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Assistant Professor of Philosophy

317 Terrell Hall 478-445-1485;


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University (University Park), 2006

Fields & Specialties:

Asian Philosophy and Religion/Contemporary, Continental Philosophy, Ethics

Selected Publications:

“A Genealogical Study of De: Poetical Correspondence of Sky, Earth, and Human Beings in the Early Chinese Virtuous Rule of Benefaction,” forthcoming in Philosophy East and West 65:2 (April 2015).

“Ren and Gantong: Openness of Heart and the Root of Confucianism,” Philosophy East and West 62:4 (Oct 2012), 505-28.

“Piety and Individuality through a Convoluted Path of Rightness: Exploring the Confucian Art of Moral Discretion via Analects 13.18,” Asian Philosophy 21:4 (November 2011), 395-418.

“What is the Matter with Conscience: A Confucian Critique of Modern Imperialism,” Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy Vol. X No. 2 (April 2011). 209-29.

“The Way of Heart: Mencius’ Understanding of Justice,” Philosophy East and West, Vol. 59, No. 3 (July 2009), 317-63.

“Conscience and the Aporia of Being and Time,” Research in Phenomenology 37 (2007), 357-384.

“On Ge Wu: Recovering the Way of the Great Learning,” Philosophy East and West, Volume 57, Number 2 (April 2007), 204-226.

Classes Taught:

Myth, Magic & Psychoanalysis; Democracy and Identity: East and West; Confucianism and Daoism; Philosophy; Language and Nature in 20th Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Conscience and Heart: Crossing Perspective; Psychoanalysis, Literary Heroes and 20th Century Philosophy; Ethics and Society (IDST)

Current Projects:

“Between Hierarchies of Oppression and Styles of Nourishment: Reexamine the Authority of Confucian Civil Orders,” under consideration at Philosophy East and West

Research paper on the meanings of Xiao (filial devotion) and the autonomy of the Confucian self.

Translation project for the Chapter “Liyun – The Function of Ritual: Foundation of Confucian Civil Order” in the Book of Ritual



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