County. 202 1/2 acres, Lot 66, second district, Baldwin County. Surveyed by Levin Wailes Dist. Surveyor August 1, 1804. Signed by Daniel Sturges, Surveyor General. Ed. L. Thomas, Joseph Lockhart, C. Carriers. G.R. Clayton, Secty E.D. Signed by John Milledge, Nov. 27, 1805.
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Bailey, Mary.
Receipt given by Mary Bailey to Sarah Smith. August 11, 1828.
Exchange of Negro woman named Mary for Negro woman named Malinda. signed by Mary Bailey (her mark), Mary McGriff, John R. Wooten.

Baldwin Blues (Milledgeville, Georgia).
Company Roll of the Baldwin Blues Complete (sic) from the 1st of May, 1861. Includes List of Baldwin Blues killed in the War"; "List of Baldwin Blues died during the War"; "List of Baldwin Blues discharged on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability." Also includes (copy of) letter from Albert G. Blanchard Brig. Gen. 3 Brigade. Includes "Amount paid out by George Doles for Baldwin Blues, out of Company fund funished by the Citizens of Milledgeville, Georgia." Donated by Mrs. J. L. Beeson, 1938.

Baldwin Blues [Milledgeville, Georgia].
Company roll. no date.

Baldwin County Board of Education.
Minutes of the Board of Education. Milledgeville, Georgia. Feb. 7, 1871 - Nov. 22, 1892.OVERSIZE
Donated by Mrs. Thaxton, Milledgeville.

Bank of Darien - Milledgeville Bank.
Draft & note register book 1836-1838. OVERSIZE

Bank of Milledgeville.
$5 note. May 1854. Donated by Mr. David G. Bell.

Barr, Dorothy.
Marriage Ceremony. Extemporaneous marriage ceremony. N.D. 1p.
Written in long hand and a possible combination of several established forms of service. Donated by Dorothy Barr. March 29, 1930. Baldwin County, Georgia.

Barrow, James.
1) To Rev. Iverson L. Brooks, Milledgeville, Georgia. Feb. 3, 1823. Requests that the Rev. Mr. Brooks supply the Milledgeville Church as peacher "on Saturday and Sunday both."
2) To William Walker, Esq., Eatonton, Georgia. Milledgeville, Georgia, 12 November, 1822. Requests that William Walker's brother - in - law come to preach in Eatonton. Milledgeville Feb. 3 1823. Requests Reverend Inverson L. Brooks of Jasper County to preach the Saturday & Sunday Services on the first Sunday of March at Barrow Church.

Barton, Robert W.
To ?, Al. Corinth, Miss. 12 March 1862.
Letter to his brother - in - law. Describes trip from Pensacola to Corinth; Mentions that Beauregard has command of the whole army of the Mississippi Valley; that General Bragg commands the "second grand division."

Bateman and Folton
Mercer, William. Jan. 16, 1867. Houston County, GA.
Bateman and Folton (?) give receipt for $50. for note made by William Mercer and paid by his brother, J. J. Mercer. Signed by Bateman and Folton, John L. Ready, E. L. Pollock. 2 cent stamp attached.

Baxter, Thomas W.
Indenture between Thomas W. Baxter and Charles M. Ruse (?). Feb. 27, 1849. Cass County. 3p. D.S. Conveys 102 acres in Clarke County from Thomas W. Baxter to Charles Ruse for $500. Signed by Thomas W. Baxter, David Groves, Andrew Gumm (?) Recorded: Clarke County, Book T, Folios 251-2. John Calvin Johnson, Clerk. Andrew Baxter.

Bean, Lemuel.
1804 Land Lottery of Franklin County. Bean received 202 1/2 acres, Lot 201, 1st district Baldwin County. Surveyed July 11, 1804. John Reagan. Dist. Surv. Daniel Sturges, Surveyor Gen., Jas. Bond, Henry Crowell - C. Carriers Signed by John Milledge. Oct. 23, 1805. G.R. Clayton, Sectry ED.

Beavin, Benjamin.
Indenture between Benjamin Beavin (Sic) and Thomas Mills. Dec. 12, 1815. Baldwin County, GA.
Conveys to Thomas Mills 75 acres of land in Baldwin County for $200. Signed by Thomas H. Kenan, E.B. Jenkins, J.IC.

Beck, William.
Indenture between William Beck and Lack Thompson. Feb. 17, 1823. Wilkinson County, GA.
Conveys 70 acres of land in twenty-third district of Wilkinson County from William Beck, George D. Thompson, Alexander Carswell, S. Delk. Recorded in Book T, p. 12.

Bednefield, Nathaniel.
1805. Elbert County, GA. Land grant to Nathaniel Bednefield of Elbert County; November 6, 1805; 202 1/2 acres in 5th district of Wilkinson County; signed by John Milldege. Descriptive plat signed by Daniel Sturges, Jo Jackson, John Crabtree, Jas. Bozeman. SED. Robert Jackson, Dist. Sum. Surveyed March 20, 1805.

Beeson, Capt. W. B.
2 May 1865. Permit signed by Hobart Ford, Captain and Aide de Camp, U.S.A., Special, Commissioner, dated May 2, 1865, at Greensboro, N.C. Allows him to return home according to the terms of the Military Convention entered into the twenty-sixth day of April, 1865 between General Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding the Confederate Army, And Major-General W.T. Sherman, Commanding the United States Army in North Carolina.

Billups, Thomas C.
Indenture. Oglethorpe County, GA. 28 Nov 1831. Indenture between Thomas C. Billups and John Billups. November 28, 1831. Oglethorpe County, GA. Conveys 267 acres in Oglethorpe County from Thomas C. Billups to John Billups for $801.75. Signed by Thomas C. Billups, Samuel Baldwin, P. M. Hutchinson. Recorded Book N, Folio 495. J. J. C. John Landnim, Clerk.

Bird, James.
Indenture made between James Bird and Moses C. Smith. December 16, 1848. Decatur County. 1p. D.S.
Conveys lot No. 118 in 13th district of Thomas County from James Bird to Moses C. Smith for $25. (490 acres) Signed by James Bird, William Daughtry, A. D. Smart JP. Recorded in Thomas County, Record of Common Deeds, Book II p. 720. T. C. Bracewell, D. C.

Bloomfield, Robert L.
Conveyance between Robert L. Bloomfield and Robert P. Griffeth. January 13, 1857. Clark County. 1p. D.S.
Conveys west half of lot 33 in Athens, containing one acre more or less from Robert Bloomfield to Robert P. Griffeth for $3000. Signed by Robert L. Bloomfield, C. C. Bass, James Nichols. JP.

The Book of 500 Curious Puzzles.
New York. Dick and Fitzgerald. 1859. 3p. Title page and pages 15 and 16 are all that remain.

Booth, R. Allington.
No. 111 Reade St. NYC. May 11, 1892.
Letter to the editor of the Morning Journal. Calling Editor's attention to the gatherings in the Music Hall on 57th Street & 7th Avenue on May 17th & 18th. Encloses reporters ticket & programme. Booth is Commander, Salvation Army.

Botts, John.
Jan. 27, 1810. Jefferson County.
John Botts, James Dupree, David Mann, & William Lowe of Jefferson County sell to Isaac McCrary of Baldwin County 202 1/2 acres of land in B.C., lot 190p, 1st district, for $600. Book D. Folio 45 & 46.

Bowles, William A.
Letter from William Bowles to the Commissioners of the United States at Fort Wilkinson. June 4, 1802. Protests meeting to cede lands at Fort Wilkinson. Letter signed by six Indian Chiefs. Clipped from Massachusetts Federalist. July 30, 1803.

Bradley, Johnson.
Indenture between Johnson Bradley and William Pentecost. January 3, 1829. Jackson County, GA. 2p. D.S.
Conveys lot 25 in Irwin County from Johnson Bradley ley to William Pentecost fo $100. Signed by Johnson Bradley, William Pentecost, Issac Barson. Recorded in Irwin County Clerk's office in Book B-BB p. 212. William Stone, Clerk.

Brady, Sarah.
Land grant to Sarah Brady of the 59th district, Emanuel County; 250 acres in 17th district of Early County; Nov. 18, 1830; signed by Gov. George Gilmer. Descriptive plat signed by Hines Holt, T. B. Howard, Jacob McClendon, Jos. Gunnels, E. S. Duke. carriers, surveyed Nov. 26, 1819. Lot #360. Jacob McClendon, Surveyor; John Bethune, Surveyor General; E. H. Pierce, S.E.D.

Bratton, J. R.
Surgeon in Charge Hospitals. "Office Surgeon in Charge Hospitals. Milledgeville, Geo. Nov. 25, 1864. To Surg. I.H. Stout(?) Medical Divisional Hospital. Described Sherman's visit to Milledgeville in detail, and suggests transferring patients to Thompson, (sic) Georgia by waggon (sic) transportation.

Breedlove, N. S.
Receipt from N. S. Breedlove to Prestley Harper.
December 18, 1849. 1p. D.S. Acknowledge that Prestley Harper has left two young negroes with N. Breedlove, "until he requires them." Signed by N. Breedlove, William Watson :(?), Alfred P. Harton.

Brown, Benjamin.
Blacksmith ledger, 1810-1866. related materials, 1821-1933. MICROFILM.

Brown, James L.
To Hon. Iverson L. Harris, [Milledgeville, Ga.]. Greenesboro, GA., May 5, 1870. Tells Judge Harris that he is returning interrogations and suggests that Jno. E. Jackson be subpoenaed in a court case.

Brown, Joseph E.
November 25, ? 1 Item. Invitation from Governor and Mrs. Brown to an At Home on Friday Evening, 25th Nov'r. instant, at 8 o'clock. Donated by Miss Dorothy Barr, March 29, 1929, Baldwin County.

Brown, S. L.
1) To his wife. Camp of Georgia Artillery, Savannah, Georgia, February 27, 1862. 4p. A.L.S.
Describes Camp on the road to Thunderbolt and lists the food he had for breakfast; is happy in his work as camp cook.
2) To his wife. Fort Brown, Savannah, Ga. April 12, 1862. 2p. A.L.S.
Describes the fall at Fort Pulaski. Reports he was punished for going home by having to stand guard for 2 hours.
3) To his wife. Isle of Wight County, Va. April 19 1863. 4p. D.S.
Describes Gen. Longstreet's attack on Suffolk, Virginina; tells about the loss of 3 guns when a bridge caved in.
4) To Mrs. S. L. Brown, Sandersville, Georgia. Richmond, Va., April 24, 1864. 2p. A.L.S.
Reports encouraging news for the Confederate armies; expresses belief that war will end "next winter." Mentions that it takes 10 Confederate dollars to buy 1 yankee dollar.

Bryan, John H.
Indenture between Edward Bryan, Joseph Bryan, Hardy Bryan, John Coffee, And Shadrach Atkinson, heirs of John H. Bryan and Joseph Bryan and Hardy Bryan. October 12, 1826. 2p. D.S.
Conveys 1225 acres of land in the 13th district of Thomas County for $1600. Signed by C. Andrews, Edward Bryan, Joseph Bryan, John Coffee, Shadrach Atkinson, Malcolm Ferguson. Recorded in Thomas County, Book A, Folios 184 and 185.

Bryant, W. Henry.
Correspondence, 1994. Genealogy of Byington-Miller-Harrington-Whitaker families, photographs of Harringtons. Wilkinson County and Baldwin County, Georgia.

Bryant, William Gurrant.
Bryant (of Baldwin County) sells 202 1/2 acres, Lot 226, 1st district, Baldwin County, to John Scott (of Baldwin County) for $2000. July 9, 1810. Henry Cox, JP Tho. H. ?.

Buberl, Marie Else.
To the German Konsulate. Milledgeville, Georgia. Chemnitz, Nov. 15, 1929.
Writer claims her husband was descendant of woman who had left millins in America, and wishes to claim her right as heir. Enclosed clipping from newspaper, the Leipziger Neuesten Nachrichten. Tranlation of letter and clipping attached.

Bullock, James.
10 Indenture between James Bullock and Thomas F. Jones. October 21, 1841.
Conveys 101 1/4 acres of land; South-east half of lot No. 229 in 23rd district of Wilkinson County from James Bullock to Thomas F. Jones for $225. Signed by James Bullock (his mark), Kneedham (?) Foulk (his mark), A.W. Jordan, J.P.
2) Indenture between James Bullock and Federick (sic) Rains. February 18, 1824. 1p. D.S.
Conveys fifty acres (1/5 of lot No. 295 in 6th district of Gwinnett County) from James Bullock to Federick Rains for $45. Signed by James Bullock (his mark), William Chapman (his mark), Alexander Carswell.

