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Women's Studies

Women's Studies

Interim Coordinator:
Dr. Veronica Womack
2-27 Arts and Sciences Building

Women’s Studies Minor Benefits

A minor in Women’s Studies can prepare you for the professional and multicultural job world. Any range of jobs from law, government, medicine, education, counseling, and human services can be enhanced with a minor in women’s studies. This minor will also increase critical and analytical thinking skills, provide a perspective in interdisciplinary studies, and prepare students for graduate schools. A minor in Women’s Studies can be a useful component in any student’s education.

Women’s Studies Minor Requirements

Fifteen hours with grades of C or better, distributed as follows:

1. WMST 2010 Women in Society: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 hours)
2. Four courses (12 hours), selected from the following:
  WMST 2200 Psychology of Gender (3 hours)
  WMST 3120 US Women's Health and Social Issues (3 hours)
  WMST 3550 Human Sexuality (3 hours)
  WMST 3910 Theoretical Perspectives in Women's Studies (3 hours)
  WMST 3432 Gender and Society (3 hours)
  WMST 4445 Literary Women (3 hours)
  WMST 4452 African Women Writers (3 hours)
  WMST 4668 African American Women Writers (3 hours)
  WMST 4671 Native American Women Writers (3 hours)
  WMST 4720 Domestic Violence/History of the Battered Women's Movement (3 hours)
  WMST 4730 Internship in Domestic Violence Services (3 hours)
  WMST 4800 Women and Art (3 hours)
  WMST 4950 Special Topics in Women's Studies (1-4 hours)
Women's Studies
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