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Past Projects

2013 Student Projects


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Jodeci Wheaden

R. Brown

An Application of Algebraic Geometry in Control Theory

Sally Gilbreth

D. Mohr

Using Mathematics to Optimize Evacuation Routes 

Tanner Mortensen

D. Mohr

Mathematics and Baseball: Rethinking Slugging Percentage

Brittany Tharpe

K. Westbrook

Talk Your MATH Off: Communicating in the Mathematics Classroom

Lydia Ozier

K. Westbrook

Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Autism

Peggy Kimmons

A. Abney

Connections Throughout the Standards

Michael Eubanks

R. Brown

Machu Picchu and the Rising Sun

Juliana Martins

R. Brown

An Astronomical Analysis of an Inca Quipu

Amanda Schmidt

R. Brown

Mathematics in Knots

Lindsey Harrison

M. Allen

From Euclid to Present: A Collection of Proofs Regarding the Infinitude of Primes

Katelyn Callahan

M. Allen

The Impact of the Allied Cryptographers on World War II: Cryptanalysis of the Japanese and German Cipher Machines

Rujeko Chinomona

M. Chiorescu

Equilibrium, Stability, and Dynamics of Magnetocapillary Swimmers

Zachary Monaco

B. Samples

Olympic Coloring: Go for the Gold

Katy Hill

B. Samples

Understanding Lie Algebras for Abelian Groups Zn and Zm × Zn

Tricia Swift

B. Samples

Algebraic Understanding of College Algebra Students through Story Problems

Miles Daly

R. Brown

Symmetry Analysis of Inca Textiles and Ceramics

Matthew Hilliard

H. Yue

Investigation of the Interactions of Argon Particles in a Closed Container

Monica Pescitelli

S. Sadhu

Lotka Volterra Predator-Prey Model with a Predating Scavenger

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