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Religion Concentration

For a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in religion students can take four upper division courses in Philosophy and four upper division courses in Religion.  Among the courses offered in Religion that can be used for this concentration are:

Buddhist Traditions in Asia

Confucianism and Daoism

History of American Religion

New Testament

Philosophy of Religion

Sociology of Religion

South Asian Buddhism

Myth Magic and Psychoanalysis

Buddhism, Daoism and the Myth of Meditation


RELI 1111 Intro to World Religions 
A beginning study of major world religions, with focus on living aspects of traditional and modern religious movements. (3)
RELI 3300 Intro to Western Religious Thought
A survey of the three major religious traditions of the Western world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, their historical development, core philosophical values and overall impact on Western civilization. (3)
RELI 3310 Hebrew Bible
A social, scientific, and literary study of the Hebrew scriptures with
consideration of its religious significance for three major faiths. (3)
RELI 3311 Early Christian Writings
A historical, literary, and religious consideration of specifically Christian scriptures. (3)
RELI 3500 Buddhist Traditions in Asia
Buddhism from its origins in India and its thought, practices, and
institutions in Asia up to the present. (3)
RELI 3510 South Asian Buddhism
A broad introduction to Buddhism from its beginnings in India and its spread throughout South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal) in pre-modern times until the modern period. (3)
RELI 3520 Tibetan Buddhism
Buddhism from its initial arrival into Tibet and its thought, practices, and institutions in Tibet and the Tibetan cultural area up to the present. (3)
RELI 3530 Zen Buddhism
Zen Buddhism from its origins as Chan Buddhism in China to its transmission to Korea and Japan and the evolution of its thought, practices, and institutions in China, Korea, and Japan, and its coming to America. (3)
RELI 3600 Hindu Religious Traditions
Hinduism from its origins in South Asia and its thought, practices, and institutions in South Asia and elsewhere up to the present. (3)
RELI 3950 Special Topics
Consideration of topics in which courses are not otherwise offered, but for which there is current need. (1-4)
RELI 4405 Comparative Religion
A comparative survey of major world religions through study of their scriptures and basic writings. (3)
RELI 4940 Independent Study
Prior approval of department chairperson is required. Investigation of a topic of special interest, with reports to the instructor. (1-4)

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