Burke, J. M.
1) Note and Chattel Mortgage given by J.M. Burke to Twiggs County Bank for $165. Paid Nov. 1, 1906. Signed by J. M. Burke Lofton (?) Thompson, DeWitt Carswell, A. E. Burney.
2) August 24, 1905. Currency note given by J. M. Burke to Twiggs County Guano Company by J. M. Burke for $92.25. Signed by J. M. Burke.
3) Bill of Sale to P.E. Glenn. Aug. 3, 1907. Account of sale of 5 bales of cotton at 12 1/2 cents per pound; with deduction; gives a cash balance of $10.72. Cotton sold by D.S. Faulk for account of J. M. Burke. Sold to P. E. Glenn.

Burnam, J. C.
To Brethren of Pleasant Hill Church. Richmond, March 2. 1863. Mentions Christian association "formed in our Brigade", 112 members.

Burnet, Eugene P.
To W. I. Harper of Sparta, Georgia, Jan. 14, 1867.
Receipt for 75 sacks of corn meal (?) and 162 bushels of corn; amount received was $252.10. Signed by Eugene P. Burnet.

Burr, Aaron.
Aaron Burr's Code. 1p. D.S.
Burr's code signed by Fanny Turner, in code, February 24, 1851.
Tillman Turner, Fanny Turner's relative, was involved with Burr and Wilkinson in the plot to separate the West from the United States. Fanny Turner married Capt. Ben Hubert, of Warrenton, Georgia.

Bush, W. J.
Signature of last Confederate of Georgia. Palmyra, N.Y., June 4, 1951. 2 Items.
Part of envelope containing signature of W. J. Bush and canceled stamp commemorating Final Reunion United Confederate Veterans. Note of transmittal from Mrs. Artie B. Lowe.

Bynum, R. H.
Indenture between R. H. Bynum and Lucy Bynum and Charles S. Freeman. July 21, 1883. 4p. D.S.  Conveys property in White County, Arkansas from R. H. Bynum and his wife, Lucy, to Charles S. Freeman for $500. Signed by R. H. Bynum, Lucy H. Bynum, J. H. Gregory, R. H. McCulloch. Recorded in White County, Arkansas, in Book QQ, P. 548. Dec. 19, 1884. Certificate of Record.


Caldwell, Samuel
Land grant to Samuel Caldwell of Hancock County; 202 1/2 acres in 5th District of Wilkinson County; signed by John Milledge; December 4, 1805. Descriptive plat signed by R. Jackson, Daniel Sturges, John Crabtree, Jos. Jackson. Pendant Seal. Mar. 30 1805. Lot # 235.

Callaway, A. W.
Land grant to A. W. Callaway, March 7, 1849; 490 acres in Appling County; signed by George Washington Towns. Descriptive plot signed by William T. Tinsley, P. M. Compton, D. E. Bothwell, B. Wiggenbothan, W. Buchanan.

Callaway, L. N.
1) Receipts and correspondence, 1868-1893. 6 items
2) Bond - Milledgeville & Asylum Dummy Railroad. 1 Jan 1889. 1 item.
3) Letters of Administration. Estate of John Callaway, deceased 1 Sep 1873. 1 item.
4) Deed- Washington County, Florida. 5 Dec. 1885. 1 item.
5) Deed - Richmond County, GA. 23 June 1863. 1 item.
6) Deeds - Baldwin County, GA. 1846-1895. 8 items
7) Deed of Trust from Old Capital Railway Company to John A. Callaway. 1893. 1 item.
8) Petition and Certificate. Milledgeville & Asylum Dummy Railroad Company. 1893. 1 item.

Cameron, N.
To his brother. Washington, GA (?). Nov. 20, 1856. 2p.
Discusses crops and the state fair at Montgomery, AL. Discusses his plans for marriage. Signed by N. Cameron.

1) The State House, Milledgeville. N.D. Cut of the State House, P. 388 of a gazetteer (?) with no title nor date.
2) REPORT OF CERTAIN COMMISSIONERS APPOINTED TO VALUE THE STATE  HOUSE. Itemized list of materials and their costs used in the state capitol building, Milledgeville, by Thomas and Scott, Builders. December 11, 1811.

Carlton, James A.
1) March 31, 1868. 1p. D.S. Bond given in the amount of $5000 by relatives of James A.  Carlton, as Bookkeeper for the National Bank of Athens, GA. Signed by James A. Carlton, James R. Carlton, B. Carlton, James T. Sansom, J.J.C.
2) Bond for James A. Carlton. August 22, 1860. 1p. D.S. Bond for sum of $15,000 for James A. Carlton as bookkeeper in the Branch Bank of The State of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. Signed by James A. Carlton, J. B. Carlton, James R. Carlton, William H. Dorsey, N. P. Clarke County.

Carr, William A.
Indenture between William A. Carr and Elijah W. Carr. August 12, 1865. 1p. D.S. Conveys 252 acres of land from William A. Carr to his son, Elijah W. Carr. Signed by John G. Thomas, James G. Holmes, Jr., James A. Carlton (not Pub.), J. W. Johnson. Recorded in Book S. folio 155. John Walker Johnson, Deputy Clerk.

Carswell, Samuel M.
Indenture between W. J. Carswell, Adm. for Samuel M. Carswell, and William McNair. April 5, 1859. Conveys 36 acres in 23rd district of Wilkinson County from estate of Samuel M. Carswell to Wm. McNair for $500. Signed by M. J. Carswell, Rollin A. Stanley, S. S. Player, J.P.

Carter, Farish
Indenture. 25 March 1841. Baldwin County, GA. Indenture between Farish Carter and Seaton Grantland, conveying 146 acres for $300.

Carter, L. B.
Land grant to L. B. Carter September 8, 1845; 202 1/2 acres in Muscogee County; signed by George W. Crawford. Descriptive plat signed by P. M. Compton, W. A. Mitchell, D. E. Bothwell, H. Bush, Jno. Teel.

Chaffin, W. Jep.
To Allen J. Matthews, Columbus. June 7, 1850.
Letter accompanies a "sacred token" sent by writer to "Dear Allen."

Chapman, John.
Indenture between John Chapman and James R. Gates. November 10, 1817. 1p. D.S. Conveys Lot 137 in Twiggs County from John Chapman to James R. Gates for $525. (formerly 23rd District of Wilkinson County.) Signed by John Chapman, Benjamin Gates, James R. Gates.

Cherry, Samuel.
Land grant to Samuel Cherry, Washington County; November 21, 1805; 202 1/2 acres in 5th district of Wilkinson County; signed by Jno. Milledge. Descriptive plat signed by R. Jackson, Daniel Sturges; Jos. Jackson, John Crabtree, Jas. Bozeman. Pendant seal. Torn. Surveyed Mar. 30, 1805. Lot # 227. R. Jackson, Surveyor - Daniel Sturges, Surveyor Gen. - Jos. Jackson, John Crabtree, C. Carriers - John Milledge - Edwin Momger(?) Tr. Berry Bostick, Jr. Jas. Bozeman, Secty. E.D. Registered in Book 5, Wilkinson - Nov. 2, 1805. Hor. Marbury.

Childs, James.
1) Indenture between James Childes (sic) and Micajah Williams. Sepember 17, 1816. Conveys lot No. 230 in 23rd district of Wilkinson County (202 1/2 acres) from James Childs (sic) to Micajah Williams for $360. Signed by James Childs (his mark), Elisha Attaway, Jesse Bradley. Recorded Book L, P.122. Jas. Delk. Clk Wilk. Co.
2) Land grant to James Childs; Weeks District, Hancock County; January 22, 1807; 23rd Lot 230; 202 1/2 acres in Wilkinson County; signed by Jared Irwin. Descriptive plat signed by Ben. Chaires, George R. Clayton, Eleazer Early, Daniel Sturges, P. Sessoms, And M. Newsum. Surveyed Jan 22, 1807 - Noon Parramore, surveyor - Daniel Sturges S.G. - P. Sessoms, M. Newsum, C.Carriers; signed by Jared Irwin Sept. 28, 1808. Jas. Bozeman. SED Ben. Chaires, Sep. Secty.

Chishire, Richard J.
Land grant to Richard J. Chishire August 14, 1827; 202 1/2 acres in Lee County; signed by G. M. Troup. Descriptive plat signed by Jas. Bozeman, William Triplett, Samuel Gray, Abram Ayres, Carlton Wellborn. of Wrights District, Monroe County. land in 32nd district, Lee County, 1st section; Lot 14. Surveyed 1-8-1827. J. Coleman, Surveyor. Carlton, Wellborn, S. G.; Samuel Gray & Abram Ayres, C. Carriers. Jas. Bozeman Trs.

Christian Lodge, K of H, No. 1379.
W. H. Branch. Bill from Christian Lodge, K. of H., No. 1379. Greensboro, GA. September 24, 1880. Assessment No. 74 due 30 days after date. Signed W. M. Weaver (?), Reporter.

First Catholic Church in Ga, 1798. Orginally in Wilkes County; Now in Taliaferro County. (Picture postcard).

Claud, Burton.
To Judge Iverson L. Harris, [Milledgeville, Georgia] Gwinnett County, January 12, 1853. 1p. A.L.S. Wishes to know if the notes he desired Judge Harris to collect against Jesse Horton had been received.

Clayton and Hull.
Clayton and Hull dry goods accounts against Dr. Richard D. Moore; January 1, 1847 to November 11, 1848. 7p. Total amount plus interest to October 11, 1851 equalled $397.87.

Cobb, Howell.
1) November 1, 1841. 2p. D.S. Sheriff's sale of home and property of Howell Cobb as the endorser of a note for $1700, Judgment brought by Bank of the State of Georgia, Athens Branch. Lists names of negros. Signed by Ed. Harden, attorney; James Hendon, Sheriff; John Calvil Johnson, Clerk.
2) To Asbury Hull of Athens, Georgia. Cowpens, Social Circle, Georgia(?), Sept, 2, 1847. 1p. A.L.S. Discusses note owed by F. H. Moore for $800, which Cobb and Captain Robinson had endorsed. States that he (Cobb) "was no party in interest and am unable to pay it".
3) Speech of Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, Delivered in Concord, N. H., at a mass meeting of the Democratic Party of Merrimac County. n.d.

Cobb, John A.
Indenture between John A. Cobb, Lamar Cobb, Howell Cobb, Alex R. Erwin for his wife Mary Ann Lamer Cobb, Sarah M. Cobb and Andrew J. Cobb, and Mrs. Mary Ann Cobb. September 25, 1876. 4p. D.S. Conveys 3200 acres in Baldwin County, known as the "Hurricane Place" from her children to Mrs. Mary Ann Cobb, to pay her and plus their debts. Signed by John A. Cobb, Lamar Cobb, Howell Cobb, Alex S. Erwin, M. A. L. Erwin, S. M. Cobb, Andrew J. Cobb, Clarke County - Basiline prince, S. M. Herrington. Recorded in Baldwin County, Book P, p. 536 and 537. Walter Paine, CLK B. Co. MH McComb ClK B. Co.

Cobb, Mrs. Mary Ann.
Indenture between Mrs. Mary Ann Cobb and James White, Trustee. December 1, 1876. 4p. D.S. Conveys 3200 acres of land in Baldwin County from Mrs. Mary Ann Cobb to James White to pay debts amounting to $12,676,91 owed to Athens Merchants and the bank. Signed by Mary Ann Cobb, Basiline Prince, S. M. Herrington, T. P. Vicent, James A. Carlton, [Moore, Jenkins & Co.] Lucas and Moore, JAC NP Clarke Co. [W. H. Hodgson, Surviving partner of E. R. Hodgson and Bro.,] Hampton and Dearing, James White, Cashier Nat. Bank of Athens, GA. Recorded in Baldwin County, Book P, p. 533, 34, 35. Walter Paine Clerk, B.C.

Plan of part of Cobbham. January 1842. 1p. D.S. Copy of a survey made in January, 1842, by Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor. Gives Table of Lots. Signed by Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor.

Confederate States of America.
Form for drawing deceased soldier's claim. 186-. 1p. Clipping from Newspaper giving application form for drawing a deceased soldier's claim.

Cook, Mrs. D. Anna.
Scrap Book. Mrs. D. Anna Cook. 1836.

Cook, James, orphans of.
Morrison's District, Washington County; land in Monroe County, 9th district Lot 64. Surveyed 8-10-1821 by Allen Mathews, surveyor; Alfred W. Horton, S. G.; C. J. McDonald, Gov. signed Sept 21, 1840 William Matthews - Allen Lantford, C. Carriers; , papers. 1840. 1 item.

Cooper, Benjamin.
Indenture between Benjamin Cooper and John H. Bryan. November 15, 1825. 2p. D.S. Conveys 490 acres of land; Lot #33, in 13th district of Irwin County from Benjamin Cooper and John H. Bryan for $30. Signed by Benjamin Cooper (his mark), Richmond Rich, Cleavas Andrews.

Craig, Sallie C.
Receipt of property of Sallie C. Craig, from her guardian, Ferdinand Phinizy. n.d. Stocks and bonds belonging to Sallie C. Craig, received from Ferdinand Phinizy and sent to her mother, Mrs. James Robb in New York. Witnessed and signed by John S. Linton, H. Hull, Sr., Howell Cobb, Atty in Fact.

