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Trumpet Standards

Four Year Progression for Trumpet

The Methods/Etudes and Solo sections of this document are lists from which the instructor and student can choose.   Note that there is some overlap of material between the years.   Etude books are often used over several years, and solos can be appropriate at more than one level.  Other material at the appropriate level can also be substituted by the instructor.  Music Education and Music Therapy Majors would be expected to work from 2-3 etude books each semester, as well as learn two movements from a solo, or a solo piece that has contrasting sections.  Performance majors would be expected to cover more ground in the etude books, and to learn an entire multi-movement work, or two contrasting solos each semester.     


All major scales and arpeggios – 1 or 2 octaves (teacher's discretion)
Chromatic scale – two or more octaves at teacher's discretion

Arban, Complete Conservatory Method
Clarke, Technical Studies
Colin, Advanced Lip Flexibilities (complete)
Irons, 27 Groups of Exercises
Schlossberg, Daily Drills and Technical Studies
St. Jacomme, Grand Conservatory Method
Stamp, Warm-up plus Studies
Vizzutti, Trumpet Method (Book 1-Technical Studies)

Bousquet, 36 Celebrated Studies
Concone, Lyrical Studies (also for transposition)
Hering, 28 Etudes -or- 32 Etudes
Hering, Etudes in all the Major and Minor Keys  
Gates, Odd Meter Etudes
Getchell, Practical Studies for the Trumpet/Cornet Books 1 and 2
Goldman, Practical Studies for Trumpet
Kopprasch, 60 Selected Studies (book 1)
Wurm, 40 Studies

Caffarelli, 100 Melodic Studies
Bartold/Voisin, Orchestral Excerpts (Books 1-10)
SOPHOMORE YEAR: In addition to above, the following are acceptable.

All natural minor scales and arpeggios – 2 or 3 octaves (teacher's discretion)
Chromatic scale – up to 3 octaves

Hickman, Speed Reading for Beginners
Hickman, Speed Reading for Melodic Instruments
Nagle, Speed Studies

Boehm, 24 Melodic and Technical Studies
Bona, Rhythmical Articulation
Bousquet, 36 Celebrated Studies
Brandt, 34 Studies and 24 Last Etudes
Caffarelli, 100 studi melodici
Charlier, 36 Transcendental Etudes
Colin, Advanced Lip Flexibilities
Dufresne-Voisin, Developing Sight Reading
Bartold, ed. Classical and Modern Works, Vols. II-III
Small, 27 Melodious and Rhythmical Exercises
Werner, 40 Studies for Trumpet

Bordogni, 24 Vocalises for Trumpet
Sachse, 100 Etudes

JUNIOR YEAR :In addition to the materials above:

Minor scales, all three forms – 2-3 octaves (teacher's discretion)
Chromatic scale, full range of the instrument

Studies at this level will be determined by the student and myself.

Allard, Advanced Rhythms
Balasanian, 20 Etudes
Balay, 15 Etudes
Bartold, ed. Classical and Modern Works, Vols. IV – V-VI
Berdiev, 17 Studies for Trumpet
Bitsch, 20 Etudes
Bordogni, Vingt-Quatres Vocalise
Collins, In the Singing Style
Gates, Odd-Meter Etudes
Haynie, Development and Maintenance
Hickman, The Piccolo Trumpet
Longinotti, Studies in Classic and Modern Style
Paudert, 24 Modern Virtuoso Studies
Smith, Lip Flexibility
Stamp, Warm-ups plus Studies
Vannetelbosch, 20 Etudes
Verzari, 16 Studi Caratteristici
Vizzutti, Trumpet Method Books I, II, III

Hickman, Essential Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1-16
Hickman, The Piccolo Trumpet
McGregor, Audition and Performance Preparation for
Trumpet Orchestral Literature (4 books)

SENIOR YEAR: In addition to the materials above:

Diatonic and chromatic scale patterns, expand range

Blatter/Zonn, Contemporary Trumpet Studies
Colin, A. Contemporary Etudes
Johnson, G. 20th Century Orchestra Studies
Longinotti, P. Studies in Classical and Modern Styles
Plog, 16 Contemporary Etudes
Stevens, Changing Meter Studies
Stevens, Contemporary Trumpet Studies
Stevens, Contemporary Interval Studies

Andr, 12 Etudes Caprices Dans le Style Baroque
Bodet, 16 Studies for Virtuosity
Bitsch, Vingt Etudes
Charlier, 36 Etudes Transcendantes
Chavanne, 25 Etudes of Virtuosity
Dubois, Twelve Various Studies
Hickman, Essential Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 1-16
Tomasi, 6 Etudes for Trumpet

Continue as directed.

Senior Recital

The Senior Recital must include one of Level II solos below; other solos are the choice of the student and teacher.  It is strongly suggested that one piece on the Senior Recital be a work of chamber music.  Students are reminded of the required hearing for this recital. 



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