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Who should apply?

We are looking for 25 Summer Scholars—22 college faculty members at any stage of their careers and three graduate students committed to working on O’Connor—who are hungry to challenge and have challenged their ideas about Flannery O’Connor.  We fully expect and want people from various disciplines in the humanities and fine arts; they need not be focused only on literature.

If you have a project in progress in which O’Connor plays a part or if you are looking to formulate a project focused on and including O’Connor, you should strongly consider taking advantage of this opportunity. The NEH has other specific guidelines for potential applicants that can be found under “How to Apply.”  Our main criterion will be a serious interest in learning about and enlarging the study of the work and world around O’Connor.

An NEH Summer Institute on any subject is not a vacation from academics but an exciting opportunity to plunge intensely into a subject you love.  If O’Connor is for you one of those subjects and if your schedule permits you to spend a month immersed in all things O’Connor, this is an experience you should grab.


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