Local History Vertical File

Special Collections maintains a Vertical File which includes articles, clippings, student research papers and other resources pertaining to Baldwin and its contiguous counties: Jones, Putnam, Washington and Wilkinson.  Some local history research may also be found in the GC Archives Graduate Theses (pdf). Special Collections also maintains a Georgia Miscellaneous file for those requested items that don't fit in the above categories.


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A a

Abbott, John
Abbott, Martin --“Memoirs of a Milledgeville Native: Augustus H. Hansel”
Adams, Joe -- 500 S. Jefferson Street: The Story of the Moore-McMillan-Wilson House”
African American History
African American History – Business Community
African American History – Colored Odd Fellows
African American History – First African Church [see also: Flagg, Wilkes]
African American History – Registry of Free Persons of Color (1832-1866)
African American History – "Separate Worlds in the Same Community: Baldwin County in the 1930's" [see: Hogan, James Carroll]
Allen, Dawson
Allen, Sara Canty Whitaker --“Old Oglethorpe University, Midway Georgia”
Allen's Invalid Home
Allied Arts [see also: Arts Advocate/ Allen’s Market]
Almy, Patty -- “Abandoned House of ‘The Richest Man in Georgia’” (The Scott-Carter-Furman-Smith House)
Alpha Metro
American Missionary Association – Correspondence (Oct. 1865-Feb. 1866)
American Missionary Association – Correspondence (Mar. 1866-June 1866)
American Missionary Association – Correspondence (Oct.-Dec. 1866)
American Missionary Association – Correspondence (Jan. 1867-Dec. 1868)
American Missionary Association – Correspondence (date unknown)
Andalusia [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files]
Andalusia Newsletters
Andrews, Charles Haynes
Andrews, Leslie -- “James Camak”
Andrews, Louis "Louie" [see: Memory Hill Cemetery]
Anglin, Chris -- “A Biographical Sketch of Dr. E.A Tigner”
Annual Report of Mayor Miller S. Bell (1922)
Anthrax Scare (2001)
Araujo, Maria del Pilar --“Hugh Donnelly Treanor”
Architecture in Georgia
Arts Advocate [see also: Allied Arts]
Arts and Letters Festival
Avant, Scott Olen --“Put Your Hands Up: The Bill Miner Story”

B b

Bain, Robert --“Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar”
"Baldwin Blues" [see: Ennis, Howard; Doles, George Pierce]
Baldwin County – Annual Report [see: oversize box]
Baldwin County-Artists 
Baldwin County –Board of Education
Baldwin County Commissioners
Baldwin County High School
Baldwin County High School – Rain Dance Review [2 folders]
Baldwin County Miscellaneous
Baldwin County Profile
Baldwin County Senior Citizens' Center
Baldwin Hotel
Barnes, Judson --“Judge Iverson L. Harris”
Barnes, Judson. -- "Random House: A History."
Barnett, Nathan C.
Barry, Angela --“A Murder in Milledgeville: William A. Harris” (Richard Sanford Murder) 
Bast, Jonathan --“The Presidency of Guy G. Wells at GSCW”
Baugh, Bee Gee
Baugh, James
Baum, John P.
Beeson, Leola Selman --“Mrs. Jasper Luther”
Better Business Bureau
Bicentennial Celebration (1976)
Bicentennial Celebration (2003)
Binnicker, James C.  -- “Crime and Punishment, Milledgeville”
Biographical Sketches
Black Springs Baptist Church
Blanchard, Monica L. --“Guide to Charles Herty Holmes Papers”
Blandy Hills Elementary School
Blind Willie Blues Festival
Blosser, Susan --“John Dudley Tatum”
Blosser, Susan --“Emily Hines Polhill (Nisbit)”
Bonner, James C.
Bonner, James C. --Civil War: “Sherman At Milledgeville”
Bonner, James C. --“Historic Markers, Milledgeville”
Bonner, James C. – Index to Milledgeville: Georgia's Antebellum Capital
Bonner, James C. – Index to Notecard Collection
Bonner, James C. – Photographs
Bowden, Col. Edwin T.
Boykin Hall
Boys and Girls Clubs of Baldwin County
Branscomb, Anne Wells
Brookes, Iverson Lewis
Brown, Floria Elaine Dalves
Brown's Crossing Craftsmen Fair
Buchanan, Matthew G. --Lucliius Henry Briscoe
Buchanan, Matthew G. --“Farrish Carter”
Buena Vista
Buffington, Samuel
Burdell, William “Bill” --“Herschel V. Johnson”
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands [see: Freedmen's Bureau]
Burgamy, Anne Buckner and Hugh Harrington.  "A Yankee Hero of Gettysburg and a Georgia Connection" (Joshua L. Chamberlain)
Burr, Aaron – Travels through Central Georgia
Bush, Effie Sharp
Business & Professional Women of Milledgeville
Business Closings

