Georgia Governors, 1839-1868

Eight governors occupied The Old Governor's Mansion from 1839 until 1868. Listed below are the governors and the dates they served. Complete the crossword by matching six of those governors with his performances. Use the index of your textbook, A History of Georgia, as a resource.

  1. Across - Governor __________ was chosen in 1860 as Stephen A. Douglas' Vice Presidential running mate. Stephen Douglas was defeated by Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency.
  2. Down - Under Governor __________, Georgia limited civil rights for freed blacks with "Black Codes."
  3. Across - Governor __________ was the first governor to occupy the Old Governor's Mansion.
  4. Across - Governor __________ was governor during the Civil War and served four consecutive terms.
  5. Down - Governor __________ was appointed by President Andrew Johnson as Georgia's provisional governor after the Civil War.
  6. Down - Governor __________ encouraged growth of Georgia's railroads and created the position of School Superintendent.
Governors Occupying The Mansion
Charles McDonald
George Crawford
George Towns
Howell Cobb
Herschel Johnson
Joseph E. Brown
James Johnson*
Charles Jenkins
Thomas Ruger 1868
*(Did not occupy the Mansion.)

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