Crawley, Charles.
Commission as Justice of the Peace; granted to Charles Crawley of Morgan County; April 8, 1854, Signed by Herschel V. Johnson and B. B. de Graffenried.

Crump, Robert.
Indenture between Robert Crump and Hilery Murphey. October 20, 1836. 1p. D.S.
Conveys 490 acres of land in 13th district of Thomas County from Robert Crump of Franklin to Hilary Murphey of Thomas County for $201. Signed by Robert Crump, John Tabor, Noah Looney, JJC; Hansel R. Seward, CLK. Recorded in Book D, p. 257 and 258. all that tract or parcel of land drawn by Brazlton Addison in the 13th district Lot 113 originally Irwin Co., now Thomas Co.

Cullers, Isaiah.
Indenture between Cullers and Willam Dallis. November 14, 1854. 2p. D.S.
Conveys 82 1/2 acres in Lincoln County from Isaiah Cullers to William Dallis for $208. Signed by Isaiah Cullers (his mark), Jas. W. Munay, Benjamin F. Tatom.

Curtis, Nancy Philen.
1) Application for Pension of Widows of Deceased Soldiers or Sailors of the Confederate States. 2 p. photocopy. Wilcox County, AL. 29 Oct 1916.
2) Widows Blank for Reclassification Under Section 11, as Amended by Acts of Legislature Approved October 5th, 1920. 2p. photocopy. Wilcox County, AL.
Donated by Sherry Platt Lee. 1992. 


Dallas, William.
Indenture between William Dallas and Lavinia Dallas. Troup County, GA. Febuary 21, 1870. 2p. D.S.
Conveys 960 acres in Lincoln County from William Dallas to Lavinia Dallas for $10. Signed by George W. McElhaney, B. L. Harris, L.M. Harris, ND and Bx JP; William Dallis (sic). Recorded in Lincoln County Book N, p. 217. A. Johnston, Clerk.

Dallis, Lavinia.
Indenture between Lavina Dallis and Huston Glaze. August 18, 1871. 3p. D.S.
Conveys 679 6/10 acres from Lavina Dallis to Huston Glaze for $10. Attached plat surveyed by Otis Ashmore. Signed by Lavina Dallis, J. L. Wilkes, Henry J. Lang, Otis Ashmore. Recorded in Book N, p.234 and 5. A Johnston Clerk L. Sup Ct, James J. Pounds, J.P.

Daughters of the American Colonists.
Invitation to unveiling of marker. Feb. 13, 1938. 1p. D.S.
Daughters of the American Colonists unveil marker in "Commemoration of the planning and laying out of Milledgeville." Signed by Mrs. Hugh Hardin, Mrs. Edward Ryals, Mrs. Jasper L. Beeson, Mrs. James I. Garrard.

Daughters of the American Revolution. Nancy Hart Chapter.
1) Georgia Day Program. 12 Feb 1939. Dedication of Markers at Fort Winson and Tom's Ford.
2) Yearbook. 1945-46.
3) Resolutions of the Nancy Hart Chapter, D.A.R. defending Miss Loretta Chappell. 2p. n.d.
4) Press Release through GSCW. U.D.C Pilgrimage. n.d.
5) 30 June 1952. minutes. 1 p.
6) D.A.R. Report 1942-1943. 3p

Davidson, Victor. N.D.
"The Defense of Gordon", poem by Victor Davidson of Wilkinson County.

Davis, Jefferson.
To General Thomas F. Drayton, Charlotte, N.C. Brierfield, Warren County, Miss., January 4, 1886. 3p. A.L.S. Photocopy.
Requests ten families of Negros to work on his cotton plantations; gives directions for sending them; personal letter follows telling of conditions on the plantations; refers to their being classmates at West Point (1828). Gift of Miss Elizabeth N. Thomas, granddaughter of General Drayton. Dec. 1931.

Davis, L. H.
Fulton County, GA. 1863 Deed. to Kiser, Wiley I.

Day, Clarence.
29 July 1951. Winter Park, FL. Letter to Betty Ferguson, GSCW. 7p. regarding Daniel Mulford.

Dearing, William.
Indenture between William Dearing and Asbury Hull. November 21, 1846. 1p. D.S.
Conveys "one undivided half of the ... interest of William Dearing in the Princeton Factory Clarke Co. on Middle River" to Asbury Hull for $10, 661. Signed by Wm. Dearing,  Wm. H. Hull, S. J. Mays NP. W. P. from Charleston, S.C.. Recorded in Book S, folio. John Calvin Johnson,Clerk, Clarke Superior Ct.

Deck, James T.
1) Tally sheet for state offices. n.d.
2) May 3, 1884. 1p. D.S.
Commission as Notary Public and Justice of the Peace from Governor Henry D. McDaniel to James T. Deck. Signed by Henry D. McDaniel, Governor, W. H. Hamson, Clerk. Donated by Mary Deck; Whitfield County, GA.
3) Chattooga County, GA. James T. Deck. Tax Receipt. Sept. 26, 1887. 1p. D.S. Summerville, GA. State and County tax receipt for year 1887 of 98 cents. Signed by W. M. Johnson, Tax Collector.
4) Whitfield County, GA. March, 5, 1889. Affidavit of J. D. Pelfrey so that Warrant may be sworn against Isaac Johnson for return of Jeffrey's Property. J. E. Fisher. Donated by Mary Deck; 1-30-1930; Whitfield Co., GA.
5) Deck, James T. Commission as Notary Public. April 1892. 1p. D.S. Gov. Northen Commissions James T. Deck, Notary Public. Signed by W. J. Northen, Governor, and J. W. Warren, Secretary of the Executive Department. Donated by Mary Deck; Whitfield County, GA.
6) Whitfield County; April 13, 1896. Affidavit of J. A. Longley, Atty at Law for Mary L. Hunnicutt for money due by J. G. Beasley; Distress Warrant. Donated by Mary Deck; 1-30-1930; Whitfield Co.
7) Deck, James T. Commission as Notary Public and Justice of the Peace. April 27, 1904. 1p. D.S. Commissions James T. Deck as Notary Public and Justice of the Peace. Signed by Gov. J. M. Terrell. Benjamin Blacklourn; SED. Donated by Mary Deck; Whitfield Co.
8) Voting lists and tally sheets. October 6, 1880. Lists the voters and the tallies in race for Senate and Legislature. Signed by J. T. Deck.
9) envelope. Georgia State Grange. addressed to J. T. Deck.

Demosthenian Society.
University of Georgia, Athens. Demosthenian Society. August 4, 1868. 1p. Program of annual celebration of the Demosthenian Society with A. H. Cox as orator and B. P. Hollis as president. Lists the committee of invitation.

de Trobriand, Rosalie.
Indenture between Rosalie de Trobriand (alias) Rosalie Gauvain, and James Tinsley. Jan. 12, 1827. 2p. D.S. Conveys 4 acres of land; Lot 57(1 acre of land) &  3 adjoining acres from Rosalie Gauvain to James Tinsley for $350 (? $300). Signed Rosalie de Trobriand (alias) R. Gauvain, Willie Pope.

Dobson, B.
Petition of Doctor B. Dobson and Mary M. Dobson, his wife. August 24, 1883. 1p. D.S. Doctor B. Dobson and his wife, Mary M. Dobson petition J. C. Fair, Judge of the Superior Court for right to sell their furniture and cattle for reinvestment. signed J. C. Fair, J. A. Glenn, Doctor (Sic) B. Dobson, Mary A. Dobson. Jesse A. Glenn, Not. Pub.

DuBignon. (Mrs.) Ann V.
1) March 6, 1879. Page from account ledger. DuBignon's acct with Mackall and Erwin, Attys. Jan 29, 1879 - March 6, 1879. 2) September 9, 1879; Chatham County. Indenture between O.P. Fitzsimmons, US Marshall & A.V.D. resulting from Case of William V. Marsh & others vs Charles DuBignon & David J. Bailey as administrators of estate of Seaton Grantland. Mrs. DuBignon purchased 2900 acres of land in Baldwin County. (Deed to Woodville and other lands). Jno. W. Anderson, Chief US Department Marshall; A.N. Wilson, N.P.; W. H. de Moutmatteu (?). ( 2 copies) 3) March 29, 1865; Milledgeville. verson L. Harris (In Chambers), Judge, Superior Court of Baldwin County. appoints Samuel G. White as trustee of DuBignon's Stock in the Central Rail Road as her father, Seaton Grantland had died and left a vacancy as trustee B.P. Stubbs, Clerk Sup. Ct. made copy of above minutes Feb. 4, 1865. 4) Bond for Titles. Hartford, CT. Jonathan B. Bunce ownes AG DuBignon $1200.

Duggan, M. L.
1) Definite Results from the use of Tests in the Dublin School System, 1920-21.
2) Educational Survey of Dooly County, 1922.
3) Educational Survey of Grady County, Georgia.
4) Educational Survey of Laurens County, Georgia.
5) Educational Survey of Thomas County, Georgia.

Dupre, William H.
Arithmetic book. May 12, 1803. to Jan. 19, 1804. W.H. Dupre of Washington (?) County, Ga. Written in longhand. OVERSIZE.


ERA (Equal Rights Amendment).
includes newspaper clippings, journal articles, GA publications, and correspondence Donated by Mrs. Jean Turner.

Edmondson, Mattie.
Eatonton Female Academy. November 12, 1850 and March 4, 1851. 2p. D.S. Two report cards issued to Miss Mattie Edmondson by the Principal of the Eatonton Female Academy, A. I. Branham, Principal.

Edmondson, Zachariah.
Papers. 1864. 1 Item. Receipt for payment by Confederate States. 1p. Zachariah Edmondson receives payment of $2,160.15 from Confederate States for 866 pounds of bacon at Eatonton, on September 5, 1864. Signed by Zachariah Edmondson.

Edwards, Harry Stillwill.
1) March 15, 1936. Macon, GA. Letter to Miss Helen Hagan, GSCW, Milledgeville, decribes his hobbies.
2) April 23, 1936. Macon, Ga. Thank you note to Mrs. H. D. Allen, Milledgeville for her birthday wishes.
3) March 25, 1936. Macon, GA. letter to Miss Katherine Brown, Locust Grove, Ga. Sends a sketch of his life prepared by his publishers. hopes she finds what she needs in it. also letter of transmittal from Katherin B. Ernst.

Ellington, Mrs. papers.
1829. 1 Item. Land grant to Mrs. Ellington, widow of Bush's district, Richmond County; 202 1/2 acres (Lot 175) in 28th district of Lee County; May 23, 1829; signed by John Forsyth. Descriptive plat signed by T. B. Howard, Hines Holt, P. Livingston, Luke Sapp, John Bethune. Pendant seal.

Emanuel Church.
Conveyance from Vestry of Emanuel Church, Athens, to Robert L. Bloomfield, January 1, 1857. 1p. D.S.
Conveys one acre more or less known as the west half of lot # 33 in Athens from the Vestry of Emanuel Church to Robert L. Bloomfield fo $250. Signed by William H. Dorsey, James M. Lumpkin, R. D. Moore, E. K. Clark, J. D. Moss, James Camak. Robert L. Bloomfield.

Wall paper envelope. Used for sending mail during the Civil War.

Evans, Charles.
Indenture between Charles Evans and Francis Gideon. January 20, 1842. 2p. D.S.
Conveys lots numbered 107, 108, 118, 119 in Cobham, Athens, Georgia, from Charles Evans to Francis Gideon to pay a note of $5,060 unless Charles Evans pays the note to the Georgia Railroad and Banking Co. Signed by Charles Evans, Junius Hillyer, Wm. H. Hull (not. Pub.), Francis Gideon, James Sansom, Rich D. Richardson. Recorded in Book N, folios 273 and 274.

Evans, John.
Indenture between and Williams E. Cooksey. December 14, 1839. 1p. D.S.
Conveys 202 1/2 acres on Muscogee County, lot No. 99 in the 5th district, from John Evans to William E. Cooksey for $250. Signed by J. T. Tucker, Edmund O'Neal, John Evans.