C c

Califf, David A. – The Creek Indians
Capital [see: Old Capitol Building]
Camp Creek Church
Campus Theatre
Carey, Robert --“Cabinet Making”
Carmolingo, Nicole. "Milledgeville's Adherence to the Fashion Trends…”
Casler, Leah A study of Moral and Medical Treatment in the 19th century in Milledgeville [Central State]
Central Georgia Technical College
Central State Hospital
Central State-Doctors stories 
Central State Hospital – Historic Photographs
Central State Hospital Cemetery
Central State Report
Census (1820)
Census (1990)
Census (1990)
Chancey, Andrew S. [see: African American History – "Separate Worlds in the Same…”
Chandler, Barbara Ann
Chandler, Ray [see: Stembridge, Marion Wesley]
Chen, Feinian  (John Ruggles Cotting)
Chief Seattle
Childers, William A. --“John A. Cuthbert”
Churches [see also: Baldwin County – Churches]
Chronology of notable events (1250-1996)
City Council City Hall City Seal
Civil War
Civil War – Centennial Celebration [2 folders]
Civil War – Jemison, Edwin Frances [see also: Memory Hill Cemetery]
Civil War – Secession [see also: Nullification Convention (1832); "Their Massive Pride"]]
Cliff's Variety and Thrift
Collins, Dorothy M. [see: “A Narrative History of the Willis House, c. 1828-1834]
Community: Baldwin County in the 1930's"]
Community Chorus
Community Profile (March 1988)
Community Profile (November 1989)
Community Profile (undated Knight Foundation study)
Community Programs
Cobb, Howell
Collins, Dorothy --“A Narrative History of The Willis House, c. 1828-1834”
Colored Odd Fellows- Brief History
Columbia Center --McGaw Building) [see also: Kendall McGaw]
Cooper's Community
Courts and Courthouses
Coverdell, Paul D.
Cranford, Beaufort
Cranford, Peter
Creative Expressions Studio
Creekside Elementary School
Creel, Brad --“A Historic Look at the First Methodist Church in Milledgeville Georgia”
Creel, Brad --“Peter Jones Williams”
Creel, Brad –“Peter Fair, Sr.”


Davis, Nikki [see: Flagg, Reverend Wilkes]
Davis, Sallie Ellis [see also: Eddy School Neighborhood]
Deen, Johnathan [see: McKinley Family]
Deep Roots Festival
Deen, Paula
DeLaunay-DuBourg Families (will abstracts, family history)
Development Authority
Doles, George Pierce [see also: Ennis, Howard]
Dorman, Steve 
DuBignon Family
Dunbar, Dawn [see: Georgia Miscellaneous Vertical Files – Dunbar, David Clayton]
Durden, Diane [see: Gaither, Col. Henry]


E e

Eagle Ridge Elementary
Eagles (eagle release in Baldwin County)
Early, Joe
Eddy School Neighborhood [see also: Davis, Sallie Ellis; Flagg, Rev. Wilkes]
Edwards, Harry Stilwell
Elections (local)
English, Dr. Mildred E.
Ennis, Charles
Ennis, Howard [see also: Doles, George Pierce]
Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses
Executions [see also: Georgia State Penitentiary; Prisons; Old State Prison Farm]
Ezell, David L. [see: Doles, George Pierce; Civil War – "The Tunnel"]

