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"College Years"

Martha Daniel Newell, ’42, kept a personal memoir which included these entries about her years at Georgia College.

We weren’t allowed to ride in cars with boys. So our social life was rather restricted. We could go to dances at GMC under heavy chaperonage, and we had a couple of “free” weekends each semester when we could be away. Otherwise our dates had to be on campus dancing in the rec halls or walking or sitting on one of the many benches around. We had a night watchman to check on our behavior.

I was a class officer my freshman year and a winner in the “Miss Charming Smile” contest, also was in a movie-star lookalike contest, looking like Olivia DeHaviland or Andrea Leeds. Didn’t study much but managed to make decent grades.

During my sophomore year I was a class officer and had many dates with boys at Emory, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia and occasionally at Mercer University.

Music in the late thirties and forties was wonderful – at least for the teenage and college crowds. I remember once at a University of Georgia dance hearing Frank Sinatra sing when he was just a skinny kid with a good voice.

My junior year I was elected a student government officer, so my political career continued. I had decided to major in Home Economics – a grave mistake? What I should have majored in was French or Library Science. But hindsight is better than foresight. I did live in the “Practice House” one semester, plan and cook meals, etc., though I think I could have picked this up on my own at some point.

My senior year I was elected president of the student body. This new duty consumed even more of my time away from my studies so I never got any scholastic honors.

On December 7th of that year, our world spun off in a different direction when suddenly the Japanese destroyed our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor and World War II began. All of our boyfriends, brothers, cousins and even some uncles and fathers were suddenly called into service.

Adapted from articles in the Spring 2010 Connection magazine.

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