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Accredited by The Association for Experiential Education
We offer:

Outdoor Recreation Programs

Technical Training for Professional and Volunteer Outdoor Educators

Group Development Programs

Leadership Training for Group Leaders



Outdoor education academic programs and the Outdoor Center at Georgia College are jointly accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). Our policy is reviewed by the AEE on a 5 year cycle and by a group of peers at the mid-point of the accreditation cycle. Faculty and staff review and revise policy annually to produce a set of manuals that are used in outdoor education academic classes.         

The Outdoor Education Policy and Procedures Manual includes policy for all types of programs offered by the Outdoor Center including land-based and water-based activities. For detailed information click on the link below:  

Policy & Procedures Manual (.pdf)

The Facilitator Handbook includes additional policy for group development and challenge course programming that is specific to our facilities and equipment. For detailed information click on the link below:

Facilitator Handbook (.pdf)

Contact Information:

The Outdoor Center at Georgia College
Campus Box 125
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-5186

For information on the outdoor academic programs, please email outdoor.ed@gcsu.edu

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