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Public Relations Files


Charged with handling all media relations for the university, University Communications, formerly called Public Relations, acts as information liaisons to local newspapers, television and radio stations, as well as community members, faculty, staff and students. As part of advertising efforts for the university, they photograph campus, individuals and events for use in publications. As technology has evolved, they have also assumed responsibility for the university web site.

The Public Relations Files include the general files of the office, as well as news stories and media releases detailing information on events, projects, and people at the university, particularly from the mid-1950s forward.

In addition to the general files and news stories, the collection includes faculty/staff newsletters produced weekly by the Public Relations department for dispersal to campus. The newsletter underwent several name changes over the years. The earliest volumes in the collection are titled Thirty. Subsequent names respectively are Items, Weekly Calendar and most recently This Week. In 2001, the newsletter went online and is called The Info Page. The Info Page is updated daily and features articles about current university events, people profiles, calendars and news related links.

The collection also contains many of the negatives, slides and photographs documenting faculty, staff, students, buildings and events of the university.

Note on Arrangement

This collection remains open and builds as more materials are transferred from University Relations and processed.

The Public Relations Files have been arranged into four categories, some with subdivisions.

  1. General Files
  2. Newsletters
  3. News Stories
    1. Thirty
    2. Items
    3. Weekly Calendar
    4. This Week
  4. Images
    1. Photo Files
    2. Contacts and Negatives
    3. Slides

Most of the General Files and News Stories were in chronological order when they arrived in Special Collections. When possible to determine order, these files were left in original order. Files that appeared to have once been in chronological order that may have been rearranged during packing were again placed in chronological order during processing.


The various newsletters were arranged chronologically as follows:

Thirty, 1954-1974
Items, 1976-1983
Weekly Calendar, 1983-1988
This Week, 1995-2001

The negative files were also loosely ordered by year, so they too have been arranged chronologically by year.

However, the photo files and the slides arrived in no discernable order. To provide some order to this portion of the collection, the photo files, few of which are dated, were arranged in alphabetical order by the title assigned to the files by Public Relations. The slides were grouped into broad subjects, and arranged within those subjects when possible. Contact sheets and corresponding negatives arrived labeled by year and sometimes month; they were arranged in chronological order by year.

Scope and Content

The Public Relations files are not complete. Materials in the files and photographs span from 1954 to 2001. The bulk dates for the collection would be 1974-1976 for the General Files and News Stories.

Most of the editions of the faculty/staff newsletters from 1954-1988 are contained in the collections, excepting a short gap between 1974 and 1976. A gap exists between 1988 and 1995, after which the newsletters form a somewhat complete set until 2001.

Since many of the photos and slides are not labeled by date, the bulk dates for images is difficult to determine. Of the identifiable materials, the bulk appears to span the early and late 1980s, and the 1990s into the turn of the century.

Gaps in the collection may be supplemented by researching issues of The Colonnade and the Union-Recorder, as well as browsing The Spectrum. Additional images of school life during the 1990's may be found in The Colonnade Photograph Collection (1991-1997) in Special Collections.

Box Lists

Public Relations General Files 1954-1976
Public Relations Newsletters: Thirty, 1954-1974
Public Relations Newsletters: Items, 1976-1983
Public Relations Newsletters: Weekly Calendar, 1983-1988
Public Relations Newsletters: This Week, 1995-2001
Public Relations News Stories
Public Relations Photo Files
Public Relations Contacts and Negatives

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