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The MLC Language Laboratory

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Georgia College manages a language lab for use free of charge for all Georgia College faculty, staff, and students. This state of the art facility is divided into two separate spaces: Room 271 is a 30 seat facility with computers at each position equipped with Sanako Study 1200 software, Transparent Language, and Auralog Tell Me More, and room 273 is primarily a tutoring area where students receive free tutoring, extra practice, and general language assistance by the lab staff and faculty.   Room 273 contains 8 fully-equipped student computer stations to ensure access to lab assignments even when a class is in session in room 271.

Sanako Study 1200 is modular software that allows instructors to install modules that include additional teaching and learning assignments. Students are able to enjoy voice-based activities such as model imitation, reading practice, and mark-to-speak drills. Tests, quizzes, and any type of normal classroom activities can all be accomplished faster by using Sanako Study 1200.

Auralog Tell Me More is a network-based language instruction software suite designed to improve the user's reading and listening comprehension, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and speaking skills. This program combines entertaining activity formats, cultural lessons, vocabulary exercises, grammar helps, and simulated conversations to create an all-inclusive approach to developing language skills.

The MLC Lab is also as a library of language-learning resources in the form of software, hardware, texts, and videos. Students can find an instructor's oral/aural activities and assignments and complete them in a variety of ways at an individual station. The facility also provides students with convenient hours of operation which allow them to come on their own schedule and proceed at their own pace. The MLC Lab classroom area, room 271, is also available by reservation to instructors who wish to meet in the lab with their students for activities or tests. The lab is operated by the Coordinator of the Language Lab, who is aided by student workers. The Coordinator works under the direction of the Director of the Language Lab, who is a faculty member. The MLC Lab provides numerous services that support foreign language learning at Georgia College. These services include the following:

•Peer tutoring by members of the student staff
•Videos, CDs, texts, software, and online resources to accompany the textbooks for the courses we teach
•Audio assignments in a variety of languages designed by instructors for students' self-study
•Computer-based language learning software and online resources in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
•Feature films, documentaries, and educational videos in French, German, Russian, and Spanish
•Foreign language reading materials, such as literature, online and paper-based magazines, and online newspapers
•Reference aids: monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, workbooks, textbooks, and grammar texts

Audio and video resources are required or strongly recommended for students in the first three semesters of language study and are closely coordinated with the texts being used in each course. Many resources are also available for students in more advanced courses.

For more information, please contact the Coordinator of the Language Lab at 478-445-4416.


Except during university holidays, the MLC Lab is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Tutoring is only available when classes are in session.

Contact Information
Location: 271 and 273 Arts & Sciences
MLC Lab: 478-445-4416


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