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Summaries from the Second Stakeholder Conference

3. What are some concrete ways in which we might build upon those strengths to achieve greater distinction?

• We have the ability to become the premier university for study, research, and practice of experiential learning

• Expand the 3 R's to 4 R's
- relationships

• Increase Incentives for Faculty Collaborative Endeavors with Students

• Identify Motivators to Increase Student Involvement

• Increase Financial Support
- start at home

• Establish Mentoring Model in all Majors

• Promote and Fund Increased Involvement in Study Abroad and Student Exchange

• Promote and Reward Real, Productive Collaboration as a Key Effective Leadership

• Develop a Clear and Measurable Action Plan and Monitor Success

• Increase Interdisciplinary Instruction to Model Synthesizing Lifelong Learning

• Relationships
- mentoring
- innovation: to be the best there is
- no stratification
- students/faculty/staff/community

• Opportunity for Community Experience

• Collaboration
- interdisciplinary learning
- programs/departments
- faculty/staff
- honors
- senate

• Holistic Approach
- student development
- outside the classroom

• College of Choice
- to be a name, not a number

• Collaboration
- developing upper-level interdisciplinary classes (e.g. theatre/playwriting; health prof.; env. science)
- university-wide activities

• Ongoing Living/Learning Communities
- continue circles for 4 years
- iVillage concept

• Increased Mentoring Experiences
- applied mentoring
- students/staff/community/faculty

• Broad Recognition of Unique Contribution
- self-esteem building
- personal growth

• Provide Resources to Build a Culture/Regime of Assessment
- learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness generally
- data collection, data analysis, institutional practices guided by data analysis

• Expand Experimental Database of Experimental Transcript to Support Cultivation of Comprehensive Student Portfolios

• Develop Cohort "Circles" from Orientation to Graduation as a Way of Combating Balkanization

• Evaluate Student Advising; Investigate Refinements to Current Model or Conversion to Alternative Model

• Evaluate Instructional Load

• Internships

• Leadership (e.g. GEM)

• Themed Course Sequences

• Practicum and Problem-Based Learning

• Attend Series, Performances…Special Speakers

• External Mentoring and Intern
- include alumni
- consider weekend retreats
- extend times talk format (example – Lawrence Univ.)

• Student Research – Recognize Faculty Involvement
- promotion/tenure policy
- released time for research and grant work

• Spirit of Community Involvement
- student/faculty in a major project (ex. Greenway)
- advising

• Regional Opportunities
- capitalize on literature, history, museums in area

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