F f

Farris, Rochelle T. –“Gachets and Thorntons: Look to the rock From Which They Were Hewn”
Federal Pensioners (1882-1883)
Fest of Ville
First African Church [see: African American History – First African Church]
First Assembly of God
First National Bank of Baldwin County
First Presbyterian Church
Flanders, Lorene E. (Memory Hill: White Family Tours, 1996”)
Flanders, Lorene E. (Memory Hill: White Family Tours, 1999”)
Flanders, Lorene E. (Interview: Mrs. L.W. Lane [See Also: Sallie Ellis Davis]
Flagg Chapel Baptist Church
Flagg, Rev. Wilkes [2 folders; see also: Eddy School Neighborhood; Flagg Chapel Baptist Church]
Forstmann & Co., Inc.
Forts Committee Department of Archives and History –“Fort Fidius”
Fort Wilkinson
Foster, Rebecca –“The Adaptation of Historic Westover Plantation for Conventional Domestic Use”
Fountain, Wilson --“A Biographical Sketch of Fleming Grantland, 1790-1819”
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – Letters received (Sep 1865-Jul 1867)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – Letters sent (Aug 1867-Feb 1868)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – Miscellaneous lists and memoranda (1865-1870)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – School Reports from teachers (Oct 1865-Aug 1867)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – School Reports from teachers (Sep 1867-May 1868)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – School Reports from teachers (Jun-Dec 1868)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – School Reports from teachers (Jan-Apr 1869)
Freedmen's Bureau (Baldwin County) – Records of the Supt. of Education – School Reports from teachers (Apr-Jul 1870)
French Drive
Frost, Dana --“Seaton Grantland”
Fry, Edgar A. --Carl Vinson: His Pre-Congressional Law Practice”
Fry, Edgar A. --“Zachariah Lamar”
Fujino, Yoko --“Mary Ann Lamar Cobb”
Furniture made in Milledgeville 


Gaither, Col. Henry
Garden Club
Gay, Ella Dunlap
Georgia Board of Regents
Georgia Bureau of Investigation – John T. "Sonny" King Memorial Building
Georgia Casino Study
Georgia College & State University - African American
Georgia College & State University – Alma Mater [2 folders]
Georgia College & State University – Arts and Sciences Building
Georgia College & State University – Baccalaureate Address, 1936 (Dr. William D. Hooper) Georgia College & State University – Bone House (Frank E. Bone)
Georgia College & State University – Budget Request (1999)
Georgia College & State University – Calendar of Events (1999-2000)
Georgia College & State University – Centennial Year Celebration
Georgia College & State University – Center for Graduate and Professional Learning (Macon)
Georgia College & State University – Colonnade (student newspaper)
Georgia College & State University – Continuing Education & Public Services 
Georgia College & State University – Faculty/Staff Newsletter
Georgia College & State University – Faculty/Staff Profiles
Georgia College & State University – Financial Report (1998)
Georgia College & State University – "For A Jessie"
Georgia College & State University – General Newspaper Clippings (1920-1986)
Georgia College & State University – General Newspaper Clippings (1989-1990)
Georgia College & State University – General Newspaper Clippings (1991-1994)
Georgia College & State University – General Newspaper Clippings (1995-1997)
Georgia College & State University – General Newspaper Clippings (1999-2000)
Georgia College & State University - General Newspapers Clippings (2000-present)
Georgia College & State University- History
Georgia College & State University – Housing
Georgia College & State University – Library (Ina Dillard Russell Library)
Georgia College & State University – Music
Georgia College & State University – Parking Sub-Committee Observations 
Georgia College & State University – Postcards
Georgia College & State University – Russell Auditorium
Georgia College & State University – Sports [2 folders]
Georgia College & State University – Student Profiles
Georgia College & State University -Student Life 1970's
Georgia College & State University – Technology Plan (1999)
Georgia College & State University – Theatre
Georgia Military College [2 folders]
Georgia Military College Museum 
Georgia Normal & Industrial College (GN&IC)
Georgia Normal & Industrial College (GN&IC) – Lamar Hall [see: Georgia College & State University – Terrell Hall}
Georgia Power Plant Branch (Lake Sinclair)
Georgia State Penitentiary [see also: Executions; Prisons; Old State Prison Farm]
Georgia State Penitentiary History [5 folders]
Georgia Students
Georgia Trend
Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Georgia War Veterans Home
Georgia's Old Capital Museum
Giddings Investigation
Gingrich, Newt
GNIC Uniform Instructions, 1908
Golden, Maggie --“Historic Buildings: South Wayne Street, Milledgeville”
Goldstein, Maxine
Goff, Jeff  --“Fishing Creek”
Goodman, Emily –“Martha Low Fannin
Goon, Robert --“Milledgeville’s Antebellum Libraries, 1810-1854”
Government Officers
Governor's Mansion [see: Old Governor's Mansion]
Graham, Ruth
Grantland-Stevenson House
Green, Verna C.
Gregory, Alex (YKK)
Griffin, Floyd
Grumman Aircraft Systems
Gulley, Christie  (“Baldwin County – Census (1860 and 1870”)
Guidebook (1949)
Guy, Gaynie and Harrington, Hugh T. (“Julia Forge: Victorian Murderess”)