Fair Family Papers.
Fair, C. T.
Invitation to military & civic ball at Milledgeville Hotel. July 3,1857.
Fair, Francis M.
1) Baldwin County; July 19, 1865. oath of affirmation allegiance to U.S.
2) HQ - Augusta, GA; May 1, 1865. Sgt. in co G 45 Regiment Ga vols. release to go home by command of Brig. Gen. B. D. Fry.
3) To Mrs. Peter Fair, Milledgeville, Ga. Petersburg, VA, January 15, 1865. 3p. A.L.S. Asks for news of home and friends. Co G 45 GA Rgt Thomas Brigade. States that he is sending letter by "Mr. McDaniel of Company F: he is retired.
4) To Col. Peter Fair, Milledgeville, Ga. Petersburg, VA. January 26, 1865. 45th GA Rgt 3p. A.L.S. Complains of the cold, wet weather and tells of the death of Lt. Pillman.
5) To Col. Peter Fair; Milledgeville. Near Petersburg, VA. Nov. 17, 1864. From F. M. Fair, Co. G. 45 GA Rgt Thomas Brigade Wilcox Division Hills Corps. Said doing fine ___ letter from Ma and the others glad to hear. Wrote to Fine and said expected to get Furlough on James Johnson as a recruit they are not signing furloughs at this time but I guess they will this winter.
Fair, J. B.
1) Baldwin County. oath of allegiance to U.S.; July 15, 1865.
2) HQ Cavalry Corps, MDM Macon 4-25-1860. J. B. Fair, Cpt. of 26th Rgt. release to go home by order of But. May. Gen. Wilson. G.H. Kneeland, Capt. and Provost Marshall.
Fair, John.
Nov. 17, 1857 - Milledgeville. At home invitation from Gov. and Mrs. Brown. At home, every Friday evening, at 8 o'clock during the session, for reception of company.
Fair, O. W. H.
HQ Fair (private) of the conscript Dept of 6A. Oath of Alligance - M. H. Williams, Major (?).
Fair, Peter.
1) Indenture between the Mayor and Alderman of Milledgeville and Peter Fair. April 18, 1867. 1p. D.S. Conveys 2 acres of land in Milledgeville from Mayor and Alderman to Peter Fair for $40. Signed by T. F. Newell, Mayor, and L. H. Briscoe.
2) Baldwin County. oath of allegiance to U.S. July 15, 1865.
3) Bibb County. Oct 4, 1850. receipt for $1200 for payment bought negro woman and two children. Martha, 18 yrs old, $850 - Elizabeth, 2 1/2, $200 - John, 1 1/2, $150.
4) Bibb County. Jan. 6, 1851. Recieved from Peter Fair $1525 for 2 Negro girls. Sarah, 17 yrs old, $875 - Mary, 17 yrs old, $650.
5) Near Richmond. Jan. 26, 1865. to his mother. Heard that GA will soon be back in the Union. heard that "Hood's army have nearly all deserted. that he has only 4,000 left..." They haven't taken Wilmington yet. If "Old Bragg" has anything to do with anything, it will go wrong. hopes Bragg will be relieved of command.
6) Appointment as Colonel. May 29, 1835. of 1st Brigade of 3rd Division of Ga Militia. 1p. D.S. Appointed Aid-de-Camp to the Commander in Chief, with the rank of Colonel, Headquarters, Milledgeville, Ga. Signed by Rhodom A. Greene, Sect. Ex. Dept.
7) Macon. March 23, 1865. from Charles C. Usher, U.S. Deputy Marshall. letter explaining executions for interest recieved $84,30 to pay interest on Fair's debt.
Fair, Peter L.
1) July 19, 1865. 1p. D.S. Oath of allegiance to the Constitution fo the United States sworn to by Peter L. Fair of Milledgeville, GA. signed by Wm. Terry, Lt and Provost Marshall.
2) Near Darbytown, Va. 12-25-1864. to his mother. Hood badly whipped at Nashville.
3) to his mother, Mrs. Peter Fair, Milledgeville, GA. near Darbytown, Va., November 18, 1864. 2p. A.L.S. Speaks of the capture of two of his friends and regrets that there is small pox in Milledgeville.
4) Near Darbytown, VA - Dec. 2, 1864. to his father. Heard rumors about Yankees in M'ville. asks father to write him about it.
Fair, Thomas.
(Sgt.) Appomattox Court House, Va. April 10, 1865. Co F 9 Ga Rgt. of Anderson's Brigade. Permission to go home, John W. A Maj. Cmdg. Regs.

Fee Bill.
Fee Bill Regulating the Charges of the Physicians and Surgeons in Milledgeville, GA....1903. Adopted in 1837; Revised in 1852, 1856, 1876, 1889 and again in 1903. OVERSIZE.
Donated by Miss Roberta & Miss Lucetta Lawrence 1958.

Felton, John.
Indenture between John Felton and Patrick Barry. September 6, 1847. 2p. D.S.
Conveys lots 56 and 57 and three acres adjoining these lots in town of Athens, GA, from John Felton to Patrick Barry for $1300. Signed by John Felton, John Billups, Samuel Frost. Recorded in Book T, folios 73 and 74.

Ferguson, Frances Williams.
Milledgeville. n.d.
Autobiography. was reporter for The Herald (NY). interviewed Cynis Field.

Fitzsimmons, Henry.
Indenture between Henry Fitzsimmons and Elmira Fitzsimmons and Rosalie Trobiand, alias Rosalie Gowvain. August 1, 1826. 3p. D.S.
Conveys 4 acres of land, lot 57 for $400, in Athens, GA from Heny Fitzsimmons (her mark), John Roberts, Richard Smith, Henry (sic) Fitzsimmons. Recorded in Book YY, folio 87. Henry, Fitzsimmons, Elmire Fitzsimmons, John Roberts, JP, Richard Smith JP. Morgan County. Roberts and Smith. E. J. Crawford Clerk, Sup Ct. Clarke County.

Flags of the Confederate States of America. 1861-65.
Gift of Dixie Chapter ,U. D. C.

Florence, Thomas.
Indenture between Thomas Florence and William Dallas. January 10. 1851. 2p. D.S.
Conveys 204 acres on Soap Creek from Thomas Florence to William Dallas for $1100. Signed by Thomas Florence, F. F. Fleming, Alexander Johnston. C.S.O. Recorded in Book M, of Deeds P. 198.

Ford, Thomas, Jr.
1) Wilkinson County. May 13, 1806. Indenture between TFJ and Elisha Gore. TFJ sells to Gore 75 acres of lot 219 in 5th district, Wilkinson County. James Cobb, Cullers - J.P. John Mathews, Clerk.
2) Oct. 31, 1805; TFS from Tattnal County. Land grant to TFJ by Gov. John Milledge of 202 1/2 acres. 5th district; Wilkinson County. Lot # 219; surveyed March 30, 1805 by R. Jackson, District survey - Daniel Struges, Surveyor General - Edwin Mounger, Trs - Jas. Bozeman, SED - Hor. Marbury, Sec. State - Jas. Jackson; John Crabtree, C.C.

Forsyth, John.
To R. C. Campbell, Augusta, GA., Washington City. January 19, 1814. 1p. A.L.S.
Offers Campbell a place in one of three new Rifle Regiments, though it will be impossible to procure him the rank he deserves. . Augusta; Aug. 30, 1814. says the Riflemen position would be more gratifying as is more well known to him. speaks of international matters. Hopes gov't will be in accord with his opinion. and reply.

Fort, Tomlinson, 1839- 19--.
Tomlinson Fort letters. Emory University Library Photoduplication Dept. n. d. Photocopy of typescript. Fort letters in Emory University Collection.

Frazier, George C.
May 1, 1863. Taliaferro County.
Indenture between Elizabeth Frazier & George C. Frazier & Nancy A. Andrews. E. Frazier conveys to G. C. Frazier & N. A. Andrews tract of land in Early County, 28th. District # 49 in plat of said district by #389 containing 250 acres.

Fullilove, Ludwell.
Indenture between Ludwell Fullilove and Benjamin Taylor on the one part and Charles Stovall on the other part. January 3, 1804. 1p. D. S.
Conveys 400 acres of land in Soap Creek from Ludwell Fullylove and Benjamin Taylor, executors for John Fullylove, deceased, to Charles Stovall for $600. Signed by L. Fullylove (sic) Benjamin Taylor, P. Stovall, JP; Wm. Ford, JP; Drury, Stovall, A. Tatom, clerk. Recorded in Book E, folio 60. BT from Oglethorpe County, L. F. from Wilkes County. Charles Stovall - Lincoln Co.

Fulton, Montreville C.
Indenture between Montreville C. Fulton and James S. Hamilton, trustee for Virginia F. Fulton. September 14, 1864. 15p. D.S. [copy].
Conveys 6158 acres of land and 115 negros to wife, Virginia F. Fulton. Signed by Montreville C. Fulton, Robert Martin, B. B. Wilkerson, J. E. Smith, E. J. Short, JJC. Recorded: Clarke County, Book R, folios 249-53. James S. Hamiton. John Walter Johnson, Deputy Clk. Columbia County; on Germany Creek, 1781 known as Snow Hill in Greene County on Little River, 1371 acres. in Clarke County on Wild Cut & Rose Creeks; 3000 acres, known as Astondale.
Clarke County, Athens. 2 lots; 38 & 39 - 3 acres each. negros named in document 45 shares of Capital Stock in the Augusta factory. 85 shares of Capitol stock of the Princeton Factory.

Furman, Farish C.
In Memoriam booklet: Sketch of Furman's Life, Press Notices of his Death. Edited by Hugh H. Colquitt. Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Printers, Atlanta, GA.


Gachet, Charles 1807.
1807 land grant. 195 acres, one rod & 20 poles. Lot 207. Baldwin County.
Surveyed March 4, 1807 by John S. Porter, Surveyor. Granted by Gov. Jared Irwin - June 20, 1807. Daniel Sturges, Surveyor General - Wm. Sims; Wm. Taylor, C.C. - Jas. Bozeman, SED - Hor. Marbury, Sec of State.
given by Miss C. S. Cowan in memory of her grandfather, John Richard Bonner. 4-87.

Gambling 1816.
position of Grand Jury on gambling. (outlaw it). Thompson Bird, Foreman - John Mathews - James Willson - John Lucas - Thomas Moughon - William Robertson - James Stanford - Hines Holt - Thomas B. Stubbs - John A. Jones - Jamea C. Humphries - Seaton Grantland -Abram Borland - Evans Long - William Hall - John Howard - Robert Wynn - Joseph Jackson - Smith Scoggin - J. W. Devereux. " A true extract Sept 25, 1816 - Thomas Kenan, Clerk."

Garrett, June Candler.
Milledgeville, GA. Reminiscence.

Gary, Henry.
Sept 12, 1855; Baldwin County.
Indenture between H. G. and Ebenezer C. Vinson of Hancock County. HG sells to Vinson 450 acres in Baldwin County for $4250. James M. Hall - Samuel B. Brown, JP, B. P. Stubbs, Clerk.

Georgia, State of vs. Ace Blackborn.
1887. Lincoln County. notes

Georgia. Department of Agriculture.
1893. Suggestions & Information by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. R. T. Nesbitt. Commissioner of Agriculture.

Georgia. Department of Education 1923.
Annual report, 1923. M. M. Parks, Superintendent of Schools.

Georgia Infirmary.
Chartered December 24, 1832. Savannah, GA; Chatham County. to care for the aged & infirm Africans.

The Georgia Jubilee, 1889.
Arranged & composed by Carl Lexhoit & Charles Astin. Pub. by Chas. Astin; Atlanta, Ga.

Georgia Railroad..
Dec. 3, 1861. receipt
One bale of cotton received from Tunnel estate and cosigned to Heard and Son at Augusta. Signed by J. F. Zimmerman, Agent.

Germany, William.
Land grant to William Germany of Pike County, July 11, 1833; 9th district; 235 6/10 acres, lot 257 in Troup County; signed by Wilson Lumpkin. Descriptive plat signed by T. B. Howard, David H. Hampton, Jonathan Herring, John Bethune, John Meroney. Pendant seal. surveyed Dec. 18, 1826. John Meroney, surveyor; John Bethune, surveyor general; David H. Hampton - Jonathan Herring, C. Carriers; T. B. Howard, Comp. Gen.; M. A.(?) Williams, Trs; R. A. Greene, SED.

Gilmore, James M. 1812.
Appt. to captain of volunteer company attached to the 22nd Battalion of the Militia.
Signed by David B. Mitchell Gov. Milledgeville, November 27, 1812. Ab. Hammond, Sec.

Glaze, Hattie.
Bill from Fredericksburg Store. November 13, 1882. 1p. D.S.
Trousseau bought by Miss Hattie Glaze from store at 921 Broad St., Augusta. Total amount $46.57. Paid. Signed by V. Richards and Bro.; Kelly, Salesman. Donated by Bettie Murray; Nov. 12, 1929.

Glaze, Huston.
1) Indenture between Huston Glaze and Lavina and William Dallis, August 18, 1871. 1p. D.S.
Huston Glaze leaves 679 6/10 acres of land to Lavina and William Dallis for $100, a year plus taxes on land. Signed by Huston Glaze, William Dallis (his mark), Lavina Dallis, J. L. Wilkes, Henry J. Lang. J. J. Pounds, JP.
2) Indenture between Huston Glaze and Mary Jane Glaze. October 1, 1880. 3p. D.S.
Conveys 480 1/2 acres on Soap Creek in Lincoln County from Huston Glaze to his wife Mary Jane Glaze for $10. Plat attached signed by T. B. Hollinshead, County Surveyor for Lincoln County. Recorded in Book N. pages 387 and 388.

