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TapRide is an on-demand, app-based, rideshare service for university students and employees.

TapRide operates throughout the week to carry riders to and from locations on campus and around Milledgeville for a low rate of $5 per “one-way” ride for single passengers or $8 per "one-way" ride for groups of two or more. TapRide drivers are trained GC students and vehicles are branded with the GC logo. 

Download the TapRide app today and get where you need to go, when you need to be there.


Spring 2019 Rate Update


Spring 2019 Schedule

If you have any questions about TapRide or are looking for an item you may have left in a TapRide vehicle, contact the TapRide manager at tapride@gcsu.edu.

Looking for a good student job?
If you are interested in becoming a TapRide Specialist, contact the TapRide manager at tapride@gcsu.edu.