Habitat for Humanity
Hambrick, Paul F., III [see: Georgia College & State University – Peabody School]
Hammock, Emily Davidson [see: Williams-Ferguson-Lewis House]
Hardwick Christian Church 
Hardwick, Georgia – History
Hardy, Oliver
Harlem Globetrotters
Harmony Methodist Church
Harp, John --“Miller Grieve, Sr.”
Harrington, Hugh T. "The Finney-Stanley Shooting" 
Harrington, Hugh T. –“Georgia’s Dixie Haygood”
Harrington, Hugh T. and Lisa Ennis. -- "Milledgeville's Unusual Kenan-Strother Shootings" 
Harrington, Hugh T. and Alexandra Filipowski. -- "One-Legged Rufus Kelly Defends the Little Town of Gordon - Alone!" 
Harrington, Hugh T. -- "Murder on Main Street." 
Harrington, Hugh T. -- "The Strange Death of Capt. Abner Zachary." 
Harrington, Hugh T. -- "The Unusual Case of the Murder of Lemeul Smith." 
Harrington, Hugh T. -- "Was Michael Shaw Hanged for a Crime He Did Not Commit?" 
Harrington, Hugh T. -- “Unknown Civil War Soldiers”
Harrington, Susan --“How the Annie Abbot Act Was Performed (Dixie Haygood)”
Harris, Agnes Ellen

Harris, Robin O. –“Julia A. Flisch
Hawkins, Allison [see: Milledgeville – Historic Buildings – Corner of Wayne and Hancock Streets]
Health Education-Georgia College
Hendrickson, Howard [see also: Griswoldville, Georgia – Jones County Vertical Files]
Herren, Darryl & Marsha
Herring, Frank Stanley  
Heritage Foundation
Hill, Celestine
Hilson, Clint –“The Stembridge Affair: Marion Wesley Stembridge”
Hines, Nelle Womack
Historic District (Guidelines for Rehabilitation and New Construction)
Historic Preservation Commission
History [4 Folders]
Hogan, James Carroll [2 folders]
"The Homestead" [see: Williams-Ferguson-Lewis House]
Hopewell United Methodist Church
Hospice Care
Humphrey, Clint --“Augustus Holmes Kenan”
Humphrey, Clint --“Thomas Holmes Kenan”
Humphrey, Clint --“Samuel Walker”
Hunter, John --“The political Career of David Byrdie Mitchell”


ID Magazine
Indian Island
Ingle, Chris [see: African American History – Registry of Free Persons of Color (1832-1866)]


Jaeger Company [see: Final Report: Sallie Ellis Davis House]
Jail (Georgia College campus, circa 1976)
J.P. Stevens
John Howard Cemetery [see: Williamson-Howard Cemetery]
John Marlor Arts Center [see: Allied Arts]
John Milledge Academy
John T. "Sonny" King Memorial Building [see: Georgia Bureau of Investigation]
Johnikin, Robyn [see: Troutman, Joanna]
Johns, Thomas [see: Civil War – Sherman at Milledgeville]
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Ann Polk Walker-wife of former Gov Herschel Vespian Johnson-thesis
Johnson, Herschel V.
Johnson, Ken [see: Opera House]
Jordan, Benjamin Smith
Joslyn, Mauriel


Keeler, Clyde [2 folders]
Kendall McGaw [see also: Columbia Center]
Kendall, Patricia --“Terrell Hall: A Chronological History”
Kerr, David G. --Civil War-“The Crippling of an Urban Elite”
Kidd, Senator Culver
King, Elizabeth --“Dixie the Georgia Wonder”
Knight Foundation


