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What are three to five characteristics of Georgia College that have potential for national distinction?

The following are six pillars that have been identified as having potential for national distinction for all GC graduates.  All majors would be impacted by a majority of these pillars.  These areas were identified after a comprehensive study of the 288 recommendations that came from the first Stakeholder Conference on October 21, 2005.  It is the belief of this committee that many of these characteristics are already in practice on our Campus and in essence are being done in an exemplary manner.  Thus, we feel that these are all very realistic areas that have the potential for national distinction.  These are not listed in any certain order.



  1. Museums as an interdisciplinary educational tool
    Museum of Natural History, Fossil collection, GC Museum, Flannery O'Connor Room, Coverdell exhibits, Carl Vinson display, Art Galleries, various collections, presentations, interactive exhibits, and displays.


  1. Student engagement in undergraduate research and scholarship
    Senior capstone experience, senior exhibits, readings & presentations. Undergraduate research in the Sciences.


  1. Internships and Service Learning.
    All students will graduate with an academic transcript and an experiential transcript.  The current experiential transcript will be revisited and remarketed to all academic areas.  Should include study abroad, student research, presentations, senior capstone experiences, etc.


  1. Women
    Women in history, famous alumni, women in leadership, possible museum of famous women (Cathy Alumni House), plays by women, jazz works by women, tie in to Women's Studies Minor.


  1. Southern Studies/History
    Old Capitol, Mansion, Lockerly, Bartram Forest, Southern Fortune 500 Companies, architectural history, women's history, civil war.


  1. Living/Learning Communities
    Residential programming, integrative learning, Casa Mondo, iVillage, Honors Community, Wellness Community, Coverdell Leadership Community,  Fine Arts Community.
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