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Summaries from the Second Stakeholder Conference



1. What core values should guide the total student learning experience at GCSU?

        Intellectual Curiosity and Creativity (aka reason)

        Respect for Self and Others (emphasizing balanced lives)

        Commitment to Intellectual Rigor (work habits)

        Collaboration and Dialogues

        Respectful Relationships (self, others, etc)

        Deliberative Dialogue (intellectual curiosity and creativity)

        Responsible Citizenship and Leadership

        Reason/Constructive Controversy


        Respect/Balanced Lives

        Collaborative Relationships that Enhance Leadership

        Open Minded

        Appreciation of Difference

        Global Connections

        Inquisitive and Analytical Mind

        Passion for Learning

        Ability to Vision

        Inspire Active Engagement

        Ethics & Integrity

        Social Justice

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