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What did you hear of particular relevance for Georgia College in the presentations today?



  1. GCSU has made great strides in progress toward its mission of a public liberal arts college.
  2. GCSU is a loving, caring group of well-qualified professors and staff with an increasing demand for its educational experience.
  3. Residential living (living/learning environment) .
  4. Lower faculty/student ratios .
  5. $1 million enhancement fund .
  6. 15th best in the south .
  7. Surge in freshmen to sophomore retention rates .
  8. Increase in interest in Georgia.


Focus Areas

  1. Diversity issues and integrating cultural activities a top priority
  2. There are several financial challenges to the community, including alumni giving.
  3. Need to gather and interpret data better.
  4. Need to promote ourselves more.
  5. Need for students, faculty, staff, and others to develop a greater self- respect and respect for GCSU.
  6. Need for faculty and staff to better understand our mission.
  7. Student/faculty research should be increased and documented.
  8. Retention and  graduation rates.
  9. Perception that core is not challenging.
  10. Need to increase visibility and a positive perception.
  11. Attracting more minority students.
  12. Importance of faculty and staff involvement in the mission.
  13. Improve reputation and perception of the university.
  14. Think big; think students first.
  15. Developing unique core.
  16. Vision setting.

Areas of Distinction

  1. Gaining state-wide and national distinction.
  2. Utilizing the downtown and community for distinction.
  3. Expand service learning and experiential learning.
  4. International involvement increased significantly.
  5. Identification of pillars of success and focus on limited number. Find our niche.
  6. Partnerships with flagship institutions .
  7. Historical heritage of Milledgeville.
  8. Focusing on history and women's college.
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