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Technical Training for Professional and Volunteer Outdoor Educators

Group Development Programs

Leadership Training for Group Leaders



l participants in Outdoor Center programs are required to complete one or more forms. Most program participants will complete the General Assumption of Risk, Informed Consent and Medical History Form. Some longer programs, depending on the duration and type of activity, will require that participants complete an Assumption of Risk & Informed Consent form specific to the activity as well as a Medical Information form. We ask that these forms are completed and returned to the Outdoor Center at least 24 hours in advance of your program to allow our staff to review them.

DISCLAIMER: We make the following documents available as a resource for students and staff at GC and the Outdoor Center at Georgia College. They are not intended for application to other settings. Any other use of the information contained on this web page, in whole or in part, must be made with attention to industry standards, environmental conditions, organizational policy and the unique mission of the program or service.

Participant Forms:
Short Medical Form and Informed Consent (pdf)
Long Medical Form (pdf)                                                                    General Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Form (pdf)

Activity Specific Informed Consent Forms:
Challenge Course (pdf)
Group Development (pdf)
Backpacking (pdf)
Backpacking and Primitive Living (pdf)
Cave Exploration (pdf)
Land Navigation (pdf)
Rappelling, Climbing, and Bouldering (pdf)
Coastal Kayaking (pdf)
FW Canoe and Kayak (pdf)
WW Canoe and Kayak (pdf)
Mountain Biking (pdf)
Service Learning (pdf)
Service Learning and Canoeing (pdf)
Tree Climbing (pdf)

Facilitator Forms:
Client Intake Assessment (doc)
Program Design (doc)
Facilitator Feedback (pdf)
Program File Summary (pdf)
Program Evaluations (pdf)
Master Program Checklist (doc)
Program Design and Route Plan (doc)
Lead Facilitator Checklist (pdf)
Incident/Accident Report Form (pdf)                                                   Pre-trip Meeting Record Form (doc)   

Program Equipment Forms:
Challenge Course and Group Development Equipment (doc)
Land Equipment (docx)
Water Equipment (docx)
Rock Climbing Equipment (docx)
1st Aid Kit Inventory (pdf)
WFR Kit Inventory (pdf)

Staff File Forms:
Challenge Course Informed Consent (pdf)
Personnel File Record (doc)
Staff Medical Form (pdf)
PPM Review (doc)
FH Review (doc)

Contact Information:

The Outdoor Center at Georgia College
Campus Box 125
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-5186

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