Glenn, William B.
Sons of Temperance withdrawl card issued to William B. Glenn. November 23, 1850. 1p. D.S.
Card states that William B. Glenn who has been a member in good standing of the Sons of Temperance since December 15, 1848, is withdrawing on Nov. 23, 1850. Signed by Reuben Mayo(?) F. W. Johnson, W.S. Williford(?).

Godbey, William.
1) surveyed on ? 21, 1807. Signed by Gov. Oct. 1, 1808.
Land grant to William Godbey ? 21, 1807; Containing 202 1/2 acres in 23rd district of Wilkinson County, lot No. 219. Signed by Daniel Sturges, Surveyor General. Descriptive plat signed by George R. Clayton, Eleazer Early, P. Sessoms, M. Newsum. . of Walker's district; Burke County; Jared Irwin, Gov. folder 121; Wilkinson County; Book 23. Noah Parramore, Surveyor; P. Sessoms - M. Newsum, C. Carriers; Daniel Sturges, Sur. Gen; Jas. Bozeman, SED.
2) Land grant to William Godbey, October 10, 1808; 219? acres in 23rd district Wilkinson County; Signed by Jared Irwin. Signed by James Bozeman.
3) ndenture between John Skinner and William Godbee. May 10, 1822. Conveys 202 1/2 acres, Lot no. 219 in 23rd District of Wilkinson County from William Godbee to John Skinner for $221. Signed by William Godbee, James W. Willcox, Thos. Skinner. John Skinner.

Gone With the Wind.
Movie booklet sold in theatres showing GWTW. edited by Howard Dietz; published by Ellison B. Greenstone, NYC. n.d.

Gordon, J.B.
1) Atlanta; Governor; August 9, 1889. to Major R.C. Humber. w/ envelope. M'ville. recommends Professor Lines of Atlanta to the Middle GA Aqricultural College's Bd. of Trustees.
2) Sept. 13, 1892. Atlanta; Burton Smith Law Offices letterhead - "To Whom it May Concern", letter of recommendation for Capt. Geo. B. Foebes of Atlanta.

Gove, William.
The Lone Vidette. 1864.
8p. T.D. Story of Dr. Archie Cone Duggan, a Confederate soldier, by William Gove; unpublished. Describes how Sherman's soldiers were outwitted at the bridge over Big Sandy Creek, forty miles below Macon, Ga. Stanley's Mills - Lightwood knot Bridges.

Governor's Mansion.
Milledgeville, Ga, 1831. Inventory of furniture, Nov. 16, 1831.
This was probably the house now (1958) owned by Miss Mary Cline, which was rented for the Governor while the present "Executive Mansion" was being built. The building now called the "Governor's Mansion" was completed in 1838.

Governor's Permit - 1831.
Permit blank. 1831. 1p.
Blank for licensing and permitting persons to continue their residence in that park and the state occupied by the Cherokee Indians. To be signed by the Governor of Ga.

Grant, Thomas.
Land grant to Thomas Grant, January 22, 1833; 1/2 acre in the town of Columbus; signed by Wilson Lumpkin. Descriptive plat signed by John Bethune, J. W. Williams, T. B. Howard. Pendant Seal.

Grantland, Seaton.
1) sheriff's deed; Dec. 8, 1842, Baldwin County. bought 860 acres in 1st district B. C. for $1600 from Samuel Buffington, Jr. Sheriff. BC at public auction. J. G. Day; Tho. H. Hall, N.P.
2) Jan 9, 1858; Baldwin County; (Bill of Sale). bought 132 1/2 acres (Lot 171, 1st District), BC, for $450.00 from John A. Breedlove, sheriff at public auction. Charles G. Campbell; B. P. Stubbs, Clk. Sup. Ct.

Grantland, Seaton - estate of.
$25,000 Fieri Facias in Case.

Greaves, Humphrey.
Indenture between William (?) and Robert Gilmore of Baltimore County, Maryland. Gov. Telfair grant land to Humphrey Greaves. August 22, 1791 (?). 1p. Signature missing. Conveys 1,000 acres of land in Franklin County to Humphrey Greaves from Gov. Edward Telfair. Recorded in Book B. ? Book H. ?

Green, Thomas.
To W. M. Varnum. Screven County, Ga. November 1, 1840. 2p. A.L.S.
Written to Mrs. Varnum at Dahlinega, Ga., to advise him about certain lands; letter used as envelope on other side.

Greensboro, Ga.
Greensboro Circuit 1836-1860. 1p.
List of preachers who were on the Greensboro Circuit, beginning with Thomas Capers in 1836 and ending with Albert Gray in 1860. Donated by Mrs. Tunnell; Baldwin County; Feb. 1950

Greer, David.
Cyphering book, 1810. Includes practical problems in Southern agriculture; possible copy of a lone letter from a "complete letter writer." OVERSIZE

Greer, George.
Arithmetic book. 1804, 1810. Manuscript copy bound in handwoven linen. OVERSIZE

Grieves, Bessie.
Miss Bessie Grieves; Athens, GA; Care of Mr. Cobb.
Poem written to Miss Grieves dated Feb. 14, 1859. Athens, Ga. (envelope, poem).

Griffeth, A.
Receipt given by A. Griffin to H. Hull, Jr. for $9,400.27. December 3, 1859. 1p. D.S.
H. Hull Jr. pays A. Griffin $8,000 for tract of land sold to James M. Hull and $1400.27 "for sundry things delivered to J. M. Hull." Signed by A. Griffin.

Griffin, GA.
Griffin Centennial, 1840-1940. Program, June 16th - 19th, 1940.

Griffith, Robert P.
Indenture between Robert P. Grifffith of Madison County and Elizabeth B. Richardson of Clark County. December 17, 1859. 1p. D.S.
Conveys to Elizabeth B. Richardson one acre of land in City of Athens for $3,000. Signed by Thos. R. R. Cobb as Notary Public. West half of Lot 33 in the survey of college land. ____B. Richardson.

Gunby, Robert M.
Tranfer of power of attorney from Robert M. Gunby,Trustee, to Benjamin C. Yancey, Aug. 3, 1847. 3p. D.S.
Conveys power of attorney from R. M. Gunby, Trustee for Caroline Bird Yancey, to her father, Benjamin C. Yancey. Signed by W. H. Candler, H. W. Massengale JJC, CC, R. M. Gunby. Recorded in Record Book Deeds NO. 9, p. 472 and 473. Georgia. Burke County. Edward Gailick, Clk. Sup. Ct. Antinuptual marriage contract entered into by Ben. C. Yancey of S.C. & Laura Hines in July 1841.

Gurko, Miriam.
Aug 8, 1963; New York, N.Y.
Letter to Mrs. Massey. Massey had expressed interest in Gurko's Restless Spirit. Gurko writes a short bio of self and talks about her writing.

Ham, Annabelle Sanford.
All items in OVERSIZE box:
John W. A. Sanford Letter Book. Bound. Jan-Oct 1831. Agency at Scudder's, Cherokee Frontier; Lawrenceville; Headquarters of the Guard, Etowah.
Day Book of Mrs. Mary E. Blount. Bound. 1840s-1860s.
Minutes of the Thalian Society, Oglethorpe University. Bound. Minutes: 1858-1863. Accounts: 1879-1881.
Constitution of the Republican Reading Club, Yale College. (8/21/1815). List of members. List of Officers, 1815-1817. Minutes, 1815-1816. (Notebook)
Crawley, Charles. Crawley, Jane. 7 pp. Documents regarding will of Charles Crawley, Taliaferro County. 1849-1851.
Sanford, Elam. papers. 1852-1869.
Sanford, Eugene Mandeville. papers.1853, 1879.

1) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford; New York; Dec. 1, 1847.
note from D. A. Grandjean to Mrs. John W. A. Sanford attached to "Dissertation on the Human Hair".
2) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford; Cambridge; July 20, 1849.
letter from John W. A. Sanford, Jr. to his grandfather. discusses his professors, Dr. Parsons, "son of the Hon. Theophilus Parsons & Judge Parker, "late Chief Justice of New Hampshire, now head of the Law School" the commencement of the senior class, and an orator he had heard.
3) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford.
Montgomery, AL; Feb. 26, 1853. Letter from John W. A. Sanford to his grandmother. discusses depression of cotton market, wedding of cousin Sarah Wray to Dr. Rives and various entertainment in the city.
4) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford; Cambridge; July 11, 1849.
letter from John W. A. Sanford, Jr. to his grandmother. dicusses life on the Haward Campus, Cholera epidemic and holidays.
5) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford.
Montgomery, AL. November 12, 1879. letter to brother Theodore from John W. A. Sanford. discusses different interested parties regarding sale of "the river plantation". tells brothr that he (Theodore) is ruined since he signed document without reading it and will now be out of house and home.
6) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford. Treasury Dept. M'ville; April 19, 1831.
Received of Col. John W. A. Sanford Agent appointed under an act to provide for the temporary disposal of the improvements and possessions purchased from certain Cherokee Indians and residents -$1,845.40; Hines HoH.Trs.
7) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford; April 15, 1853; Columbus.
letter to Mrs. Sanford from M. Jones thanking her for seed.
8) Correspondence, John W. A. Sanford; Milledgeville, Ga; July 19, 1860.
letter to Major General Sanford and Staff. Invited to join in procession w/ Committee of Governor's House Guards on July 4. Arrangements; John Jones - William Carr - J. S. Butts - Lester Kenfield (?) - B. N. Myrick - Thomas Xenan - Miller Grieve, Jr.

1) Business and Legal Documents; Richard and Mary Blount.
Washington County Superior Court; October 30, 1823.
Rockwell and Morgan, Attys fo Jesse Sanford transfer the judgement in Andrew Low and Co. vs. Richard A. Blount to JS. Rcvd of Jesse Sanford $1025 for principal interest, etc. J. Sanford received payment on case of R. Blount; Jan. 31, 1827; March 28, 1827. Case settled and entered in minutes of court. "The Copy" from clerk's office. Morgan Brown, Clerk.
2) Business and Legal Documents; Richard and Mary Blount; March 6, 1827.
note written by R. Blount plans to record every "remarkable occurance". If he had had died records "for the last 20 yrs, I would not take $100 for it...."
3) Business and Legal Documents; Richard and Mary Blount.
position paper written by R. Blount (no date) running for election.
Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary Blount.
R. Blount's list of taxable property June 1843".
4) Business and Legal Documents; Richard and Mary Blount; Oct. 24, 1834.
promissory note issued by R. Blount to William H. Torrance as the guardian of Tom Taliaffero. RB will pay WHT $62.50 on Jan. 1, 1835.
5) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount.
note by R. Blount that Mr. Neal will deliver to Mr. Daniels cart 16 bushels of corn and charge to account of ?. July 8, 1837.
6) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount; Feb. 4, 1830.
William Brooks of Washington County gives up possession of land on Buffalo to R. Blount as agent for Col. John W. A. Sanford. John Miller (witness).
7) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount; Mary 9, 1835.
Receipt; from R. A. Greene to Col. R. Blount for $8.66 for the first payment of the purchase of Lot #2 in Square 90 of Milledgeville.
8) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount; Sept. 27, 1827.
tax receipt of Richard Blount, Agent for the heirs of McCloud. $8.20 for 1826 taxes. Richard Gordon, T.C.
9) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount; Milledgeville; May 20, 1822.
receipt to Mrs. R. A. Blount from Choney Rowe (Truman Rowe signed for him) for tin hearts, stars, leaves, muffin pans, etc.
10) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary Blount. Milledgeville. April 17, 1860.
promissory note by Mary E. Blount to pay James Duffley or bearer $244 for value received paid April 18, 1860 for "iron railing".
11) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount. April 13, 1830.
letter from Chas. Kiddell to R. A. Blount. Kiddell administrator of estate of Wm. McCloud. gives Blount authority to manage property in Washington County estate.
12) Business and Legal Documents - Richard and Mary E. Blount; Baldwin County; Aug. 30, 1834.
Charles Smith, Tax Collector, levies the estate of "R. A. Blount as agent for the heirs of McCloud" in order to pay 1833 taxes of $5.91 plus cost of fi. fa. and sheriffs costs.
13) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary E. Blount; Milledgeville, Ga; April 28, 1860.
Receipt from James Duffley to Mrs. E. Blount. Duffley made 64 feet of iron fencing for her cemetery enclosure and received payment of $264.00.
14) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary E. Blount.
Handmade envelope addressed to "Richard Blount Esq Post Master Leganen Washington Countyf". Jan 17, _____.
15) Business and Legal Documents; Richard and Mary Blount.
(letter of Guardianship); Morgan County; Jan. 1, 1814 (?).
John Nisbiet, C.C.O. witnesses Judge Samuel Gardners order to appoint Richard A. Blount guardian of John Dawson and Mary Frances Dawson, orphans of John E. Dawson. Blount will manage their estate until they gain their majority.
16) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
survey of plat of land. not named. degrees of measurement include "Hall's line". no date.
17) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
Indian Springs. March 23, 1850. letter from William A. Elder to Mrs. E. Blount. had written her several weeks earlier and got no response. wants to know if Mrs. Blount had given her some papers concerning a land purchase prior to his death.
18) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
Milledgeville. April 19, 1847. R. Blount came to Milledgeville "lst Weds. eve." and received a letter from Mrs. James M. Walker "dated 30 March paying he was instructed to sell". offers $3000 for land in 3 payments.
19) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
March 23, 1853. Mary E. Blount notes that negro boy named Davy is to be divided between herself and her daughter Mary Ann R. Sanford. will pay daughter 1/2 of worth of boy after value established by 3 "disinterested men". further noted is that Mary Ann R. Sanford was left legacy of negrosx by her father R. A. Blount. Mrs. Blount directs the overseer at her plantation to deliver the 8 negros to Mrs. Sanford.
20) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
Dec. 1, 1849. for $500, R. A. Blount makes a "warantee title" to lot #70 on Indian Springs Reserve (38-40 acres) and a lot containing 40 acres to William A. Elder. not appended: "M. E. Blount has transfered the two certificates for the above mentioned lots as administered for the estate of R. A. Blount, deceased".
21) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
letter from A. J. and C. L. ______ Indian Springs, March 29, 1853, to Mrs. Mary E. Blount. asks her to sign and return power of attorney and requests she send plats and grants for Nos. 33, 47, and 34.
22) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
ordinary's office - Milledgeville; Feb. 21, 1857. John Hammond ordinary certifies a "true copy" of the original letters of administration with the will annexed". William Steele, C.C.O. appoints Mary E. Blount as administratrix, as both excutors named in R. A. Blount's will declined to qualify as such. May 6, 1850.
23) Business & Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
January 16, 1860. Buckhannon. Receipt to Mrs. Mary E. Blount from John Davis Day & Richard H. B. Day. $600 as full payment of a legacy left them by Richard A. Blount.
24) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
Letters from W.___ Elder, Indian Springs, Sept. 25, 1857, to Mrs. M. E. Blount. Can't satisfy himself that titles and certificates are good. Wants MEB to enter a full transfer. He will take out grants which will release her from any titles on her as "administratrix." Offers to sell her some horses.
25) Business and Legal Documents. Richard and Mary Blount.
Note by R. Blount, Oct. 28, 1836. Borrowed $400 from Marianne Sanford. Note at bottom by W. M. Kinley, Atty. that the above is a copy from Gen. John W. A. Sanford for collection.
26) Business and Legal Documents. Richard & Mary Blount.
Tally of "the estates property - to be given in for taxes - 1852"Lists acreages of land in Washington, Wilkinson, Cherokee, Dooley counties, Madison Spring. # of stock at plantation.