Lake Sinclair [2 folders]
Lance, Phillips --“Their Massive Pride: The Georgia Secession Centennial Play, 1960”
Land Lotteries
Land Use Capability Survey (1943)
Lanier, Sidney
Lataste, Lucien and Victor
Lawrence, Roberta [see: Georgia Miscellaneous Vertical Files – Carson McCullers]
Leach, Dexter –“Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, Sr.”
Leatherwood, Matt --“Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, Jr.”
Leatherwood, Matt --“Trinity Colored Methodist Church”
LeConte & Furman Family Papers
Library [see: Mary Vinson Memorial Library]
License and Tax Ordinance (1938)
"Little Georgia Magnet" [see: Haygood, Dixie]
Liquor Licenses"
Live Healthy Baldwin
Local Artists
Local Authors
Local Events
Local People in the News
Local Restaurants
Lockerly Arboretum


Macon College
Macon Tech
Main Street Commission
Major Thoroughfares [see: oversize box]
Maps [2 Folders]
Mary Vinson Memorial Library
Mayors (1816-1979)
Mead, Gregory C. --“Patrick Kane”
Mead, Jeffery --“ Film indexing Project Assessment, 13-WMAZ, Macon”
Melton, Sara --“Lovely Phantom”
Meyer, Herb
Miscellaneous [2 Folders]
McDonald, Ben –“The 1832 Nullification Convention, Milledgeville Georgia”
McGaw Building [see: Columbia Center]
McGee Exhibit
McGuigan, Michael --"A Compendium of the Life of Mirabeau Buonoparte Lamar,"
McKinley House –“William McKinley
Mead, Gregory C. [see: Kane, Patrick]
Memory Hill Cemetery
Memory Hill Cemetery – Community Celebration Texts
Midway Elementary School
Military Service
Milledgeville-Baldwin County 2000+
Milledgeville Boycotts
Milledgeville Centennial Celebration
Milledgeville History
Milledgeville Housing Authority
Milledgeville Medical Center
Milledgeville Memoirs
Milledgeville Music Club
Milledgeville Police Department
Milledgeville Scene July-August 2012
Milledgeville State Hospital [see: Central State Hospital]
Milledgeville Tree Board
Miller, Dorothy --“Economic Reports, Milledgeville”
Mills, Patrick H. --“Dr. Charles Holmes Herty”
Mitchell, David Brydie-Governor of Georgia-thesis 
Mitchell, Nicole --“The Bell Family”
Mohawk Industries
Montfort, Regina L. [see: African American History – Business Community]
Moon, Nathan [see: Buffington, Samuel]
Mooncalf Press
Moore, Jere Neuville
Moore, Powell
Moran, Jennifer --“Robert McComb”
Morgan Chapel Baptist Church
Morgan, David [see: Civil War – Sherman at Milledgeville]
Morgan, Deanne --“Patience Barrow McKinley”
Myrick, Stith P.


NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Nappy Roots
"National Air Mail Week"
"Native American Artifacts
National Children's Study
Neil, Mallory --“The Times They Are A Changing: Student Life at Georgia College in the 1970’s
Nelligan, Dorris [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files – Sacred Heart Church]
Nelson, Sara Louise
Nestle Plant
Newell House
Newsome, Cail --“The Sanford House and the Sanford Family”
Noah, Deborah –“Mrs. Max Noah
Northside Elementary School


O o

Ocmulgee National Monument
O'Connor, Flannery [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files]
O'Connor, Regina [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files]
The Oconee Area Planning and Development Commission –“Community Profile, 1982”
Oconee Center
Oconee Clay Products
Oconee Regional Symphony Orchestra
Oconee Springs
Oconee Mental Health & Mental Retardation Program
Oconee Regional Medical Center
Oconee River Greenway Authority (ORGA)
Oconee Town [see also: Rock Landing]
Oglethorpe University [2 folders]
Old Capitol Building [3 folders]
Old Capitol Building – Lafayette Tour
Old Capitol Celebration
Old Governor's Mansion
Old State Prison Farm [see also: Executions; Georgia State Penitentiary; Prisons]
Old State Prison Farm – Prison song recordings (Nov.-Dec. 1934) [cassette and CD]
Olsen, Eric --“The Forgotten History of Wayne Street” (Waitzfelder Building)


