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Minor in Creative Arts Therapies

The Minor in Creative Arts Therapies combines the unique qualities of the creative arts with therapeutic interventions. Students will choose a focus of music, dance, or a combination focus. The combination focus will be designed in collaboration with the student's advisor. Students in the Bachelor of Music Therapy degree program are eligible for the dance focus only.

18 hours distributed as follows:

Creative Arts Therapies Core Courses
Required (6 hours)

MOVT   2100     Introduction to Creative Arts Therapies (3) F
PSYCH   3040   Abnormal Psychology (3)

Music Concentration
Required (6 hours)

MUST 2110 Intro to Music Therapy (3) F
MUST 3500 Psychology of Music  (3)

Plus selections from the following (6 hours):

MUST 1001 Music Therapy Sign Language Performers  (1 semester hour)
MUST 2121 Music and Recreation  (2 semester hours)
MUST 2520 Class Guitar (2 semester hours)
MUST 2510 Methods & Materials in Music Theory I (2 semester hours)
MUST 2400 Piano Skills for Recreation & Therapy I  (2 semester hours) Instructor approval required
MUST 3001 Music Therapy Sign Language Performers  (1 semester hour)
MUST 3520 Research in Music  (3 semester hours)
MUST 4011 Music Therapy Principles with Children  (3 semester hours)
MUST 4021 Music Therapy Principles with Adults  (3 semester hours)
MUST 4210 Music and the Exceptional Child (3 semester hours)
MUST 2010 Elementary Sign Language for Therapists (3 semester hours)
MUST 2300 Guitar Skills for Recreation and Therapy I (2 semester hours) Instructor approval required

Dance Concentration
Required (6 hours):

MOVT 2200: Survey of Dance Movement Therapy  (3 semester hours) SU
MOVT 3000: Movement and Dance for Therapists (3 semester hours) SU

Plus selections from the following: (6 hours)

DANC 1300: Tap Dance (1 semester hour)
DANC 1500: Dance Improvisation (1 semester hour)
DANC 1150: Modern Dance I  (1 semester hour)
DANC 2150: Modern Dance II  (1 semester hour)
DANC 3150: Modern Dance Workshop (1 semester hour)
DANC 1400: Jazz Dance (1 semester hour)
DANC 1100: Ballet (1 semester  hour)
DANC 2100. Ballet 2 (1 semester hour)
DANC 3300  Dance History (3 semester hours)
THEA  1105  Theatrical Heritage (2 semester hours)


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