Hansell, Augustin Harris
Memoirs. (1821-1861).
22p. Typewritten copy. Recollections of life in Milledgeville, Georgia. Gift of Mrs. Jessie Watt Jeffries, Thomasville, whose family owns the original. Letter of presentation filed with it.

Harper, Charter
Land grant to Charter Harper, November 13, 1805; 202 1/2 acres in Baldwin County; signed by John Milledge. Descriptive plat signed by Daniel Sturges, Walter Iacote. Pendant seal.

Harper, Wilkins I.
Papers. Milledgeville, May 15, 1865. 1 Item.
Parole given Wilkins I. Harper, Private, Co. A of the Talbot Scouts, State Troops;Milledgeville, May 15, 1865. Signed by order of Brevet Major General Wilson by W. W. Wilder, Capt. and Provost Marshal. H.Q., Cavalry Corps, M.D.M.

Harris, Hugh N.
1) Georgia. (Clarke County). Athens.
March 28, 1871. Hugh N. Harris gives R. M. Smith a receipt $1558.11 for his interest in the firm of R. M. Smith and Company. Signed by Hugh N. Harris, James A. Carlton.
2) Georgia. Clarke County. Bond given by Hugh N. Harris to R. M. Smith and Company for $2,000. March 28, 1871. Conveys interest of B. C. Yancey in the late firm of R. M. Smith and Company in return for two promissory notes for $779.05 each. Signed by Hugh U. Harris: witnessed by James A. Carlton.

Harris, Iverson L.
To the Rev. I. L. Brooks. Milledgeville, Georgia, 13 February, 1826. States that his wedding has been postponed until Judge Davies arrives from Savannah. Bethsaida (?) Jones County

Harris, Iverson L.
Copy of Family Record. 1925.

Harris, Jeptha V.
Georgia. Clarke County.
(Copy) of will of Jeptha V. Harris. Oct. 18, 1853.
Wills property in Athens, Georgia, and Floyd County to his wife, Sallie Harris, and to his eleven children. Signed by J. V. Harris: witnessed by Robert Taylor, John Billups, William G. Deloney.

Harris and Brantley
dry goods bill against Dr. John Stone; January 23, 1847; amount of $15.77. Received payment March 6, 1847. Signed Harris and Brantley, by Zachariah Brantley

Hawk, Seaborn J.
Georgia. Augusta. Cotton sale by D'Antignac Evans and Company for Seaborn J. Hawk. January 20, 1857. 5,747 pounds of cotton sold at 12 1/2 cents per pound. Records deductions so that Seaborn Hawk receives cash in the amount of $475.87. Signed D'Antignac Evans and Company, Per T. D. Wright.

Hayes, James H.
To Mr. John White. Thomasville. June 1, 1871. Complains that Mr. White promised to come in January or "send the bonds," and he has not appeared. Complains of the crops and sends message to James (White ?) that "Brown has run away.

Heard, Grant D.
To Mr. F. N. Heard, Covington, Newton County, Georgia. Johnson's Island, Ohio. June 16, 1865.
Writer is a prisoner of war but hopes to get home within four or five days.

Heard, W. G.
Valentine. N. D.
Valentine sent to W. G. Heard by "his friend, Barbara R. H. (Ms. Tunnell, Feb. 1930, Baldwin County)

Heartwell, C. T.
Nov. 23, 1871. Fire policy on Merrill's Hall located on east side of Wayne Street, Milledgeville, GA. Amt. ins. $3,000. The Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. Southern Dept. Savannah.

Hendon, James
1) Georgia. Clarke County. Athens. Indenture between James Hendon, sheriff and Mary White. April 6, 1842. Conveys 1/2 acre more or less of land in Athens, Georgia, which had been owned by Jesse Robinson, and secured by John A. Cobb, Howell Cobb and Jesse Robinson, to Mary White for $102. Suit brought by David Meriwether. Signed by James Hendon, Wm. L. Mitchell (NP), Wm. Vironie. Recorded in Book S, folios 333 and 334. John Calvin Johnson, Clerk.
2) Georgia. Clarke County. Indenture between James Hendon and Jane Sibbald. November 7, 1826. Conveys to Jane Sibbald for $170, two acres in Athens, Georgia, which had been levied on by the sheriff because of foreclosure of mortgage in favor of William A. Carr. Signed by James Hendon, A. L. Simms, A. W. Brown (JJC). Recorded in Book N, Folios 145 and 146. Robert Ligon, Clerk.

Henry, William R.
Georgia. Twiggs County. Indenture between William R. Henry and Caleb Cox. August 9, 1821. Conveys 151 1/2 acres of land in 23rd district of Wilkinson County from William R. Henry to Caleb Cox for $800. Signed by William R. Henry, James R. Gates, Alexander Carswell (NP).

Hescock, Henry
Columbia, S.C. Jan. 7, 1865. Promissory note.

Hill, Benjamin Harvey
1) To General Sanford, chairman of Executive Committee. (Newnan, Georgia, October 18, 1860.) Begs the General to organize a common party at once to defect to Lincoln. "If the Breckinridge party will not go into it, then let the Donglas men." Describes enthusiastic meeting in Newnan.
2) Atlanta, GA. July 15, 1889. To: Col. R. C. Humber. Milledgeville, GA. Thanks Humber for his letter & support of Prof. Mitchell. Urges Humber to be on hand for election.

Hill, D. H.
1) June 21, 1889. Middle GA Military & Agricultural College Milledgeville. Speaks of loyalty to South. Talks of trip.
2) June 27, 1887. To Miss Naomi J. Williams. Milledgeville. Talks about his & Mrs. Hill's health, their family & A.I.U.

Hitchcock, E.
At home invitation of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Preston was sent to Miss E. Hitchcock. n.d.

Hodges, Louisa D.
Georgia. Morgan County, Madison. Georgia Female College Report. Nov. 7, 1853. Report of Miss Louisa D. Hodges, student in the Georgia Female College. Signed by George Y. (?) Browne, President.
Donated by Emily Champion, Putnam County, May 29, 1930.

Holliday, Francis M.
Papers June 6, 1860. 1 Item.
Land grant to Francis M. Holliday; January 14, 1860; 39.7/9 acres in Jackson County; signed by Governor Joseph E. Brown. Descriptive plat signed by Ephraim Jackson (C.S.) and A. J. Boggess (Surv. Gen.).
Warrant dated Nov. 7, 1859. Surveyed Jan. 14, 1860. Cary Johnson and William Martin, C.C., E. P. Watkins, Sec. of State

Holliday, Joseph C.
Papers, June 6, 1860. 1 Item.
Land grant to Joseph C. Holliday, June 6, 1860; 570 acres in Jackson County; signed by Joseph E. Brown, Cary Johnson, William Martin, A. J. Boggess (Surv. Gen.), Ephraim Jackson (C.S.). Warrant dated Nov. 7, 1859. Surveyed Jan. 4, 1860. Advertised Jan. 14, 1860. Cary Johnson, William Martin, C.C., J. B. Campbell, SED. E. P. Watkins, Sec. of State

Howard and Williams.
September 12, 1863. Retail Dealers tax of $596.90 received by A. J. Milner, County Collector for Confederate tax from Howard and Williams. Signed by A. J. Milner.

Howell, Col. J. B.
Confidential sealed orders to Col. J. B. Howell, 85th Pennsylvania Volunteers. June 5, 1863. Sealed orders giving Col. Howell the Countersign and Parole, from Folly Island, S.C. (?). Signed by order of Brig. Genrl. Vogdes, by S. L. McHenry, Lt. and A.A.A.S. (Gift of Miss Katherine Scott)

Hudson, Nancy
Land Grant. Baldwin County, GA. Nov. 13, 1805. Lot 35 2nd District. N.H. is from Franklin County. 202 1/2 acres. Surveyed July 27, 1804. Edwin Mommger Trsr., Hor. Marbury. M. Asa Allens. John Milledge. Levin Wailes Dist. Surv. Daniel Sturges Surv. Gen., G. R. Clayton Sec. E D, Edward L. Thomas, Joseph Lockhart, C. Carriers

Huggins, John I.
Georgia. Clarke County. Athens. Indenture between John I. Huggins and Bank of State of Georgia. August 15, 1856. Conveys to Bank southeast corner of lot number 5 in city of Athens at the junction of Front & Jackson Streets for $1,500.00. Signed by John I. Huggins, M. E. McWhorter, W. G. Barrett (SP). Recorded in Book J.C., folio 321. John Walter Johnson, Deputy Clerk

Hughes, Richard
Land grant to Richard Hughes Nov. 28, 1839; 160 acres in Cherokee County; signed by Gov. Charles J. McDonald. Descriptive plat signed by Jno. G. Park, Richardson, Alfred M. Horton, Elihu Smith, P. M. Compton. Pendant seal. Richard Hughes from Thomas District Clarke County. Lot 90, in 4th district, 4th section of Cherokee County. 160 acres. Surveyed June 1832 by Thomas P___ Surveyor. Alfred M. Horton, Surv. Gen., T. Haynes, Trsr., John G. Park, Comp. Gen., Elihu Smith, I. N. Compton, C.C., E. A. Glascock, SED, W. A. Tennille, Secy. Cherokee County