Parham, Bobby
Parks and Recreation
Payne, Timothy --“Benjamin Smith Jordan”
Payne, Timothy --"Mirabeau Buonoparte Lamar: Georgia Native, Texas Revolutionary,"
Payne, Timothy --“Tomlinson Fort Newell”
Peabody High School [see: GC – Peabody School]
Peeler, J. Michael
Perkins, Donna --“Dr. Amanda Johnson”
Peterson, Amanda:  --“Anna Maria Green Cook”
Persian Gulf War
Phillips, Lance [see: “Their Massive Pride: The Georgia Secession Centennial Play 1960”]
Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell
Pilgrimage Day Celebration (1952)
Play! A Creative Studio
Police Department
Pope, Katherine H. --Milledgeville-Baldwin County Convention and Visitors Bureau: Building Survey and Internship Experience”
Pratt, Amanda --“Fleming Grantland”
Pratt, Daniel
Prince, Christy –“Dr. Tomlinson Fort, Sr.
Prisons [see also: Executions; Georgia State Penitentiary; Old State Prison Farm]
Private Prisons
Probate Court
Profiles of Residents [3 folders]
Progressive Farmers Club


R r

Ramsdale, Theodore --“A Brief Study on Runaway Slave Ads in Antebellum Milledgeville Newspapers”
Reece, Barry –“Peter Cline”
Register, Alvaretta Kenan --“The Kenan Family”
Reid, Templeton
Relay For Life
Rhea, Carter --“Food or Fabric: The Milledgeville Riots”

River Edge Behavioral Health Center
Roberts, Jamie --“Prostitution in Early Milledgeville”
Roberts, William C. --“Tomlinson Fort”
Rock Landing (2 folders)
Samuel Rockwell House
Russell, Ina Dillard
Russell, Mary Virginia Harrison-thesis  

S s

Sacred Heart Catholic Church [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files]
S.A.F.E. (Successful Avenue for Family Enrichment)
Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church
Salminiitty, Satu
Sanford House
Sanford, Lamonica Jenkins (Sallie Ellis Davis)
Sanford, Richard H. [see: Harris, William A.]
Sanford, Terry --“Daniel Sanford’s Family History”
Sausinger, Didier --“Clyde B. Keeler”
Schiflett, Laurel --“Furniture of Baldwin County, 1850-1855”
Scholly, Livy --“Frank Stanley Herring” (2 of 2)
Scott, Nancy --“History of Hotels and Tavern in Milledgeville”
Scott, Nancy --“Richard McAlister Orme”
Scottsboro Community
Second Macedonia Baptist Church
Segrest, Mab
September 11th
Sesquicentennial (1952) [see also: Stembridge, Marion Wesley]
Sellers, Frederick --“John and Ann Marlor”
Seymour, Martha. --“Five Hundred Years of a Wright Family”
Sheriff's Department and Jail
Shiflett, Laura. [see: Furniture of Baldwin County, 1850-1855”]
Shockley, Leanne --“Jessie Sanford”
Sibley, John [VHS cassette]
Sibley, Ulysses Erwin
Slater Family- Bob Wilson
Slavery [2 folders; see also: African American History]
Smith, Mary Jane
Sparks, Jared – Visit to Milledgeville (1826)
Spence, Byron --“Early Athletics at GN&IC”
SPLOST, Milledgeville (2012) [see business]
Springtown, Inc.
Stanford, Henry King
State Sanitarium- Nurses School
Stembridge, Marion Wesley [2 folders; see also: Paris Trout]
Stembridge, Marion Wesley – "Marion Stembridge and the Stembridge Murders," by Patti Wright
Stembridge, Marion Wesley – Transcript of murder indictment (The State vs. Marion W. Stembridge, July 1949)
Stevens, Henry –“Stevens Pottery
Strickland, Diane Daniel --“The One and Only Kate Thrash”
Strickland, Stan

T t

Tales from the Back Stoop
Tate House
Taylor, Brittany --“Georgia State Sanitarium Nurses Training School, 1810-1947”
Technical College System of Georgia
Tourism Tours Tours of Homes Voter Registration List (1961)
Thigpen, John Victor [see: Central State Hospital]
Thomas, Bren –“The Slater Family”
Thomas, Kent --“Building Guides, Atlanta”
Thornton, Mrs. John P. --“Mary Vinson Memorial Library”
Time Capsule
Train Schedule
Trawick, Jessie T.
Turner, Jim --“A Biographical Sketch of Samuel Walker”


Uhler, Margaret [see: Flannery O'Connor Vertical Files – Sacred Heart Church]
U.S. Naval Ordinance Plan
U.S. Women's Naval Reserves [see: WAVES]
U.S.S. Carl Vinson [see: Vinson, Carl]


