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Four Year Progression for Oboe

The following is a sample list of repertoire to be studied over four years.  Many of the books are sequential and may be used at multiple levels.  All levels of study will include the following:  development of tone production, intonation, breathing techniques, overall range up to high F, all major and minor scales with arpeggios, chromatic scale, long tones, and reed making skills.

Freshman Year

Long tones - Barret Oboe Method - pages 19 – 21; Major and minor scales in long tones

Vade-Mecum - pages3-6; emphasis on accuracy and steady beat - not speed
Chromatic scale to high F

Barret Oboe Method – Forty Progressive Melodies

Handel Sonatas
Cimarosa Concerto
Marcello Concerto in c minor

Reed Making Skills
Tie reed correctly with tip started
Sophomore Year

Long tones – Barret Oboe Method; Whole note Major and minor scales in thirds and with arpeggios; emphasis on vibrato development

Vade-Mecum – review – emphasis on speed while maintaining accuracy
Barret Oboe Method – articulation studies pages 54 – 56
Chromatic – full range of instrument

Barret Oboe Method – Forty Progressive Melodies and begin Sonatas

Haydn Concerto
Telemann Sonata in a minor
Hindemith Sonata
Reed Making Skills 
Reed tied correctly, tip almost completed, back started.

Junior Year

Long Tones

Hite – Foundation Studies

Barret Oboe Method – Sonatas and Fifteen Grand Studies
Ferling – Forty-eight Famous Etudes

Schumann Three Romances
Vaughn Williams Concerto

Orchestral Excerpts 
Begin working on standard excerpts from Vade-Mecum and Rothwell excerpt books

Reed Making Skills 
Reed tied correctly, tip completed, back almost finished, and reed should be able to crow.

Senior Year

Long Tones

Vade-Mecum (expand study to trill exercises, technical etudes, melodic studies, and orchestral excerpts)
Hite – Foundation Studies

Barret Oboe Method – Fifteen Grand Studies

Strauss Concerto
Poulenc Sonata
Mozart Concerto

Orchestral Excerpts
Vade Mecum

Reed Making Skills 
Reeds must be completed and playable.

Andraud, Albert J.  Vade-Macum of the Oboist
Barret, A.M.R.  A Complete Method for the Oboe
Debondue, Albert. 24 Etude Melodies
Ferling W.  48 Famous Studies
Hite, David Foundation Studies for the Oboe patterned after C. Baermann
Prestini, Giuseppe Raccolta di Studi per Oboe
Rothwell, Evelyn. Dificult Passages for Oboe and Cor Anglias
Sellner, Joseph. Method for Oboe or Saxophone

Albinoni, Concertos
Albinoni, Concerto for 2 oboes
Arnold, Fantasy for Oboe
Bach, Concerto in g minor
Bach, Siciliano and Arioso
Britten, Metamorphoses
Boni, Sonata in G
Cimarosa, Concerto
Francaix, The Flower Clock
Handel, Concerto in g minor
Handel, Sonatas
Haydn, Concerto
Head, Three Pieces
Hindemith, Sonata
Hummel, Theme and Variations
Ibert, Symphonie Concertante
Marcello, Sonata
Mozart, Concerto
Nielsen, Romance and Humoresque
Piston, Sonata
Poulenc, Sonata
Saint-Saens, Sonata
Schumann, Romances
Strauss, Concerto
Telemann, Concerto in f minor
Telemann, Sonata
Vaughn Williams, Concerto
Vivaldi, Sonata
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