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Schedules for NEH Summer Scholars Attending "RECONSIDERING FLANNERY O'CONNOR"

The day-to-day activities of NEH Summer Scholars who took part in “Reconsidering Flannery O’Connor" was quite full but it also allowed scheduled time for work on individual projects growing out of each scholar’s plans and insights from the Institute. The large group was split into three smaller groups. This gave the seminars an intimate size, encouraging participation and to accommodate the O’Connor Collection where NEH Summer Scholars spent one week of the institute working with O’Connor manuscripts and other materials.

To explain the daily routines that took place during the institute, we put together the schedule in several forms: a monthly “at-a-glance” calendar, two charts showing the different activities of the smaller groups and a narrative schedule that includes reading assignments related to the seminars.


Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor 2014
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