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Honors Lunch

The Mathematics Department Honors Lunch is an event held every spring where we recognize those students who have received various departmental awards and honors. The 2015 Honors Lunch took place on Friday, April 24, 2015 from Noon to 2 p.m. Please check back here for details about 2016.

MAA Southeastern Section Conference

In the spring semester of 2015, seven students, namely Ryan Lawson, Brian Minter, Morgan Pendergast, Samantha Clapp, Keri Spetzer, Kirsten Morris and Moriah Gibson, five faculty members, and the families of the faculty from Georgia College attended the 94th annual Mathematics Association of America Southeast Conference (MAA-SE). The conference was held at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington on March 13th and 14th. During the conference, four of the faculty members and one student prepared and presented various talks with topics ranging from the capstone/senior research experience at GC, to GC online statistics courses, to applications of the Fibonacci number sequence. The GC faculty presentations were captivating and informative; the students enjoyed seeing their professors presenting. On Friday, four GC students, namely Samantha, Brian, Kirsten and Ryan, participated in a Math Jeopardy competition at the conference. The coaches for the team were Dr. Darin Mohr and Dr. Hong Yue. This team did an excellent job, and they advanced to the semifinals round in Math Jeopardy. Dr. Yue was excited about their success and they plan to continue practicing in the fall in order to do even better at the next conference. On Saturday, the students spent the morning enjoying the other talks offered at the conference. One such talk topic was “creasing” a certain polymer using a marker and a heat source in order to make temporary 3-D structures. Another centered around adding cards to the game of SET that display the limit of the different combinations of objects within the game. In expressing her opinion about the conference, Kirsten Morris, a junior mathematics major, remarked, “Not only did I enjoy learning about different areas of mathematics, but I also gained knowledge on exciting opportunities for undergraduate research.” She went on to add that she “... gained knowledge on how to create and give an effective presentation.” The other students at the conference also seemed to find the various talks interesting, and many of them were exposed to mathematical talks for the first time. Overall, the conference was an excellent experience where the students from GC learned about the current research in the field of mathematics in a fun and engaging way and spent some restful time with their peers and professors.


Clockwise from top left: Morgan Pendergast, Brian Minter, Kirsten Morris, Keri Spetzer, Moriah Gibson, Samantha Clapp, and Ryan Lawson.


Left to Right: Ryan Lawson, Kirsten Morris, Brian Minter (top), Keri Spetzer, Morgan Pendergast, and Samantha Clapp elevate to a higher level.


Left to Right: Brian Minter, Ryan Lawson, Samantha Clapp, and Kirsten Morris play Math Jeopardy.

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