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What Is Expected Of Our Teacher Candidates?

Teacher candidates in our teacher preparation program are emerging professionals. Therefore, we expect them to conduct themselves with dignity, decorum, and consummate professionalism. While they are still students and entitled to make the kinds of mistakes we all made as novices, our teacher candidates have been carefully selected and have been well prepared to enter teaching, all teacher candidates in the Music Education Division of the Department of Music, whatever their area of certification, share the following expectations:

In Procedural Matters
1) Teacher candidates are expected to conduct themselves as welcomed guests and professional colleagues in the public school, and as such to be observant of the same rules, regulations, and expectations which all professional educators in the public school observe.
2) Teacher candidates are expected to sign in and out every time they enter or leave the school. They are also expected to be on time and to stay until the specified time everyday unless a variation is pre-approved by the University Supervisor. They are expected to wear their music department nametag each day they are at the public school or at any other school functions on or off of the public school campus. 
3) If a teacher candidate must be absent, he or she is expected to notify both the host teacher and university supervisor as early as possible before the school day begins. Make-up hours will be assigned by the university supervisor and approved by the host teacher.
4) Teacher candidates are expected to dress professionally, following the dress code specified by the administrator for the faculty in the school of placement. When in doubt, teacher candidates should comply with a dressier, rather than more casual, standard.
5) Teacher candidates are expected to inquire about (and follow) the school’s policies for use of copy machines, laminators, computers and other types of instructional equipment. They are also expected to inquire about any of the machines’ peculiarities before using the equipment.
6) Teacher candidates are not to use the school’s telephone, computers, or fax machines for personal business.
7) Teacher candidates may not smoke on school premises.
8)  Teacher candidates may take cell phones on campus but should only be used if absolutely necessary and without interruption to school activities or candidate responsibilities. 
9) Teacher Candidates may never serve as a substitute teacher. The state of Georgia requires that a certified teacher or substitute teacher be available to supervise a teacher candidate’s classroom performance.

In Personal Interactions
1) Teacher candidates are expected to establish and maintain proper and cordial relationships with all school personnel, learning names and responsibilities to the degree allowed by circumstances.
2) Teacher candidates are to establish and maintain proper professional relationships with students and their parents or caretakers.
3) Teacher candidates are expected to avoid inappropriate language or conduct in the school setting and at any school-sponsored function.
In Teaching Duties and Responsibilities
1) Teacher candidates are expected to honor the confidentiality of information about students’ grades, test scores, disciplinary records, or any other personal information.
2) Teacher candidates are expected to seek prior approval for any learning activities they implement.
3) Teacher candidates are expected to learn and follow guidelines and practices used by the host teacher for classroom management. Any modifications need to be discussed with the host teacher.
4) Teacher candidates are expected to seek the level of involvement expected by the university supervisor, but with the full cooperation of the host teacher.
5) Teacher candidates are expected to provide the host teacher with timely and complete information about talks assigned by university instructors to be carried out in the field placements.
6) Teacher candidates are expected to take the initiative in making their placements successful and getting the most out of each new learning experience.
7) Teacher candidates are expected to be observant of opportunities to be useful in the host teacher’s classroom and to volunteer his or her services as needed.

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