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Academic Life

Academic Regime:  Music students, unlike many of their fellow students in other disciplines, are expected to excel immediately in their profession.  You will be taking major course work in your first semester and will be studying far more intensely than the average college student.  In applied studies you can expect to spend at least 7 hours per week in preparation for each credit hour of instruction. To attain a truly competitive level of performance, you may well have to practice 20 hours per week.  In your theoretical and other music studies, expect to work 2 hours outside of class for each hour in class.  In general a credit hour load of 15 hours will result in a 45 hour work week.  Plan your outside work and social life accordingly.  The faculty is working the same loads and more, and they expect an equal dedication from the students -- the success of our mission demands it.    

 While the regimen is strenuous, the rewards are great, and it is often the case that those who work the hardest find more opportunities for success.  First-year students will receive encouragement and assistance from the more experienced students and everyone who takes the work seriously will receive the enthusiastic support of the faculty.

Academic Standards:  Students must earn the grade of C or better in all music courses in order to use them toward programmatic requirements. Therefore, students must repeat courses in which a D or an F was received but may only repeat a course a total of three times. Students earning the grade of D, F, W, or WF a third time will not be allowed to repeat the course a fourth time. If the course is required to complete the degree, it will mean that the student will not be allowed to remain in the degree program.

Students should be cognizant of the fact, however, that specific degree programs and/or areas may have other policies regarding academic standards that should be adhered to as well, and that these policies may be in addition to the above general policy.









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