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Practicum Overview



The practicum allows MSCM majors practical experience in a mass communication field on campus in a supervised and educational setting.

Students complete two on-campus practicums before going off campus to complete an internship. The student registers for a practicum during the appropriate registration period, attends a practicum class and reviews on-campus practicum opportunities. If the student meets the requirements and is accepted by the on-site supervisor after a personal interview, the student and the supervisor sign the job description written by the on-site supervisor and determine a work schedule. The student then brings the completed contract to practicum class no later than the second class day.


Guidelines for Students (pdf)

On-site Supervisor Guidelines (pdf)

6 Easy Steps for Registering for a Practicum


Register for a practicum during the appropriate registration period.


Attend the first day of the practicum class.


Select a practicum site from the practicum book located in the MSCM Office (Terrell 211). Make two copies of the contract.


Set up an interview with the on-site supervisor of the desired practicum to determine if the practicum is appropriate for your curriculum and career goals.


Have one copy of the practicum contract signed by the on-site supervisor and your MSCM professor. Keep one copy for your records.


Turn in a signed contract and resume to your mass communication professor on the second day of the scheduled practicum class.


Practicum descriptions/contracts are available in the Practicum Books in the MSCM Office (Terrell 211) or you may download the contract as a Microsoft Word Document.



Supervisor Overview


The MSCM practicum is a program organized to provide mass communication majors with practical experience in a mass comm field on campus in a supervised and educational setting. Students complete practicums on campus before going off-campus to complete an internship. The practicum also provides areas on campus with assistance in mass communication-related tasks. Due to high demand, supervisors will be limited to two practicum students per semester.


Office Application Process 

Individuals or offices interested in a practicum student for a semester should complete a practicum job description contract and return it to the MSCM coordinator. The job description must be approved by the MSCM coordinator before the area is accepted as a practicum site. The job description form should include the location of the practicum assignment, the responsibilities of the practicum assignment, the skills needed by the student, number of hours the student will be needed (minimum of 45 hours per semester) and specific times the student will be needed.


Selection Process

Students who have registered for a practicum will review the job descriptions and request an interview with the on-site supervisor. The supervisor will interview MSCM students and select qualified students for the practicum opportunity. After the on-site supervisor has selected a student, the student and the supervisor must sign the job description form and the student must return the signed form to the supervising faculty member. The on-site supervisor will be responsible for daily contact and supervision of the student. The supervisor will also be responsible for completing an evaluation of the student during and following the practicum experience.


Monitoring Process

A MSCM professor will meet with the student at the beginning of the semester and intermittently to monitor the practicum experience and be available to the practicum supervisor for consultation as needed. The final grade will be assigned by the MSCM professor based on meetings and evaluations over the course of the semester, the student's final paper and the supervisor's final evaluation.


Supervisor FAQ


For a copy of the practicum description/contract or to inquire about creating a new practicum, contact the mass communication coordinator, Mary Jean Land, via e-mail at

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