Diversity Peer Educators

Diversity Peer Educators is a student organization which utilizes group facilitation to educate peers on the Georgia College campus about issues of diversity through various workshops and presentations throughout the duration of the school year. The program's intent is to make our campus not only more inclusive, but to also improve our campus climate.


The mission of Diversity Peer Educators is to improve inclusivity within the Georgia College community through peer education and advocacy on issues of diversity in order to create an environment of learning which celebrates diversity.


The Diversity Peer Educators will strive to promote intellectual, respectful, and safe spaces for open dialogue and communication in an aim to deepen understanding of cultural differences and perspectives within our campus community.

Interested in becoming a Diversity Peer Educator?

Diversity Peer Educators must have: a 2.5 or higher GPA, a strong sense of diversity, an open-minded attitude, and good presentation skills.

Diversity Peer Educators should be able to: Attend training, weekly meetings, facilitate diversity workshops, games, and activities as requested from our campus community.

Request Training

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