Van Tone, Kevin --“The Founding of Milledgeville, 1803”
Victory Baptist Church
Vinson, Carl
Vinson, Carl – U.S.S. Carl Vinson
Vinson, E.A.
Vought Aircraft Industries


Waggoner, Jamie --“Abner Hammond: A Tale From the Files of a Secret Agent”
Wagner, Kathryn. --"Precarious Education: Milledgeville's First Schools, 1807-1829."
Wall, Russell (Lucius Quintus Lamar, Sr.: Milledgeville Lawyer and Judge)
Walston, Rosa Lee
Ward, Cecil
Water and Sewage Committee
Waters, Cherry --“Wilkes Flagg”
Watson, Daniel J. --“Reverend Joseph Clay Stiles”
Watson, Daniel J. --“Mount Nebo”
Watts, Jimmy
Webb, Gloria --“A Biographical Sketch of Bardel Palmer Stubbs”
White, Edward
White, John Dr.
Wilborne, Donald Thorndike [see: African American History – First African Church]
Williams, Jim --“Leopold Waitzfelder”
Williams, Lucinda
Williams-Ferguson-Lewis House [see also: Williams, Peter Jones]
Williamson, Christine E. --“General Jett Thomas”
Williamson, Christine E --“A Study of the U.S. Women’s Naval Reserves at the Georgia State College for Women, 1943-45”
Williamson-Howard Cemetery
Wilson, Bob
Wireless Broadband Networks
Woman's College of Georgia – Campus maps
Wood, Cullen --“A Compilation of Names and Individuals Buried in Coopers Cemetery”
World News 2000-2005
Wright, Patty [see: Stembridge, Marion Wesley]
Wynne, Tony M.  – “The Freedmen’s Bureau”
YES Program
Youth Development Center
Yummy Yogo


Agricultural History
Church Records
Civil War Rosters
Dickson, Amanda America
Dickson, David
Fort Twiggs
Griswoldville, Ga (see also: Hendrickson, Howard-Baldwin Co./Milledgeville)
Historic Buildings
Hubert, Benjamin
Hubert, Zach
Lafayette Hotel
Land Lotteries
Linton, Ga- "Notes on Linton" by Blanche Boyer
"The Linton Tournament" (1869)
Marriage Records
McCown, John M.
Miller, Benton
Negro rural Community Center (see also: Hubert, Benjamin)
Tax Digests (1794-1795)
Terrell-Stone House
Thomas. Reverend John Jr.
Toomer, Jean
Ogeechee River Mill
Rock Mill
Sparta Baptist Church
Sparta Economic Profile
Stephens, Linton
Superior Court Juery Lists (1794-1809)
Wills and Estate Records


Census (1820)
Clinton, Ga
Court Minute Abstracts
Haddock, Ga.- History
Lowther Hall
Jones County Schools
Wills and Estate Records 



Census (1810)
Confederate War Veterans
Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church-Members list (1807-1845)
Dairy Industry
Eatonton-Putnum County Economic Profile (July 1980)
Eatonton-Putnam County Guide
Harmony Baptist Church
Harris, Joel Chandler (see also: Uncle Remus Museum Archives)
Historic Buildings
Lake Development
Nuwabians (United Nation of Moors)
Panola Hall
Rock Eagle
Taxable Property Digest (1815)
Turner, Joseph Addison
Turner, William
Uncle Remus Museum Archives (see also: Harris, Joel Chandler)
Union Chapel School
Walker, Alice
Ward's Chapel Cemetery (see also: Walker, Alice)
Wills (1808-1822) 


Cohen, Louis
Davisboro, Georgia
Friendship "W" Baptist Church
Index to the 1850 Census of Washington County
Militia Muster Rolls (1793)
Surveyors Records
Sandersville and Washington County, Georgia – History
Sandersville-Tennille-Washington County Economic Profile (August 1982)
Tennille-Washington County Economic Profile (January 1983)
Tombstone Records
Walker, John F.
Washington County Historical Society Newsletter
Washington County Historical Society – Genealogist's Encyclopedia


Garrett, William
Gordon, Georgia
Gordon-Wilkinson County Community Profile (June 1982)
Inferior Court Justices (1805 - 1846)
Land Lotteries
Toomsboro, Georgia
Toomsboro High School
Wilkinson County Historical Society



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