Hull Family papers
1) (Georgia. Clarke County.) Surveyor's plat of 64 acres in Clarke County. January 29, 1830. Plat of 64 acres surveyed for Dr. Hull by W. L. Mitchell on Jan. 29, 1830. Signed by W. L. Mitchell.
2) Hull, Asbury Nov. 20, 1846. Clarke County. Note on cost of 80 shares. Princeton Factory
3) Hull, Asbury.
Athens, Feb. 20, 1852. Agreement between Ross Crane & Asbury Hull. Crane agrees to move a wood blg. repair or replace pillars, chimneys, etc. to construct a brick bldg. according to A. H.'s plan for $4,600.
4) Hull, Asbury
Town tax for 1855. $20.31 1/4. J. A. Browning
5) Bill. To: P. A. Sumny & Bro. Aug. 20 - Oct. 31, 1853. $100.26. for building supplies
6) July 15, 1857. Jeffreys, J. A. Receipt to H. Hull cashier, $145.67 for building brick wall in rear of Bank & Insurance Bldg.
7) Hull, H. Jr.
Athens, Jan. 12, 1860. Pres. of Branch Bank of State of GA at Athens. Hull turns over note to W. G. Delany, Atty. at Law for collection.
8) Athens, Dec. 22, 1860. James A. Carlton, NP, presented note for payment at Branch Bank of State of GA at Athens and was refused. James M. Lankford & W. H. Jones had promised to pay R. R. Saulter $800 30 days after date of Nov. 19, 1860. The form is the official protest form.
9) Jan. 12, 1861. Receipt. Rcvd. of Branch Bank, Athens, promissory note for $419.47, dated 2-17-1860, due 90 days after date. J. A. Clarke, Maker. John Scott, T. G. Morrow, W. Briscoe & I. H. Arnold, endorsers for collection. Signed by Hull & Hillyer.
10) Hull, H. Jr.
Nov. 9, 1861. Pres., Branch Bank of GA at Athens. Certifies that Henry D. Weld has made a special deposit in the Bank of pkg. of old coins in cloth belt marked in his name subject to his order endorsed hereon.
11) May 28, 1862. From: Office of Civil Governor & Provost Marshal. To: Pres. & Cashier of the Branch of the Union Bank of TN at Memphis. By command of Gen. Beauregard ordered to move bank to site of Pres. of Bank's choice. Signed by L. D. McKisick. Civ. Gov. & Provost Marshal
12) Oct. 2, 1863. To: Col. John B. Johnson, Pres. Athens. From: Union Bank of Tennessee. Nashville, TN. S. Kirkman, Pres. Hopes Johnson will be able to get permission from Confederate authorities to invest the money belonging to the Union Bank of TN in cotton. (Bottom of page) From HQ, Dept. of the Cumberland, Nashville, TN. Oct. 2, 1863. Permission hereby granted to Mr. Kirkman to send letter & receipts through the lines to Mr. Johnson.
By command of Maj. Gen. Rosecrans. J. Bates Denkins(?). A. A. Earl
13) March 4, 1864. From: Bank of the State of GA. Savannah A. Porter, Pres. To: H. Hull, Jr. Pres. Branch Bank of the State of GA at Athens. Returning original letter of Mr. Cockrill, retaining a copy for bank. States very desirable to get rid of special deposits alluded to. Board leaves it to Hull's discretion to handle matter as he sees fit. Mr. John B. Johnston, Pres. of the Union Branch Bank at Chattanooga is in Savannah. Porter has had conversation with him about the whole affair. Johnston says he thinks he can get a letter from Gov. Harris of TN, on Confederate side advising Hull to deliver the sp. deposits to Mr. Cockrill Receiver C.S.M.T.(?) or to Mr. G. C. Tolbit, Pres., & John A. Fisher cashier of the "Bank of Tennessee presently at Griffin in this state" and get a receipt. The great anxiety is to get hold of the Confederate money, said to be near $800,000. So as to fund it in 4% bonds. Board leaves it to Hull to settle matter.
14) March 4, 1864. To: H. Hull, Jr. Pres. Branch Bank. State of GA at Athens, GA. From: J. B. Johnson, Pres. Branch ____ Bank of TN at Chattanooga ___________(?). Notifies Hull that Union Bank of TN at Nashville will hold him liable indiv. & the Bank of State of GA for all damages accrued to Union Bank by Hull's refusal to surrender to Johnson as Agent of John Kirkman, Pres. of Union Bank the "Confederate States Treasury Notes" amounting to ___ hundred thousand dollars left in his charge by Frank Sellers, one of the clerks of the Memphis Branch of the Union Bank of TN. Johnson had presented his special authority from the Pres. fo the Union Bank which Hull refused to recognize. Johnson agrees to the surrender of the money to Sterling R. Cockrill Receiver for the Confederate States under the Sequestration Act.
15) March 11, 1864. To: H. Hull, Jr. Pres. Br. Bank of State of GA at Athens, GA. From: S. R. Cockrill. Receiver, C.S.T. Hull notified that Confederate States will hold Hull or Br. Bank responsible for all damages resulting from raids or invasion of the enemy; loss of interest; depreciation; & final loss of Confederate Treasury notes ( hundred thousand dollars); loss from removal of a special deposit w/out authority; loss in the difference in securities by funding under the different Acts of Congress; and all other losses which have now, & will hereafter be sustained by Hull's refusal to surrender to Cockrill as Receiver for the Confederate States, assets of the Union Bank of TN, sent out from Memphis in 1862, possession demanded on the day of Feb. 1864. For Hull's refusal damages are claimed by the corp. for use of the Confederate States.
16) May 16, 1864. From: A. Porter, Pres. Bank of State of GA, Savannah, GA. To: H. Hull, Jr. Cashier. Br. Bank St. of GA. at Athens. Board of Directors has had considerable trouble with the special deposits made by Mr. Sellers of the Union Bank at Memphis, TN. Mr. Johnson, Pres. of the Branch of the Union Bank at Chattanooga & Mr. Cockrill, Confederate Receiver for Middle TN., have been seeking to obtain possession of the deposits. The Board has agreed to deliver to these gentlemen the deposits provided said gentlemen provide bond & security to the Bank for all damages as passed by Resolution of the Board. Resolution sent to Mr. Johnson & Mr. Cockrill. Both delcined to comply with Resolution & gave notice they will hold Bank responsible for all damages in delivery of deposits. Porter presumes a "a suit must be instituted against the Bank so as to decide to whom legally & properly these deposits shall be delivered. Instructs Hull to act on instructions of Bank of GA.
17) Feb. 13, 1865. To: Henry Hull, Jr. From: NMS, Savannah, GA. Letter instructs Hull in conducting affairs for absent owner. If necessary, sell negroes NMS owns. Buy house lot if for sale. Fears small pox in town this summer. Lost daughter. Buried her on her 2nd birthday. If sell negroes, buy tobacco.
18) May 1, 1865. Letter to Henry Hull, Jr. Asks to borrow $1000 until can get the money from Augusta. Wm.(?) M. Browne. Rcved. from H. Hull Jr. for Gen. Browne one thousand dollars. Jno. W. Clark
19) Receipt. Received of Asbury Hull $21 and 3/4 cents. Hist town tax for 1855. J. H. Browning, Marshal.
20) Receipts (4). (attached with wax). a) 17 June 1855. $250 received from A. Hull for fifa, Clark Superior & Inferior Courts. b) 24 April 1855. $200 received from A. Hull on account of James P. Waddell. c) 28 Oct 1854. $300 received of A. Hull for fifa. d) $400 received from A. Hull for fifas. All receipts signed by C Peeples or W. I. Peeples, Attorneys.

Hurd & Hungerford
Georgia. Monticello. Promissory note issued by Hurd and Hungerford. April 24, 1845. Note for $17.15 signed by S. J. Hawk (?) to Hurd and Hungerford to be paid one day after date. Signed by S. J. Hawk (?)

Hutcheson, Thomas D.
Georgia. Clarke County. Indenture between Thomas D. Hutcheson and John Billups. December 10, 1850.
Conveys to John Billups 131 acres of land in Clarke County for $1,600. Signed by Thomas D. Hutcheson, A. F. Pope, John Kirkpatrick (JP). Recorded in Book M, folios 30 and 31. Hutcheson from Oglethorpe County. John Calvin Johnson, Clerk.


Jackson, Francis
Georgia. Clarke County. Indenture between Francis Jackson, Sheriff, and Asbury Hull, Trustee for Henry Hull, Jr. and wife (Annaell?). August 11, 1845. Conveys Lots Nos. 107, 108, 118, 119, bid in by Henry Hull, Jr., from Sheriff's soley property of Charles Evans in Cobham, Athens, Georgia for $50. Conveyed by deed to Asbury Hull. Signed by Francis Jackson, Jouett Davenport (JP), Ransom A. Whitehead. Recorded in Book S, Folios 225-226. John Calvin Johnson, Clerk.

Jackson, Henry Root.
1) Morning Report of the 44th Regiment. Brigade Commanded by General Jackson. Station.Camp at Monterey, VA. 24 July 1861.
2) Letter. 5 Oct 1861. To Commanding Officer. From Geo. S. Rose, A A Gen'l. 2 dead men left near Bris' camp on the 3rd. Two Captains request permission to bring bodies through the lines for burial.
3) 9 Sept 1861. Commisary Dept, CSA. Head Quarters Monterey Lines, NWA Greenbrier River. appointment of Captains. Barker Campbell to Jackson.
4) 3 August 1861. Quarter Master's Office. Melboro Depot. To Major M. G. harman, Quarter Master, Staunton, VA. From James L. Corley, Major and Gr. Mr. Provisions for Jackson's command at monterey were sent by harman to the Melboro Depot. Corley suprised as harman was urged to forward provisions directly to Gen. Jackson, as the troops suffering from lack of supplies.
5) 13 Oct 1861. Quatermaster's Office. Huntersville, VA. From Jas. L Corley to General Jackson. letter responding to Jackson's of 12 Oct regarding a Captain Hull, who had been placed in charge while Corley absent. Hull created problems with supplies.
6) Quater Master's Office. Monterey. 32 Oct 1861. To General Jackson, Comdg, Greenbrier River. From P. B. Hoge Capt and Asst QM. Detail of men to cut hay in Highland County are not longer required.
7) 6 Sept 1861. Camp Bartow. To General Jackson. From Officers of the 23rd Regiment of VA. Volunteers request Gen Jackson a leave of absence for Sgt. Crump.

Jackson, James.
Photocopy of letter from James Jackson to John Milledge. Philadelphia. 31 Jan 1794.

Jackson, M. A.
Mariposa, Lincoln County, North Carolina. June 21, 1898. To: ___? Discusses condition of his health, (neuralgia), thanks "friend" for invitation to reunion in Atlanta.

Jackson, Berry and Co.
Account book. Sylvan Hill, (Georgia) (?). Sept. 22, 1818-Dec. 5, 1820. Lists daily sales dry-goods. OVERSIZE

Jenkins, Charles J.
1) Augusta, January 19, 1848. To: Governor George W. Crawford, Milledgeville, Georgia. Writer wishes to know if debt of six or seven thousand dollars owed by the State of Georgia to the Western and Atlantic Railroad will be paid. The answer will be confidentially treated.
2) Augusta, Georgia, May 6, 1869. To: Mrs. (R. M.) Orme (of Milledgeville, Georgia). Letter of condolence, and request that "camphor trunk" be sent to him by express. States that he and wife and two daughters will sail for Europe about the middle of June.
3) June 1, 1871. Augusta, GA. To: T. G. Grieve. Thanks Mr. Grieve for photogravure & letter.

Jerroll, Mrs. E. P.
Confederate States of America. Augusta, Georgia. April 30, 1864. Permit granted to Mrs. E. P. Jerroll, Mrs. S. C. Reid, Mrs. J. S. Simons to visit Columbus, Georgia. Signed by M. P. Parker, Capt. and Provost Marshal.

Johnson, Col.
A hand-colored engraving of "A View of Col. Johnson's Engagement with the Savages." (Command of Tecumseh) near the Moravian Town, Oct. 5, 1812. OVERSIZE

Johnson, Amanda
Contains: (1) DAR notification of medal award for "Episodes in the life of Geo. Washington" - Geo. Washington Bicentennial Comm., 1932. (2) Copy of the play. (3) Program from the play. (4) Newspaper clipping re. medal. (5) Program for another play authored by Johnson: "That Man Roosevelt."

Johnson, Ashfield
Georgia. Taliaferro County. Indenture between Ashfield Johnson and James Bird. January 4, 1827. Conveys lot 118 containing 490 acres in Irwin County in the 13th district from Ashfield Johnson to James Bird for $50. Signed by Ashfield Johnson, MacKinney Howell, S. Johnson (JP), Martha N. Johnson. Recorded in Thomas County Book II, p. 719 and 20. T. C. Bracewell, Deputy Clerk.

Johnson, Herschel Vespasian
To: Messrs. Thomas and Johnston, Sparta, Georgia. Milledgeville, April 30, 1849. Asks to be informed about the character and integrity of Thomas Pew (Pugh?) who wishes to buy a tract of land from him.

Johnson, I. L.
1) Near Fredericksburg, Va.; May 17, 1863. To: Lizzie Hitchcock. Describes the battles around Fredericksburg and mentions Stonewall Jackson's funeral sermon.
2) Near Mt. Sidney, Valley of Virginia. October 4, 1864. To: Lizzie Hitchcock. Reports on the fighting around Winchester, Va.; describes the reverses suffered by the Confederate armies.

Johnson, Levi
Georgia. Putnam County. Indenture between Levi Johnson and Matthew Lyle. January 1, 1809. Conveys lot 145 in the 23rd district of Wilkinson County from Levi Johnson to Matthew Lyle, for $500. Signed by Levi Johnson, James Dorough, John Cochran, A. McIntyre, clerk. Recorded Twiggs County Book A, folio 10. W. Abercrombie J.P.

