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Project Manager
The Martin Agency (3 years) Courtney Kelly

 Courtney Kelly

Courtney Kelly's Geico project made Ad Week's Ad of the Day.

Geico ad of the week

                                               Ad of the Day: Check Out Geico's First Spots in a While Not Made by The Martin Agency


Interview with Courtney

How did you acquire this position?

I started off as a project management intern the spring after I graduated and kept working my way up. I found it through an online job posting for a business development intern (even though I was more interested in project management). Once I submitted my resume, the HR rep reached out and asked out of the blue if I'd be interested in a project management internship instead.


How did Georgia College prepare you for this position?

I learned a lot about managing my own schedule and anticipating upcoming work by planning ahead. The mass comm courses in particular taught me to take control instead of sitting back and hoping everything falls into place with any work that comes my way. I think that's really what separates the people who are great to work with from the not-so-great, taking initiative, as well as crossing your T's and dotting your I's.


What advice to you have for Georgia College Mass Comm students as they prepare for the real world?

First, asking questions if you are unsure of something can go a surprisingly long way.

Second, if there's a specific type of job you want to do and don't have any connections, try to get into the general industry through an internship. One internship can lead to another, which lead to another, but those can all be stepping stones to the right job.  I've had coworkers who had internships that ended up not being their best fit, but by eventually ending up in an agency, they were able to identify what they liked and transitioned into the role.

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