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Spring 2009 Seminars

Department of Mathematics Seminars and Colloquia Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title
Friday, January 23 James Baugh
GC Math
Why the Entropy of the Universe is Zero!
Friday, January 30   Algebraic Geometry Problem Session
Friday, February 6   No talk this Friday.
Friday, February 13 Reece Boston
GC Math Student
An Overview of Non-Standard Analysis: Justifying Infinitesimals for Use in Analysis and Calculus
Friday, February 20 Mark Budden
Rational Reciprocity and Algebraic Number Fields
Friday, February 27   No talk this Friday.
Friday, March 6 GC Math Students Heather Morgan - Fibonacci
Mikey Branson - Divisibility in Base n
Friday, March 13 MAA Southeast
Section Meeting
No talk this Friday
Wednesday, March 18 Millenium Problems Panel Rodica Cazacu - Navier-Stokes Equations
Jason Stover - Poincare Conjecture
Jason Huffman - Riemann Hypothesis
George Cazacu - P vs. NP
Friday, March 20 Steven Wallace
Macon State Math
Untying (Generalized) Colored Shoelaces
Friday, March 27 Spring Break No talk this Friday
Friday, April 3   No talk this Friday
Friday, April 10 Angel Abney and Janet Shiver
GC Math
Incorporating GSP into the College Classroom
Friday, April 17 Cindy Phillips
Georgia Tech Math Student
Complex Hyperbolic Plane in Cylindrical Coordinates about the Real Hyperbolic Plane
Friday, April 24 Math Department Picnic No talk this Friday
Friday, May 1 Amy Kelley
GC Math
An Introduction to Operator Theory
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