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Guest Lecturers

Avis Hewitt, the current president of the Flannery O’Connor Society and Professor of English at Grand Valley State University, will offer practical advice for making research in the O’Connor Collection fruitful for the research and teaching projects of NEH Summer Scholars on July 3.

Sarah Gordon, long-time O’Connor expert at Georgia College and author of Flannery O’Connor: The Obedient Imagination, will address Georgia College’s resources for O’Connor study and discuss O’Connor’s Milledgeville on July 5.

Robert J. Wilson III, university historian at Georgia College, will address Milledgeville and the university during O’Connor’s time there, as well as offer insights into locations with O’Connor connections on July 5.

William A. Sessions, O’Connor friend, author of an authorized biography of O’Connor now in process, editor of O’Connor’s prayer journal and literary executor for O’Connor’s major correspondent Betty Hester (“A”), will discuss the O’Connor resources at Emory University, especially O’Connor’s letters to Hester on July 19 in Atlanta.

Nagueyalti Warren, professor of African American Studies at Emory, will lecture on the topic of race in O’Connor on July 22.

Library Representatives

Nancy Davis Bray, associate professor of archives administration and associate director for Special Collections at Georgia College, has helped shape and direct the O’Connor Collection at Georgia College for many years. She will not only train student workers to help Summer Scholars but will also be available to answer questions about the Collection’s manuscripts and other holdings. She is also able to offer a wealth of information about Milledgeville and the Baldwin County area.

Joshua F. Kitchens, archivist for the Flannery O’Connor Collection, will oversee research by NEH Summer Scholars in the O’Connor Collection. NEH Summer Scholars will find him a key resource for identifying and working with the holdings in the collection.

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