Johnston, Isabel T. (Mrs. R. W.)
July 7, 1935. Atlanta. To: Mrs. Ferguson. On "figures of Milledgeville" such as Jett Thomas and Tomlinson Fort.

Jones, Augustus
Georgia. Thomas County. Indenture between Augustus Jones and Levi Cox. January 23, 1852. Conveys lots 366 and 394 in the 17th district of Thomas County from Augustus Jones to Levi Cox for $600. Signed by A. Jones, George C. Dekle, E. Thompson, Jared Everett, clerk. "Filed in office for Recording, February 20, 1855."

Jones, Batt
Land grant to Batt Jones of Spains District, Burke County, Sept. 13, 1808; 202 1/2 acres in 27th district of Wilkinson County; signed by Jared Irwin. Descriptive plat signed by George R. Clayton, John Perritt, James Perritt. Lot 183. Surveyed Nov. 6, 1806. David McCord, Surveyor. Daniel Sturges, Surv. Gen., Jap. Gozeman, Comp. Gen., G. R. Clayton Trs., John Perritt, James Perritt, C. Carriers

Jones, Charles Colcock, Jr.
To: William Blackmore, Esq., Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. 23 Aug., 1869. Letter written from New York, by C. C. Jones, Jr. of Augusta, Georgia, concerning the Indian Mounds in Georgia.

Jones, Elizabeth
Georgia. Baldwin County. Milledgeville. Indenture between Elizabeth Jones, Elisabeth S. J. Walker (formerly Jones), widow and daughter of Seaborn Jones, John V. F. Walker, of Alabama, and Martha Whitaker. Jan. 1, 1845. Conveys 575 acres of land in Baldwin County from the heirs of Seaborn Jones to Martha Whitaker for $400. Signed by Eldredge Gardner, George J. S. Freeman Walker, Elisabeth S. Walker.

Jones, Jesse
Land grant to Jesse Jones November 26, 1819; 250 acres in Early County; signed by John Clark. Descriptive plat signed by Jacob McClendon, Daniel Sturges, Jos. Gunnels, E. S. Duke, John Clark. Jones from Appling's District, Clarke County. 17th District of Early County, 250 acres, Lot #395. Surveyed: Nov. 26, 1819. Jacob McClendon, Surveyor. Daniel Sturges, Surveyor General. Jos. Gunnels & E. S. Duke, C. Carriers. G. R. Clayton, Trs. John Clark, Governor. Signed grant: Dec. 18, 1821. Elisha Wood, S.E.D.

Jones, Samuel
Diary kept by Samuel Jones, (1818-1851) of Baldwin County, Georgia, on a trip while visiting the schools of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and the New England States from 1849-1851. Gift of Miss Manie Jones through Mrs. J. L. Beeson.

Jones, Seaborn, estate of
Georgia. Richmond County. Indenture between Martha M. Moderwel (?), Sarah S. R. Jenkins, daughters of Seaborn Jones deceased, Charles J. Jenkins, Robert A. Reid, William W. Mann, Trustees of the Sarah S. R. and Charles J. Jenkins, all of the County of Richmond, and Martha Whitaker, of the County of Baldwin. Jan. 1, 1845. Conveys 1/2 of 575 acres of land in Baldwin County from the heirs of Seaborn Jones to Martha Whitaker for $400. Signed by William A. Walton, John C. Snead, NP; Sarah S. R. Jenkins, Charles J. Jenkins, Robert A. Reid, trustee; M. Moderwel, Wiliam W. Mann, trustee; Iverson L. Harris. Wm. Steel, Clk.

Jones, Stephen B.
Land grant to Stephen B. Jones; December 21, 1836; 202 1/2 acres in Dooley County; signed by William Schley. Descriptive plat signed by Jno. G. Park, T. Haynes, J. Brewster, Wilson Conner, Arch. McEachins, Winston Graddy. Pendant Seal. Jones from Burdell's District, Clarke County. His land is in 4th district Dooley County. 202 1/2 acres, Lot #188. Surveyed Oct. 28, 1821, by Wilson Conner, Surveyor. J. Brewster, Surv. Gen. William Schley, Governor. John G. Park, Comp. Gen. T. Haynes, Trs. Arch McEachins, Winston Graddy, C.C. ____ Wellborn, S.E.D.

Jones, Thomas F.
Georgia. Wilkinson County. Indenture between Thomas F. Jones and James Rutherford, October, 27, 1841. Conveys south-east half of lot 229 in 23rd district of Wilkinson County (100 1/4 sic acres) from Thomas F. Jones to James Rutherford for $200. Signed by Thomas F. Jones, A. B. Smith, Mary B. Smith.

Jordan, Benjamin S.
Land grant to Benjamin S. Jordan of Baldwin County; June 2, 1842; signed by Charles J. McDonald. Descriptive plat signed by Jno. G. Park, B. B. Smith, D. Knowlman, J. Silvey, Alfred M. Horton, William Flowers. Pendant seal. 13th district of Irwin. 490 acres. Lot #203. Surveyed: Oct. 26, 18____. Conway Garlington, Surveyor. Alfred M. Horton, Surveyor General. Charles McDonald, Governor. John G. Park, Comp. Gen. B. B. Smith, Trs. R. Micklejohn, S.E.D.


Kelly, Robert
Land grant to Robert Kelly, April 4, 1823; 202 1/2 acres in Henry County; signed by John Clark. Descriptive plat signed by Jas. Bozeman, Daniel Sturges, George Clayton, Absolom Holcomb, Tho. W. Smith.

Kelly, William
Land grant to William Kelly, November 3, 1829; 490 acres in Appling County; signed by John Forsyth. Descriptive plat signed by T. B. Howard, John Bethune, David Stolt, Weley King, Enoch Johns.

Kidd, John
Georgia. Oglethorpe County. Indenture between John and Patsey (sic) Kidd and Jemima Hainey, February 10, 1810. Conveys 200 acres of land in Oglethorpe County, formerly part of a grant of 900 acres to Benjamin Elsberry, from John and Patsey Kidd to Jemima Hainey for $1,000. Signed by John Kidd, Patsey Kidd, Wm. Strother, L. A. Hopkins, J.P.

Kilpatrick Library
source unknown. Notes on Rev. Dr. James H. Kilpatrick.

Kraatz, William M.
To: the Reverend I. L. Brooks. Milledgeville, Georgia, 20 March, 1824. Advises that Mr. Brooks was voted an honorary member of the Milledgeville Biblical Society.


Lafarge House
New York. Lafarge House, Saturday August 14, 1858.
Contains menu and wine list, with prices, for Saturday, August 14, 1858, at the Lafarge House in New York City. Henry Wheeler, Proprieter

Lafayette, Marquis de.
Photograph of Badge of satin ribbon worn at the military fete given in honor of Gen Lafayette on the State House yard. Donated by MRs. J. L. Beeson.

Land Grants - Unknown.
Fragments of land grants.

Langston, E. W.
"Field notes of a lot of land sold by Col. _______ situate in Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties.

Lanier, Sidney.
typescript of How Love Looked for Hell. Baltimore, 1879-1879.

Lankford, James M.
Georgia. Clarke County. Athens. Saulter, R. R., note in favor of Nov. 19, 1860. Promissory note made by James M. Lankford and W. H. Jones for $800, to R. R. Saulter. Note protested for non-payment December 22, 1860. $250 paid on note February 27, 1861. Signed by James M. Lankford, W. H. Jones, R. R. Saulter, James A. Carlton, NP.

Lawless, Mary A. M.
Georgia. Clarke County. Athens. Agreement to sell 2 houses and lots on Oconee River. October 25, 1890. Agreement between Mary A. M. Lawless and W. H. Lawless to allow J. S. Williford, real estate agent, to sell two houses and lots on Oconee River at public outcry on Nov. 4, 1890. Signed by J. S. Williford, W. A. Martin, Mary A. M. Lawless and W. H. Lawless (his mark).

Lee, Andrew Jr.
Georgia. Lincoln County. Indenture between Andrew Lee, Jr., and William Dallis. October 8, 1829.Conveys 634 1/2 acres in Lincoln County from Andrew Lee, Junior, to William Dallis for $1,600. Signed by Joshua Daniel, Peter Lamar, Andrew Lee, Jr., Thomas P. Danforth, J.P. Recorded in Book K, p. 477. Peter Lamer, Clerk.

Lee, General Robert Edward
To: William S. P. Myrick, (Milledgeville, Georgia). Lexington, Va. 27 April '66. Typed copy. States that he has sent a synopsis of courses at Washington College in answer to Myrick's inquiries for his son. Original owned by Dr. L. C. Lindsley.

Letters - Unknown
1) ?, John.
To: his mother. 26th Georgia Battalion, Army of Tennessee. November 7, 1864.
Speaks of the lack of clothing and blankets and the cold weather; refers to repairing road from Corinth to Tuscumbia; refers to Generals Hood and Mason; states that the Negro prisoners are dying very fast.
2) Heard ?, Grant
To: his brother. Camp, 53rd Georgia Regiment. November 1, 1863.
Mentions Generals Rosencrans, Thomas and Grant; requests his father to send him a negro and offers 50 to 60 dollars for a pair of boots. Letter written in red ink made from "Polk berries."
3) 2 p. photocopy. Letter "To My Dear Cousin." Davisboro, GA. 21 November 1864. Appears to be a letter from a member of the Georgia legislature telling of Sherman's approach to Milledgeville and the evacuation thereof. Signed, "Your devoted Henry."

Lewis, John W.
Georgia. Hancock County.
Indenture between John W. Lewis, Trustee, and James R. Gunn. October 28, 1851.
Conveys 283 acres of land in Hancock County from John W. Lewis, "Trustee for his children Mansfield, james, Sidney, et al." To James R. Gunn for $500. Signed by J. W. Lewis, P. P. Bethea, Andrew J. Muse, John W. Scott, J.P. Recorded in Book Q, p. 548-549. T. H. ____, Clerk.

Lindsay, John
Georgia. Wilkes County.
Will of John Lindsay. September 5, 1809. Wills property in Wilkes County to his wife, Clarisa Lindsay, and James Corbett, the seven children and executor. Signed by D. Terrell; witnessed by William Lawson, Daniel Stone.

Lipham, Moses
October 16, 1809
Indenture between Lipham of Wilkinson County & William McCrary of Baldwin. For $500, Lipham sells to McCrary land in 1st district of Baldwin County containing 152 1/2 acres. Lot #199. Henry Franklin, Isaac McCrary, Tilmon Buckner, J.P. John Matthews, Clerk.

Lipscomb, Andrew Adgate
Chancellor of the University of Georgia. Athens, GA
Sermon. Discipline of the Virgin Mother, a Sermon. Rev. A. A. Lipscomb, D.D., LL.D. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Richmond, Va.: Christian Advocate 1882.

Longstreet, William
Sept. 26, 1790, Augusta, Georgia.
To: Governor Edward Telfair. Asks assistance and patronage to build steamboat. (Copy)

Loyless, Elliot B.
1) Indenture between Elliot B. Loyless, of Richmond County, and Eli Cumming. March 12, 1843. 1p. D.S. Conveys 490 acres in the 13th District of Irwin County from Elliot B. Loyless to Eli Cumming for $100. Signed by E. B. Loyless, I. S. Morris, John D. Brown, Jared Everett. Recorded in Book F, p. 12.
2) Indenture between Elliot B. Loyless of Richmond County, and Eli Cumming. March 4, 1843. 1p. D.S. Conveys lot no. 69 of the 13th district of Irwin County (490 acres) from Elliot B. Loyless to Eli Cummings for $100. Signed by Elliot B. Loyless, John D. Brown, Jared Everett, I. H. Morris. Recorded in Thomas County, Book F, p. 14.

Luckie, H.
Surveyor. Clarke County
Resurveyed & certified 105 acres in "Clark" County for "Aaron Goolsby Platt."

Lumpkin, Wilson
Wilson Lumpkin gives title to the trustees of Oconee Cemetery to parcel of land "lying in the Branch" in exchange for a lot in Oconee Hill Cemetery. January 1, 1857. Signed by Wilson Lumpkin, witnessed by E. P. Lumpkin and Joseph Henry Lumpkin.

Lunn, John
Georgia. Decatur County. Jan. 21, 1833.
Indenture between John Lunn and William McNear. 1833. Conveys 202 1/2 acres, lot 171, drawn by Isaac Hall, in the 23rd district of Wilkinson County, from John Lunn to William McNear for $250. Signed by John Lunn (his mark), William Chapman (his mark), and J. W. Fowler.

Lyman, Elihu
Greene County. July 13, 1794
Appoints Benj. Shrine and Ezekiel Parks his attorneys. Gives them power of attorney. A. M. ____

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