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Percussion Performance Standards

The sequence and order of these principles for percussion may be adjusted according to the percussion area in which a particular student has strengths and weaknesses as determined by the instructor. The sequence may also include several instruments working concurrently as determined by the instructor.

First Semester- Snare Drum
1)         Review of all rudiments with emphasis on correct grip and 
             fundamental technique.
2)         Studies in selected method books to be chosen from: 
                Modern School for Snare Drum - Morris Goldenberg 
                Stick Control - George Stone 
                Orchestral Snare Drummer - Anthony Cirone
3)         Repertoire: Two prepared solos for snare drum.

Second Semester - Snare Drum
1)         Reading compound meters, mixed meters.
2)         Continuation of etude studies in selected method books.
3)         Orchestral repertoire for snare drum
4)         One prepared solo for snare drum

First Semester - Timpani
1)         Ranges, sizes and styles of drums, stick selection, tuning, 
             preparing the heads, and types of grips.  Emphasis will 
             be on fundamental technique and tone production.
2)         Studies in selected method books to be chosen from: 
                 Modern Method for Timpani - Saul Goodman 
                The Solo Timpanist - Vic Firth 
                The Orchestral Timpanist - Anthony Cirone
4)         Legato and staccato strokes, muffling, rolls, cross hammering
             techniques on two and three drums.
5)         Two prepared solos.    

Second Semester - Timpani
1)         Grace notes, technique on four and five drums, glissandos.
2)         Continuation of etude studies.
3)         Two prepared solos.

First Semester - Mallet percussion
1)         All major  scales and arpeggios two octaves with emphasis
             on correct 2 mallet grip, striking areas, tone production; 
             Introduction to ranges and techniques on various mallet 
2)         Studies in selected method books to be chosen from: 
                Fundamental Studies for Mallets - Garwood Whaley 
                Modern School for Xylophone - Morris Goldenberg 
                Method of Movement for Marimba - Leigh Stevens
3)         Introduction to 4 mallet technique. 
4)         Preparation of one 2 mallet solo and one 4 mallet solo

Second Semester - Mallet percussion
1)         One-half recital (25 min.) with selections on snare, timpani
             and mallet instruments for Bachelor of Music majors.
2)         All natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales and arpeggios 
             two octaves.
3)         Continuation of 4 mallet technique.

First Semester - Multi-percussion (including drum set)
1)         History, definitions, technique and notational systems for
             multi-percussion repertoire.
2)         Studies from selected method books or materials supplied by 
             the instructor.
3)         One prepared multi-percussion solo.
4)         Bachelor of Music Education students may give a half-recital 
             in addition to the requirements for the degree.  A senior 
             recital may not be given during the quarter in which a 
             student is student teaching.

Second Semester - Multi-percussion
1)         Bachelor of Music students are required to give a 50-minute 
2)         Bachelor of Music Education students are encouraged to give 
             a 50 minute recital.
3)         Continuation of various studies from above.

All percussion majors need to have the following books and equipment before beginning applied lessons: (other books and equipment may be required as lessons progress)


                Modern School for Snare Drum - Morris Goldberg 
                Modern Method for Timpani - Saul Goodman 
                Intermediate Studies for Mallets - Garwood Whaley


Stick bag with at least the following:
1 pair of Firth general snare sticks (or similar pair of another brand)
1 pair of Firth general timpani mallets
1 pair of Firth cartwheel timpani mallets
2 matching pairs of medium yarn mallets (such as Balter 13R)
1 pair of general xylophone mallets (such as Musser M4)

To order music and equipment go to:

Steve Weiss Music -

Lonestar Percussion -

Musician's Friend -

Or your local music store
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